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My suggestion:
It would be nice if I could store different settings for different usage profiles, for example:
- when I use navigation in the car, I would have some settings activated: automatic zoom, no lock screen, turning map, etc.
- when I'm looking for a cache, some other settings might be active: no turning map, no auto-zoom, etc.

So, I would like to be able to define a set of settings depending on the actual action Locus is performing. When I navigate, the navigation set is activated (by hand, better automatic), When I use Locus for caching, another set of settings will become active (manual, automatic would be difficult...).

What are you thinking?

Cheers, Lutz.
Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter Version 0.9.4 +
November 04, 2013, 22:41:22

I am very impressed by the local routing ! Thanks!
But is there a way to navigate along such a track like it is done by the "normal" routing? Including driving instructions?



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#33 he monitoring these posts, or do I have to post problems elsewhere...?

is there an easy way to enter coordinates by copy-and-paste from a GC listing? Mostly, the coordinates are given as one string, containing lon and lat specification.

It would be nice to have one input field pasting these copied coordinates to. Locus may parse them into the internal format.

(...I remember a nice dialog within CacheWolf handling coordinates from the old Windows days... That was Java as well, maybe there is some code to inherit... ;) ...)

Cheers, big
I tried both ways. There was no difference...

today, I tried to use the navigation feature. The navigation to a point gave me a temporary track, that I tried to follow. I activated the guide, but that some kind of did not work... he always focused on a point on the track, that we just passed. At the end, I tried the reverse navigation, that worked fine. Strange.
Also, I saw that the little arrows on the track were pointing in the reverse direction: from my target to the actual position....


Cheers, big.

First of all, I would like to thank you for this great piece of software! This is nearly perfect for the outdoor activities for geocacing.

But... today, I encountered a problem while changing a way-point for a geocache. First, I created a new way-point from the cache description. Lateron, I tried to change the coordinates, but they did not change. Within the editor, everything was fine, but after closing the cache description nothing changed.


cheers, big.