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Thanks Milan! The second method works! All good so far!
Will continue testing...
Cheers big.

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I would like to test as well, but I don't want to reinstall Locus on my phone.
Is there another way to come across the "... Please initialize Locus on the phone first..." problem?


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... Works again! Thanks!

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.... Same problem with the latest update.

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I'm using this:
to show little icons on the map for caches. There were indications for D/T rating and size.
Since the last update, I only see the overlay for the D rating, others are gone... (see pict)
Any ideas?

Cheers, big.

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Yes, that was the case... Thanks for pointing me..
Must have been switched off by accident...

Cheers, big.

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following: when I open a cache listing and open one of the additional way points (one without coordinates), I can enter new coordinates (like GPS). Then, when saving the change, the way point is not updated in the list of way points in this cache listing (so, no distance information, no possibility to show the way point on the map (the "eye botton" is disabled)).
When closing the cache listing and reopen it, the way point is fine and can be made visible.
This is some kind of cumbersome and is a "new bug"... ;-)

Cheers, big
I just noticed, that the time, when I created a draft (fieldnote) is missing (actually, for all my logs since 30 Sept 18!).
When I look at the list of field notes in the FieldNotes plugin, the time is always 18:00 (for logs from the US east coast) and 12:00 for logs in MEST. Assuming, the time is 0 (or the like).
Unfortunately, all my 200+ log from the 3 weeks US trip have all the same date (on and I cannot see the order (within a day, of course) :-(

Did anyone noticed this?

Using Locus FieldNotes AddOn v and Locus Pro v3.33.2

Funny thing: the missing time appears all of a sudden on 20 sept 18, and I did not update any peace of software on my phone...

Cheers, bigchen
... With the new version it works perfectly again!
Thanks a lot!
Cheers big.

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we will wait for the official release...
Cheers, big.

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since some changes on the GC page, the pocket queries cannot be loaded anymore. More precise: it is not possible to login to the GC page. It shows a yellow error box saying:
zS$', code 11105

The Geocachng4Locus plugin had the same problem, but was updated so that it works again.
Is an update planned for Locus as well?


Cheers, big.

Schau mal, ob es auf der SD Karte einen Ordner gibt, der so heißt:
Der sollte schreibbar sein für die Locus Pro App. In diesen Ordner kannst du den Locus Ordner hinein kopieren, dann sollte es wieder funktionieren....

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Vielleicht hat jemand ja das gleiche Verhalten wie ich und kann es mir erklären...
Nach jedem Update aus dem play store startet Locus nicht, sondern fordert mich auf, neu zu starten. Warum?
OK, ich habe ein note 3 mit einem note 7 Rom, Android 6 und habe die SD Karte schreibbar gemacht, da mein Locus Ordner im root Verzeichnis liegt (wie früher... ). Aber warum kann Locus nach der Installation diesen Ordner nicht mehr finden?

Danke und Gruß, big

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Seit dem letzten Update ist der Kreis, der die GPS Abweichung darstellt, so dunkel.
Kann man irgendwo die Transparenz dieses Kreises einstellen?

Danke, big.

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Hi, again....

Now, I did some further testing. I created a fieldnotes.txt file as an export from Locus Fieldnotes plugin.
This is the contents:

GC6G8M2,2016-11-24T08:10Z,Found it,"# 7879, 24.11.2016, 09:10  Online Log. Später mehr...  Danke für den Cache!  Gruß, bigchen."

As you can see, I found it 08:10 UTC, 9:10 MEZ.
Now I uploaded the log using the Fieldnotes Plugin via Locus as fieldnotes and I imported it using the upload function from
This is the result (first entry from the web site upload, second one from Locus upload):

So, I got a time diff from about 8 hours when sending logs with Locus.

Anyone any idea? If I can do some more testing, just tell me.... ;-)

I also tired to change my time zone in my profile, but this only adjusted the times shown in the field notes list.

Thanks for taking care!

Cheers, big.