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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: Today at 08:13:22 »
HDOP and VDOP may be problematic as well to be true. These values are not equal to "accuracy". It describes the situation of satellites in the sky and if they are able to provide an accurate location. So low HDOP value does not immediately mean accurate location.

Currently, the recording service ignores the first 10 locations after GPS is enabled. So first 10 seconds of fresh "fixed" locations are ignored. Good enough in most cases. Should be interesting to watch a visible horizontal accuracy. For this, already exists settings in the recording profile. Simply enable GPS in the skyplot screen and check visible accuracy.

Zkusil bych se tedy ještě podívat do správce souborů, tedy například právě přes nastavení automatického zálohování. Tam tedy vybrat Google Drive a ověřit že funguje procházení soubory a ideálně znovu potvrdit adresář kam se mají zálohy ukládat.

Offline mapy a routing > užij si Alpy ;)

Zdravím Honzo,

a) neměl by jsi tam prosím screenshot? Tahle opravdu vůbec netuším co je za problém. Kam vůbec se má automatický backup nahrávat? Nebo zůstává jen lokálně v Locus/backup adresáři?

b) to je ale opravdu divné. Zkontroluj prosím že opravdu offline LoMapa je vybrána a že i offline router je vybraný pro navigaci. Tohle kdyby nefungovalo, tak bychom to určitě už dávno věděli.

Případně nějaký obrázek či krátké video pokud jsi si opravdu jist, že na tvé straně je vše v pořádku. Díky!

Troubles & Questions / Re: Temperature sensor
« on: Yesterday at 21:41:06 »
You see the price $254  :o ... I see "only" $23.95

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: Yesterday at 21:39:23 »
I'll add NTRIP officially to the next app version.

Guys, very nice comments here, thanks all. Made me laugh  :D

crash with guidance > ah, got it, thanks!

copyright button is a good many-years-old button and you want to remove it?  :-X I'm worried that terms of use of (almost) all maps require visible copyright on the screen when map is used.

What do you want to do with the app UI? Even if you remove it completely, there is still a colored map so it should not help at all.

Sharing point: you are trying to share basic point stored in the app data manager? Because this works to me correctly, so there has to be something special ...

hmm problems with Audio coach .. I'm using it almost daily and no problems noticed. They should also really change with the change of recording profile. Will have to check it ...

@Viajero Perdido
Right swipe to dismiss point > I know I know. Not so easy now  ::), sorry

Please check in the side panel if online or offline LoPoints are enabled.

@Andrew Heard
99% stuck in notify center > hmm. Never noticed this. Anyway, all data are downloaded correctly so it is only a visual problem right?

Rare problems with elevation at the start of recording > I know I know. As I wrote somewhere, in the app exists a mechanism to prevent this problem, but seems not to be strong enough. There are options, so I'll look at it. Fortunately, editing & remove of few starting points is working and it is not a complicated task.
hehe, it is named "Line to destination"  :)

And the color ... as I see, it should inherit color from the navigation line style.


Uff  :)

Hi guys, sorry for this, stupid issue. Bug-fix version is now planned for Monday/Tuesday of next week.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Temperature sensor
« on: Yesterday at 15:01:01 »
Hi Wole,
because I was not able to find any "standard" that should be used by all thermo sensors, I've picked one and created support directly for this one. So currently supported is "Thermometer WS07" (for example here on eBay). I'm using it and it works without problems.

To support any other thermo-sensors, there needs to be a bigger interest, because I need to purchase it as well and create a support for it (if it's possible)  :-\.

Troubles & Questions / Re: sharing HR Mi Band 6 NFC - issue
« on: Yesterday at 14:55:14 »
Hello Tiberiuss,
I just received a bug report that the app does not work correctly with MiBand 7. Still do not know why, but the app does not read HR data.

In your case, it seems to be another issue. Locus Map disables certain sensors when the internal sensor flag "connectable" is set to a negative value. And I'm worried I may do nothing with this, sorry.

You may watch a topic focused on the MiBand 7 here.

Troubles & Questions / Re: LM4 license
« on: Yesterday at 14:14:31 »
Hi guys, as Michael wrote.

Just, be sure you have logged in to the Locus Map 4 app under the same account, you used when purchasing Silver. It does not matter which account you used in Google Play, the only important is the account directly in the Locus Map app.

If still no success, contact our team over web and share in a ticket your email address so we may check it, thanks.

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Kde jsou moje trasy?
« on: Yesterday at 14:10:27 »
Hi guys,
I was the whole week on a small bike vacation so I only have to thank @fresichneider for amazing help with this problem. If there will be any remaining issues, feel free to write here @leschek.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Error Backup to Dopbox
« on: Yesterday at 09:09:55 »
Hello arnor,
thanks for the detailed description and little sorry for late response. There seem to be a lot of similar reported problems with Dropbox so I've updated the Dropbox library and rewrote the system that takes care of authentication. Seems to work so a new version of test will be published at the start of next week. Thanks for the understanding.

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Tagy pro body
« on: August 08, 2022, 23:33:10 »
Zdravím. Tagy zatím v apce nejsou. V mé hlavě už ano a to i celkem dlouho, ale zatím bohužel nebyl čas na realízaci.

Hi, sorry for the delay (vacation).

Does this issue still exist? If so, you may try a manual start of this action in the app Settings > Misc > Default directories. Here should be an option "Load Locus Map Classic data". In case, there will be any error, please post a screenshot here, thank you!

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 27, 2022, 16:27:17 »
Hi guys,
thanks for the feedback regards LoPoints. These questions are mainly for Marek and @Radim V, who is responsible for this feature on the Android device.

NTRIP: it is not (yet) included in the public version. I still think it needs a little more testing. Does it work when you "restore" the panel from presets? Funny, it is more a mistake then intent :)

and the situation complicates because this part is for @janaton  :)

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 27, 2022, 08:51:57 »
It is not too important how much they (presets) are currently used. They are a core part of the app and many users a) do not know they exist or b) use them without knowing they exist (they are predefined for navigation).

Anyway, I think there definitely is a space for improvements. I've also created a task with a link to the discussion in "4.10 version" topic, so I'll for sure look at it and let you know.

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