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Troubles & Questions / Re: 4.22.1 Various Bugs?
April 15, 2024, 09:50:52
Firstly (and lately), thanks for your reports!

Could you please confirm whether any of the mentioned 8 points are still valid? Because one or two should be solved, but the rest is not reproducible to me, sorry. I'll ask for more specific info if you will be willing to help here a little more. Thanks.
As we discussed in the "App update" topic, this should be correctly solved now. Thanks!
musím říci, že mě to tedy funguje. Locus Map 4, poslední verze, update kešky přes prevý horní menu > update.

Interně jsou poznámky rozdělené na lokální a serverové. Obě hodnoty by měli být vidět a ty servrové se mi korektně updatují při změně na serveru.
Hi guys,
as far as I know, only Geocaching4Locus and Locus Classic have a problem. Not sure what is status of G4L, but Locus Classic 3.70.9 solves this. It is anyway still in review of Google, so if login in to Classic is crucial for you, update it over our Google Drive repository (link in my signature).

For Locus Map 4 users, also please check this post here.
Hmm, the problem with incorrect navigation instructions won't go away without some work. Anyway, it is clear, that I really need to be able to simulate this issue  :-\

Geocaching troubles > I've tried to describe it together with images here. Any yes, removing G4L seems to be the best solution now ...
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: LAB cache
April 15, 2024, 09:27:16
Děkuju, to pomohlo.

Vyšel jsem z toho, co vrací oficiální geocaching API a nedošlo mi, že lze Labky do apky dostat i přes GPX kde obsah může být jiný. Aktuální verze na Google Play je dost stabilní a neplánoval jsem vydávat opravku, nicméně určitě bych na konci týdne vydal Beta verzi, tak pokud je toto kritické, doporučuju se v pátek podívat (link v mém podpisu) a APK z Google Drive si nainstalovat.
Troubles & Questions / Re: where to post?
April 15, 2024, 09:06:11
Complicate and confusing right? I still do not know a good solution. We need an official help desk (and email) site > this is our

I would also like to keep this (old) discussion forum to chat about problems and features, because ... everybody knows > more friendly, un-official and personal discussions :).
myslím, že je to nějaký problém co se teď děje s Geocaching4Locus. Koukni prosím na mojí odpověď zde.
Other features / Re: TTS voices
April 15, 2024, 08:55:18
May you please post a screenshot of your problem (missing language)?
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: LAB cache
April 13, 2024, 09:33:44
budu potřebovat něco, co mi pomůže problém nasimulovat, díky.
Just to "update caches" > are you using the system mentioned by the balloni: cache detail > geocaching menu (usually top right corner) > update cache. This IS already natively implemented in the Locus Map and should work. G4L makes other "update" systems and I do not guarantee its functionality.
I have a problem, I've never found a lab cache > so it is hard to test it :). Will try to fix it soon ...

hmm, I though you have a problem with the "update". Oki, this is a different problem. Sorry for this. Unfortunately, I've just now published a 4.23.1 version to Google Play, so this fix will have to wait till the next beta ...
@Graf Geo
problem with incorrect order of nav. points > should be fixed

missing path in the new gallery to attachments > added "Info" dialog

update of geocaches > there were some updates of Geocaching4Locus and if I am correct, the last one fixed this.
lab caches > and do you have disabled "Incl. found by me" at the end of the filter?

it is important to tell me if the feature comes from Geocaching4Locus or internal Locus Map. If you are un-sure, from where you start not working feature?
Track recording causes no problems. My test setup used an active navigation with many recalculations (maybe 30+ during a 45 min ride). So I believe it will be connected. Anyway, I promise I'll look at it during the next weeks ...
Confirmed today during a ride to work ... 45 minutes till the system killed stucked Locus. I have to look at it more carefully soon.