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Die Karten, sind das Vector-Maps?
Danke für Deine Antwort!
Das Gerät platzt leider aus allen Nähten und zwei Geräte will ich nicht mit mir herum schleppen.
Bin allerdings auch kein Geocacher wie man vermuten hätte können :)

Gut jedenfalls zu wissen dass man CanogenMod drauf machen könnte.

Hatte zuletzt NeatROM drauf.
Hi all!
I need some good ideas
for a new smartphone that would fit to the options in locus (e.g. altimeter etc.)

Right now I'm still 'using' a Samsung SGS2 !!!

Memory and RAM are low (already had to kick many apps!);
Samsung was ugly filled with bloatware;
-> pure Google/CyanogenMod?;

I'd be pretty thankful if you could recommend one or the other device
because I really have a hard time finding myself through the jungle
of phones right now!

Regards!  :-*
Hallo miteinander!

Brauche dringend einen Smartphone-Tipp
und dachte, da ich Locus gerne im Einsatz habe,
dass ich hier bestimmt das eine oder andere Gerät
ans Herz gelegt bekomme. . . 

Derzeit: Samsung SGS2
Speicher und RAM zu knapp (Apps schon aufs Nötigste reduziert);
Samsung nervte mich mit Bloatware;
Auch wegen Updates deshalb: -> reines Google/CyanogenMod?;

- Ob es für Locus geeignet ist :)
- Outdoor-Version??
- Root
- (Akku gerne austauschbar)
- Speicherplatz erweiterbar (USB OTG)

Also wie sieht's aus?!

Gibt es das? Ein Gerät was für den Einsatz mit Locus besonders geeignet ist?  :D

Danke!  :)
I'm giving up on this one now :-)
It seems to be not to easy to implement - I guess the complete architecture of locus is in the way...
Anyway, if I really need it urgently I'll find a workaround! :-)
Just mention it :-)
Btw. I'm missing this feature this quite some time - could be that it already came through the last update.
Nicer of course if no settings get lost through updating or if I get a hint in the change log :-)
Locus lost it's autosave settings in the recording profile!
Now it works again!
Thanks so much for your quick help!!! Much appreciated!
Btw: It happens that a new saved track is in the navigation folder but doesn't get recognised (numbers on the right side: e.g. 0/1). If I open and close that folder it changes. -> bug
Locus saves the track but export doesn't happen.

The rest works fine.
Then its broken!
Thanks for the quick reply!
Nothing happens.
If I knew how many points must be saved until locus finds it worth to upload the track I could make a proof.
I just decided not to build another profile as a workaround :-)

btw. :
SGS2 (GT-I9100) 4.1.2
XWLSN NeatROM Lite v4.6.1

It's not fixed in 2.20.2!

Still doesn't work with the new version! I have locus on sd card so it loses it's admin rights after reboot but even with admin settings it won't work!
I'm using tasker to start recording tracks.
Since quite some time the auto save feature seems to be broken. I use it to automatically upload to GPSies after saving the track.


Can someone please confirm my observations?
As I remember there was some sort of upload threshold until no action it's initialized. How was it defined?

Regards ringen00