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Perfect. I hoped you will be experimenting with it a little and find a working solution. With "Quick bookmark" in the side function panel, you have quick access to this functionality in two clicks ...
Hi Gerhard,
downscaling maps highly increases battery consumption and slows map rendering so it is not possible. What is the problem with base 100% resolution? Isn't a solution to reduce texts only (available in the settings)?

The best solution will probably be customizing the used map theme and reducing the sizes of items that bother you.
Hmm, one alternative solution ...

Open the app > main menu > All features > Tools > Quick bookmark.

Here tap on "+" and choose "Add new".

As a URL template define whatever will work for you, but you should start with "geo:0,0?q={mapLat},{mapLon}(text)".

Target application at the bottom, choose your Garmin app, it should be available. If not, it should work even without it. Give it a try.
Hmm, consumed memory itself is not a problem. The problem is if this slows down your system and the app.

Is this still happen to you? And still even only during common usage as moving an OAM (TOTM theme) map and nothing special. No recording, no navigation, live tracking, etc?

I made many 3-hour tests with various parameters and even basic movement of the map in zoom level 16 cased no problems. Maybe I should try also OAM maps and this specified theme ...
@Andrew Heard
you still have some problems with installation .. sorry, but nothing has changed in the way how I generate apk files. No idea, sorry ...

Impossible to hide an empty bottom panel in the route planner > yes, it is an intent.

Crash when going online/offline > I think I've got it. You have edited one shared track and a moment later deleted it (probably). The app still tries to work with edited shared track, but it has already been deleted. I'll publish the fixed Beta tomorrow.

full-screen > do not use it, if it does not work. It is a hacky unreliable system. That's why it was removed and will not come back. Thanks for understanding.
it should be most probably affected by the "True bearing" settings. Check the app's Settings > GPS & sensors > Use true bearing and disable this option in case, you want to get identical results to your physical compass.
@Jakice , what version are you using? Regular from the Google Play?
Tu "Mojí polohu" lze vybrat klidně až v dialogu projekce. Pak je ten postup trošku logičtější. Prostě obrazovka "Projekce" nastavuje odkud a jaká projekce.
For 100+km, missing decimals cause less than 1% error.
Decimals for such distances are not visible, because they are not needed in most cases.

In case, you need a higher precision, it should be possible to enable the display of "meters" only (for distance units in the app settings), so you get precise values in all cases.
There are no special settings for the left/right/up/down control. All is done automatically in the app because the app should correctly receive events defined as "left/right/up/down". So there should be no reason for some customization. If your controller has somehow reversed the axis, then I'm sorry, but I see no simple option to help you here.

Es gibt keine speziellen Einstellungen für die Links/Rechts/Auf/Ab-Steuerung. Alles wird automatisch in der App erledigt, da die App die als ,,links/rechts/oben/unten" definierten Ereignisse korrekt empfangen sollte. Es sollte also keinen Grund für eine Anpassung geben. Wenn Ihr Controller die Achsen irgendwie vertauscht hat, dann tut es mir leid, aber ich sehe keine einfache Möglichkeit, Ihnen hier zu helfen.

Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)
Screen by pomohl, díky.

Lab keše mi již fungují korektně, tobě stále ne s poslední beta verzí?

"Toto nyní nefunguje" ... to bude komplikovanější, jelikož na těch pár mých pokusů se nic takového nedělo. Jedině s Beta verzí zapnout logování do souboru a až se to stane, poslat mi poslední log z Locus/logs adresáře. Díky
what do you exactly mean by the bounding box? Do you work with scanned printed map that has white bounds around?
I remember I was working on it many years ago, but was never 100% successful, so this feature is not available in the app. It has to be done manually in tools like QGis etc.
Hi guys,
I've not read all posts precisely this time (will have to do at start of the next week). Anyway, some major crashes and minor tweaks were fixed in the new Beta version Have a nice weekend!
Hello @RockDude
yes sorry, issue is known and will be fixed in the next app version (or is already solved in the Beta version).
Troubles & Questions / Re: My tracks are gone
May 10, 2024, 12:42:22
Hello Wromen77

suggest checking a few things first (Locus Map 4):

- app settings > Backup & filesystem > File system manager > Set the main directory > is here set the directory you are checking?

- are you able to create and save for example point into your "empty" database?

- also suggest saving backups on your PC or the directory out of the app main directory, just for sure.