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May I suggest an improvement? Make Export do only the export (remove Share checkbox from the screen) and add a Share functionality (in the same menu where Export is), that will do the sharing :)
IMHO the way it is currently, is harder to understand.
Ah, got it, I just had to uncheck the "Share" checkbox, thank you :)
I guess you are talking about the menu on the bottom right in te detail screen of the track, it contains an Export menu item, but when I tap on it, the Export screen contains a Share button, not an Export button as it used to be.
Locus Map Classic version 3.59.0
When I want to export a track to a file, there is no "Export" button (as it was in previous versions) but only a "Share" button which initiates the "Share" functionality, that lets you send the track via bluetooth etc.
Looks like a bug to me, or is this intentional?
Ok, that makes sense. Thank you.
But how come that it worked before, without activating map centering manually first? I can't remember, but maybe map centering was also activated automatically when turning Rotate map on?
A-ha! When I enabled map centering, map rotation suddenly started working. This was the same with "hardware compass" as you suggested, and also with my current setting ("auto").
When I disabled map centering, map rotation stopped working, and map stayed in last rotated position, no matter how I positioned the phone.
I can live with this workaround, but hope this helps if it is some kind of bug.
Yes, also when guiding, the arrow changes orientation while on foot. The compass (on the location screen) also rotates when rotating the phone.
Map rotation mode: Auto-change, 3,6 km/h
Use true bearing: ON
Compatibility mode: OFF

I didn't change these settings, it stopped working by itself a few months ago but can't remember when.
Nothing I could try to resolve this?
This problem is super annoying when trying to find a geocache...
I have a problem that the "Rotate map" function doesn't work. When I guide to a geocache and turn the "Rotate map" function on, the map doesn't rotate (but the function looks like turned on).
Locus version: 3.57.1, Android 11 with latest updates from Samsung. Phone is Samsung Galaxy A51.
It has worked previously, maybe last year, but can't remember since when it broke, so it looks like a regression bug.
If there is anything I can do to investigate on my side, I will be happy to :)
mal by som taku vseobecnejsiu otazku, co sa hadam ani netyka priamo Locusu...
Mam starsi telefon Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Ked som mal originalny Android 4, GPS fungovalo dobre, fix som mal do pol minutky. Ale kedze vyrobca sa na tento mobil uz pred rokmi vykaslal a ja som chcel mat najnovsie bezpecnostne update-y, nahodil som si alternativny softver, LineageOS, a to je Android 9. Od toho momentu mam problemy s GPS. Trva 10 minut, ale niekedy aj pol hodinu, kym chyti fix. V Locuse na obrazovke so satelitmi satelity vidim, po case su niektore ich cisla zelene (v starom Androide som uz v tom momente mal fix), ale fix samotny neprichadza a neprichadza. Ked uz ho po dlhom case chyti, tak len na chvilu, potom sa presnost postupne zvysuje az do 100m, ako keby zase signal vypadol, a musim zase cakat na fix. Vypnutie a zapnutie GPS nepomaha. Pred tym, ako idem von, vzdy pouzijem appku "GPS Status" a cez wifi si stiahnem A-GPS data.
Ked necham GPS bezat dlhsi cas, ked uz prestane vypadavat, tak funguje normalne.
Bug v LineageOS nepredpokladam, kedze sa v danom topic-u na xda-developers nikto nestazoval. Asi som jediny, co ma tento problem.
Moja otazka je, co sa da v tejto situacii robit? Ako zistit, kde je problem, a ako to opravit? Nejake napady?
Ach jo, mas pravdu, bolo to nastavenim. Rychlost bola nastavena na mile/h. Ja som to vsak nemenil, preto si myslim, ze to musel niektory z upgradov zmenit za mna, preto som si myslel, ze to je bug.
od niektorej z poslednych verzii (nepamatam, ktorej) sa v exportovanej tabulke, ktora je sucastou trasy v KMZ subore, objavuju udaje v milach a milach/h namiesto km a km/h. Prikladam screenshot. Prosim o opravu.
Quote from: menion on August 14, 2018, 17:02:55
if you have packed KML exports, you have to uncheck "Export attachments" checkbox. It will be renamed in next version to "Incl. description & attachments" with small hint under "question" icon with text: "Add icons, generated descriptions and attachments and...\n - KML - pack into a KMZ\n - GPX - export to a subfolder". Hope this helps.
Thanks, yes, it helps. Now the track is exported in KML unless I check the "Include icons and attachments" checkbox. But I was surprised that this track does not include the generated description either, why not? Previously it was there. Only if I export it as KMZ and unpack it in my computer, the doc.kmz file inside contains generated description. Is it possible to export as KMZ only if there really are any icons and attachments (and so multiple files, which must be packed)?
since this version I noticed that my recorded tracks exported in format "KML/KMZ" are always exported as KMZ. They were exported as KML before. I cannot find out how to get Locus to export to KML, no matter what I do. I have other software that expects format to be KML, not KMZ. Now, I know that KMZ is just a zipped KML, but how many users don't?