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Interesting, agree.

Original track

Filled with (app provided 3'' HGT files)

Filled with (Sonny's 1'' HGT files)

Seems that original track is just well optimized.
Thanks balloni. I'm still unable to simulate it, but I hope that log helped. Because of some remaining issues with IGN maps, I have just now published the new 4.23.3 version.
Určitě nenaštval :)
Oprava je nakonec celkem snadná a neměla by nic rozbít.
Hi guys,
thanks for testing and feedback.

"No map to display" error is a real mystery to me. If someone finds a moment, please install the generated Beta version There is nothing new except few logs. So please long click on the main menu > Setup logging > Enable log to file + "Maps (UI)" category. Then try to simulate the issue. The log will be in the Locus/logs directory as usual. Thanks!

HEIC support > hmm, we fought with it (mainly on the server) and gave it some time ago. @Marek Scholtz knows more. Anyway, at least support for local HEIC photos should be doable, am I correct?

Share image > well, for now, we consider the current solution as good enough for basic sharing with friends and mainly on social networks. What you miss is advanced customization. Maybe later ...

Battery consumption > there are no major energy consumers for now. Optimizations I made were a result of testing and searching for some battery problems reported by balloni and others. There still seem to be some issues, but hidden for now to me.

Oki pánové, "chyba" bude na straně Locusu Map upravena v další verzi. Trasy by se měli naimportovat korektně.
Wishlist / Re: 3D map
June 11, 2024, 13:09:11
Yes, Elevate and other themes won't work on iOS. Simply MapsForge library and its maps/themes are not (and won't be) used on iOS.

I'm thinking about switching from MapsForge to MapLibre on Android as well. It should simplify many tasks on background we now have to do twice. Anyway except loss of many functionalities and features I made in my own map core, my estimate is maybe 2 years of work, so maybe in 2030 :)
Thanks for the description. Understand.

Only solution I currently see, is to finalize support for so-called "Actions tasks". With this, you should be able to add points over intent (Android mechanism for how apps communicate between them), probably best over an app called Tasker.

Few notes
1) Tasker is a more advanced tool, so it will be necessary to spend some time and learn the basics
2) I'll have to implement it in the app, which will take also some time (I tried adding QNP to Actions tasks some time ago, but gave it up because of some technical problems)
3) and lastly, it will be available only in the Locus Map 4, because I no longer add new functionality into Locus Classic.

If you are ok with 1 and 3 above, I may look at.

If you will have any other ideas, please let me know.
"Tesla search function does not accept coordinates, only addresses" > if really, it is a little unfortunate. Address is not always known so the key is to accept coordinates.

You may try to long-click on the map > display point with address > long-tap on the address and press the "Share" button on the green small info box. Not sure if this will work though.

Hallo Joska,
Bitte posten Sie einen Screenshot dieser Ausgabe. Danke
Hello Lupin,
give please a try to the latest 4.24.2 version. All external BRouter parameters should be working now.
iOS version / Re: Offline maps
June 11, 2024, 12:34:32
We cannot use identical offline maps for iOS and for Android. So completely new vector-based offline (and also online) maps are currently in preparation. We still believe that it should be done by the end of this year!
please write to us a private ticket here. It still (unfortunately) requires some manual process on our side. Thanks.
Ehm co jde za námi? Důvod proč to Locus takto načítá jsem popsal tady: .

Vím proč se to děje, nicméně nepovažuji to za chybu na naší straně protože ta data jsou prostě a jednoduše nesmyslná a nevidím tedy aktuálně řešení. Zajímalo by mě spíše, jestli je to nějaká nová chyba na straně Garminu nebo záměr, případně jestli jim nemůže někdo napsat někam na support ať si to opraví ...
New version 4.24.1 (on Google Drive or for today for 50% of users on Google Play, 100% tomorrow).

hmm, "Nothing to display" + troubles in Presets > I've risked bigger change and rewrote part of the code that deals with it, because no matter what I do, I'm unable to simulate it :/

you are welcome. "multiple selection sliders" - is it already supported on the web? I'm now trying to keep available parameters in the app identical to what you see on the web.