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I've been inline skating the roads in my area now quite a while and come to the conclusion that I'd urgently would need a reliable system to avoid rough road surfaces when planning a route with locus.
I therefore now created two folders (under tracks) to collect good and bad road surface tracks. To 'collect' them I see no other way than to roll them first (more or less :-) ).
Before planning a new route for inline skating I now just have to make the tracks from the folder 'bad surface' visible and am now able to see every 'bad road' on the map just by looking at the colour of the track (I've chosen red crosses). The Start and Stop icons of the tracks are a bit unnecessary though...

- Do you see any other options for my purpose? Maybe with a map overlay?

The voice guidance in navigation mode (bicycle) always fades to zero after some time. First it starts that the voice only reaches 'in 50 meters', later 'in 50', and finally there is no voice guidance at all! Sometimes it recovers later even from a former hopeless state though...
I'm experiencing this only in bicycle mode. Calculation is done via BRouter.
I created the route with locus (partly calculation with BRouter, partly changing points and recalculation with BRouter).
Cyanogen OS 11.0  KitKat 4.4.4
Newest version of locus
Newest version of Locus...
Troubles & Questions / Camera crashes
April 15, 2017, 16:34:06
3.23.1 Cyanogen OS 4.4.4
Camera crashes when trying to take a picture for the parking position waypoint.
Entweder brechen bei mir die Downloads andauernd ab oder ein blaues Kreuz bedeutet 'vollständig'!
War das bislang mich grün?
Habe soeben via Play Store auf Version 1.3.2 upgedated.
Trotz eifrigem Mitlesen hier habe ich dennoch wohl leider den Faden verloren was nun zu tun ist...

Kann mir bitte jemand auf die Sprünge helfen?!

- OPO (CM 11, 4.4.4, keine SD)
- Lenovo Tablet (Kitkat, SD)
- SGS2 (CM 12.1, 5.1.1, SD)

Danke :-)
Thanks! I'm not generating any data myself - completely dependent on post one of this thread!
0.1.7 didn't work with my old data so I tried it with new data which failed too...
Locus force closes when using GH (0.1.7) for navigation.
Tried the newest data also!
To me it seems like locus has problems uploading! It produces a lot of points but rarely sends one 327/0. If it sends one I get the beep signal for unsuccessful...

edit 16:45:19
It works for me now!!!
My mistake was probably instead of requestTimestamp only requestTime.
Posting the URL made that clear! Thanks!!! :-)

edit 17:07:48
I still wonder that sometimes there is no map! Probably my interval of 60 seconds is too low? I'll try moving now :-)

edit 17:10:20
Or locus has problems when switching from data to WLAN?

edit 17:25:56
Blue instead of map seems to be a browser refresh problem....
Working now :-)

edit 17:34:20
Now I'm curious if accuracy gets displayed too - my experience: no!

edit 18:17:00
Klaus says it is the size of the circle.
How can I avoid that GPS gets turned if while live tracking (and not recording)?

Thanks gynta I got it :-)
Looks quite promising :-)
He already answered!
Thanks for your quick response!
Said that was was missing - let's see....

Here are Klaus' 'secrets'.
Unfortunately it doesn't work so far! Maybe you could test it too...
Seems like locus isn't uploading...
Hi all!
Tried to make live tracking of locus work with the new method if live tracking with GPSies - no success so far.
Used everything that I found in Backitude/GPSies ....
Any ideas?
Danke, das war mal ein Tipp! :)
Danke für all die Beiträge!  ;D
Mir fehlt bislang allerdings noch ein konkreter Hinweis zu dem
einen oder anderen Gerät welches obige Besonderheiten aufweist.
"Custom Rom 4.0.4"
Heißt das so?

Ja eben:
- wasserdicht
- Barometer
- Glonass (was auch immer das ist :) - lass mich gerne aufklären!)

Welche Geräte haben denn diese Specs?
Und macht das wirklich Sinn?
Habe zumindest weniger Lust auf ein absolutes Nischen-Spezialgerät... :)