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Is it possible that the augmented reality feature is not really precise?
I've been watching a chain of peeks and all seemed to be a little to much on the right side...
Is there a way to sort of calibrate the sensors?
Regards ringen00
Here's the screenshot
The bar at the top of the screen did not show up at all before!

Thanks :-)

Another one:
Probably a feature?
With full screne activated I cannot edit (copy/paste etc.) words when trying to edit a track.

SGS2 (GT-I9100) 4.1.2
XWLSN NeatROM Lite v4.6.1

One more:
When editing POI's it would be nice if one could choose a picture with a file explorer (e.g. Solid Explorer or Total Commander). Right now only the Android Gallery or Google+ Photo pops up as an option.

I'm having lot's of POI with URL's, Phone etc. entries.
Since the update I cannot edit them! I cannot create new entries with "special"fields either.
That was fast :-)

I had "system settings" activated!
I'm trying to let Tasker automatically change the automatic Android display rotation to "on" every time locus is running.
This works only in the beginning of the task.

Unfortunately the display rotation switches back to "off" once locus is fully loaded!

I'm using this Tasker profile already successfully with other apps (e.g. browser or gallery) so I wonder that it won't work with locus...? ! ?
I already tried to let locus run as system service -> no success!

Regards Nik :-)

Now they changed their wiki too: ... neTracking

Unfortunately the given solutions are not helping me in any way (not understandable)!
It looks as if they have just given up on this feature and tell you to set up your own server and stuff . . .

I really do wonder that this amazing feature seems not to be popular enough.

Is it 'enough' for most locus users to save tracks in locus or mytracks?
How do they watch it on a big screen then?

There must be a way to visualize the uploaded data in Google drive!!!
I have now posted my issue in their forum but I feel quite hopeless :-(
thanks - I'll go through it in the next days . . .
Hi menion!
Thanks so much for your quick reply!
I really do hope that someone finds this tread now2 and can help :-)

What about the original tut from OsmAnd? Won't there be any update?
How do I find the original?  :)
Hi all!

So far I definitely have been using Live Tracking with Google Drive successfully  :D
[I've been using this tutorial for setting it up: ... oogle_docs]

Now I receive the information that all gadgets will be deleted in the week of 22.07.2013 !!!

That means not less than that the Map Gadget will be deleted too and I will no longer be able to get a graphic view of my uploaded data.

Regarding the info on Googles Support Site ( ... pic=15165#)
it looks like there should be a way to enable the 'lost' Google Map Gadget in another way!

Please help me in this!
I definitely feel unable to find out how I should do this on my own!
A 'fixed' tutorial on this issue would be most appreciated!  :)

Thanks ringen00
Thanks! That wss quick!
Using Locus Map Pro 2.10.2 I am not able to successfully activate 'Recording Tracks' via MyTracks!
Activated the setting in MyTracks too! Clicking the record button and nothing changes!