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Hello Steffen,

both tasks were discussed with the team and it is something, we would like to integrate. This year not for sure, but maybe the next one ...  :)
Hello Locusfox,

if you speak about photos captured and attached to your points/tracks over Locus Map, this is impossible, sorry. You may take photos by the system camera and then attach them to own points.

DE translate
Hallo Locusfox

Wenn Sie über Fotos sprechen, die über Locus Map aufgenommen und Ihren Punkten/Tracks beigefügt wurden, ist dies unmöglich, tut mir leid. Sie können Fotos mit der Systemkamera aufnehmen und diese dann an eigenen Punkten befestigen.
Hello Helen,

best should be providing screenshots anyway usually these red crosses mean so-called "OSM notes". Please check  side map-screen content panel. At the bottom is the "OSM notes" feature, so disable it.
thanks for the report. If I remember correctly, this bug should already be fixed in the next public version.

Because Locus Classic is in the maintenance mode for some time, updates are no longer on regular basis. But I`m sure, there will be one during July/August. Thanks for the understanding.
New Beta version just published.

I know, there are (still) some problems with thumbnails. I will need to look at it more precisely later.

Interesting issue. I see, it crashes in one of our libraries on the place, where we made no changes for some time, where it does not make sense and it does not crash to any other user. Give the new Beta, please. Maybe (I hope) a simple update of the app fix it. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend to all!
for this use-case exists a method called "Point alert" so suggest giving it a try.
thanks for the log. It is anyway not useful when the app crashes. What app version are you using and may you please write to me here your user ID (visible in the About app).

I've improved how the app creates a text log and since the next version, even the production app should record all big crashes into a log file. We will see if this will work.

a) I'm not aware of any change that should affect this. Are you using only a tasker for this right? I'm asking if there is an identical problem with any other app ... always an identical indent (except coordinates of course)?

b) Geo-intent is not a good solution for what you want to achieve. Inserting multiple points on the map should be made over Locus API. It is easy to do over simple intent, but Locus API is required, because content send over intent is not a text but binary data, sorry.
I wanted to write 5-year :).

Anyway, the "problem". An explanation is quite simple: app at the start of the tunnel receives the last valid location. And then nothing ... no clear information that GPS was lost. For this, best should to use some timeout together with the accelerometer to detect that you are still moving. But I`ve still not implemented it yet ...
@Graf Geo
it is a little harder for me. Old offline LoPoints were written probably 6-8 years back. New online LoPoints are new but still use some hacky methods. The content of both databases is also not identical. So for me is currently really hard to tell you exactly where the problem is. If this is not a serious problem, offline LoPoints V2 are our big task for the second part of this year and I hope, that it will solve these problems. At least some of them.

Anyway time when online LoPoints are uploaded is not in our control. We use an Android system called "Work manager" and we only define priority and a few parameters and the exact moment is on the Android. Because you are the first who complain on problematic upload time, I also consider this as a minor problem. Thanks for understanding.

well, not an easy solution here ...

I`ve published the Beta version on Friday with some minor fixes + one big change in the topBar layout of (almost) all dialogs. Unfortunately, there is a crash when clicking on the listing detail of the geocache, so sorry for this.

One last note. With a 5 year-old kid, I`m a little forced to have more vacations than I would like  8) so please excuse me for the next two months, if I won`t react as usual ;)
- country/state doplněno
- zachytávání trošku nezvyklé URL doplněno

Hmm, a year ago I made a small change and the result is, that the imported track that already has some elevation, is not updated even if "Update elevation" is checked! This seems to be an issue because, with these settings, elevation should always be updated. So thanks, I'll fix it with the next app (beta) version.
Troubles & Questions / Re: share points
June 27, 2024, 13:29:09
hmm, Garmin again ...

I'm testing it and currently direct sharing and also sharing over "Quick bookmark" does not seem to be a solution. From my point of view, the Garmin app does not have support for basic so-called "geo intent".
Oki guys ... optional settings will be added to the Expert settings in the next app version.

Eh sorry, not easily possible. The default value is too deep in the app and can't be easily parametrized. Just for your info > the default value is 5 for Android 12+. For older devices, it is 10.
Hmm, such a primitive task from my point of view. But maybe it is more complicated on their side then it looks. Wish you patience ...