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...followup question: how much disk space is reserved for this cache? And is it cleaned automatically?

Thanks! I will give it a try...

... Works perfect, I should have known earlier...
Quote from: menion on November 21, 2016, 08:37:57
Good day big,
suggest not to look on times, visible in this "field notes" list. They are at least "incorrect".

What I really do when I test this feature, is checking of logged times in downloaded GPX file.

Here should be correct times. So in case of "date only", there needs to be exactly same time as when you log over web page, where is no setting for a time, only a date. In case of unchecked "date only", there should be time in UTC-8 .
Hi menion,

But when I use the uploaded field notes, I get the false day when I open the log page.

And: why did this worked perfectly some weeks ago? What changed in the mean time? And: are there options in Locus to make field notes upload work again?

Now, using the field notes, we really have to look carefully to the "real" date and cannot trust the file note upload anymore...

Thank you for taking care...

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Hi Menion,

so, what I did was the following: on 20.11.2016, 11:23 (Berlin time) I created two logs with Locus and uploaded them to as field notes. Now, the two field notes ( look look this:

So, the first field note (created with date-only option unchecked) has a time offset of +8 hours.
The second one (created with checked date-only option) has a time offset of +18 hours (minutes are truncated, due to checked option, I believe) and is even for the following day.

Now, this difference in time for the first field note is the diff between MEZ and PST, I guess, but the second diff? And, is it not possible to adjust this?
Interestingly, this problem raised about 2 weeks ago, until then, it worked pretty good.

I hope, you can explain and/or solve it...


Cheers, big.

Hi menion,

Thanks for the reply.  I've tested it wit the following results for uploading field notes.  I did two logs on 20.11.2016, 11:23 (Berlin time) with the following result (second with date-only option checked):

Zur Brücke   20 November 2016 19:13:00     Write Note   Compose Log | Delete Note
   Waypoint Type Zur Brücke   21 November 2016 05:00:00     Didn't find it   Compose Log | Delete Note

So, no precise hit...

I remember a setting from the log dialog to specify the time zone (witch did not worked properly either...

Cheers, big.
For some weeks now, GC logs, that I upload to, are time shifted by + 8 hours.

Could it be, that a false time zone is used?

Cheers, big

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Did someone noticed that the navigation commands for roundabouts have a false "offset"? When I have to leave at the first exit, it tells me "-2", the 2nd exit is zero...

The navigation icon is correct, shows the right number...

Cheers, big.

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Lately during our holidays I noticed that Locus eats up almost all volume of my Flatrate. I assume, that the HTML pane and the pictures tab of the GC POIs is the bad guy.
I noticed, that each time I opened a GC listings web view or picture tab, the content is reloaded. Is this true? Or is there a cache that prevents reloading?

If not, such a cache would save a lot of data volume, specially for GC listings with extended content...


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... Thanks menion! You got it!
I thought locus would choose system default...
Now it works. Funny although that it changed over night from German to English. And this on both devices we have...

Cheers,  big

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All of a sudden, my German voice switched to English when using brouter navigation commands.
Did someone noticed?

All my tts settings are defaulted to German and switching back and forth doesn't help.


Cheers,  big.

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Wishlist / Re: Display of distances
November 23, 2013, 19:25:42
Thanks for your quick respond! And yes, this setting does it like expected!
Must have come with an update without my notice...!

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Thanks! Looking forward to have it!

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actually there is no way to stop actions, that try to lookup network resources, like the geocaching page. The progress bar is visible and Locus is unusable until it succeeds or it times out. It would be a big help if these operations would be aboard-able, like it is possible when the navigation tries to lookup the GPS signal. Hitting on "wait..." button terminates the action.


Cheers, Lutz.
Wishlist / Display of distances
November 22, 2013, 21:38:25

when I use the navigation, the distance is always shown in meters (depending on my metrics settings, of course...). But when I have a loooong way to travel, gui elements are to small to fit the long numbers...

Maybe it would be better to show 1354 m as 1.3 km. Looks nicer and is better readable.


Cheers, Lutz.

My suggestion:
It would be nice if I could store different settings for different usage profiles, for example:
- when I use navigation in the car, I would have some settings activated: automatic zoom, no lock screen, turning map, etc.
- when I'm looking for a cache, some other settings might be active: no turning map, no auto-zoom, etc.

So, I would like to be able to define a set of settings depending on the actual action Locus is performing. When I navigate, the navigation set is activated (by hand, better automatic), When I use Locus for caching, another set of settings will become active (manual, automatic would be difficult...).

What are you thinking?

Cheers, Lutz.