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Troubles & Questions / navigation hints "straight"
« on: August 10, 2019, 14:29:58 »
After a long time I did a bicycle tour in a foreign area and used Locus navigation with brouter as routing engine. The profile I used was "Trekking-LCR-dry".
I was a bit surprised by lots of "straight" navigation hints. After a while these hints really annoyed me and I wondered why I didn't get them e.g. 2 years earlier.
I then routed a short path with lots of those hints again with the original brouter profile "Shortest" with the result of only few "straight" orders.

@Poutnik: I seem to remember you rose a question about the pros and cons of straight hints years ago but you got no answers. Would you be so kind to check my example and tell us what you are thinking?


Location of starting point: N49.17128, E010.98880
Location of end point:        N49.18300, E011.01505

Troubles & Questions / Dashboards not working
« on: August 03, 2013, 14:22:21 »
since some month the dashbaords don't work anymore for me. I know it is working for others (like gynta) but for me it worked in the last months only in Testversions but not in official Proversions, same as now in 2.12.4.
The story started here:

We already found out:
- It is not related to my dashboard file because
-- it's working for Menion
-- and it's working in Testversion
-- none of the official dashboards is working
- I also provided logcat, nothing interesting in it.
What did I do afterwards to get rid of the problem:
- Deleted Locus Pro App data
- Deleted Locus folder
both in one go but still the absolut clean LocusPro (it sees no maps, none of my settings, just comes up with the newbie questions and a map of Czech) doesn't show any value one of the official dashboards. To be sure, I replaced one of the values with current time but no display of time.

I didn't complain the last months because most of the time I  was using the Test versions to help testing but I want to use it finally again in the Pro version.

Can I ask for some support to get this running again?
It seems to be something very systematic (I have no clue how dashboards work internally but for me it looks that the dashboard has got simply no connection to the rest of Locus).

I prepared some navigation routes (not a simple track) on the tablet for my next holiday and wanted to load these onto my smartphone.

I exported the navigation routes on the tablet and imported the resulting .gpx files on my smartphone.
Though the imported files show the waypoints with the directional instruction symbols there is no option to get navigation for such an imported route, only guiding (and reverse guiding) is offered.

Did I use wrong parameters for the export?
Or is either export or import incomplete with regard to specific informations needed to treat the file as a navigation route?

Hi Menion,
in dashboards there are two variables available which are forced to 0 while GPS not yet in sync though their values are available and useful:
- Satellites (All): Though GPS isn't in sync one can see e.g. 10 satellites (like in the GPS screen)
- Altitude (based on pressure sensor): Though GPS isn't in sync one can see the altitude measured by pressur sensor
Please enable these values also while GPS isn't in sync. For the altitude by pressure sensor this would even make sense without GPS at all.

Hi friends of Locus,
here is another example dashboard, which
- is to a certain extent optimized to high amount of information
- is to a certain extent optimized for loosing not too much map display at the same time
- takes care of shifted map center (can only be activated for map rotate)
- assumes top and right panels being disabled after inactivity
- assumes quick map switch being displayed permanently
- is only useful in portrait mode

In guiding mode the dashboard is still pretty good readable however not so nice as the top bar and quick map switch are overwritten by the dashboard:

Thanks to gynta to let me use his icons and thanks to Menion where I have stolen the "START" icon!

Copy to ../Locus/data/dashboard/

Have fun,

edit one year later: corrected download link for dashboard :)

Quote from: "gynta"
generated for my SGS2
I don't know how does it works on other screens...
Looks exactly the same on SGS3. Great job!

What I'm missing in the display is similar to distance to destination a value distance from start. To my knowledge this value isn't available for dashboards.
@Menion: Is that true? Could you add it for the next version?

Troubles & Questions / Restore of track recording profile -> FC
« on: September 30, 2012, 16:59:21 »
Tried the nice little feature "recording profiles" which I never used before but I get an FC *every* time I try to load one of the default profiles or my own profile I created shortly before.

Sent log.

Hi Menion,
I played a bit with mentioned settings.

While  GPS auto off with Keep auto-off enabled=false seems to work (while Locus was in background I noticed that after GPS update interval the GPS icon in the status bar blinked for few seconds. I don't know what really happens when screen is off.

With GPS auto off and Keep auto-off enabled=true I made the following observations:
- Locus is in background: after GPS update interval I noticed the blinking GPS icon in the status bar.

- Locus is in foreground with the GPS screen: after GPS update interval nothing happens, after some seconds Locus complains that it could not achieve GPS fix (I configured 2 beeps for that event/status). Locus seems to have forgotten that it needs to switch on GPS. Even after several update intervals +max search time Locus never switched on GPS because I see no blinking of the GPS symbol in status bar.
If I toggle My Location in the GPS screen off and again on immediately the GPS symbol starts blinking and Locus achieves GPS fix.
But after the next update interval nothing happens again (see above).

- Locus is in foreground with the map screen: same problem as with GPS screen

*Edit*: Tested with Locus pro 2.5.6

Hi Menion,
as I now use a different phone I had to move my Locus Pro installation.
What I did was the following:
- Copy the complete Locus Folder structure to sdcard/Locus
- Copy the to sdcard/Locus/backup
- Start BackupManager in Locus and press restore button
- Locus tells me "there is nothing to be restored" or similar, I can't remember exactly
- Tried this several times, always the same problem
- Then (with a certain idea how programmers work :) ) I tried the Backup Button and a backup was created.
- Where is this new backup? Exactly in the mentioned folder together with my backup.bat
- Then tried again pressed the restore button - and now it worked

What do you think?
Could it be that the variable holding the path to the backups is initialized only in the backup part and not in the common part of the backup manager?


I already posted this theme few days ago somewhere else in this forum but now we have a common place for vector map themes.
So here we go.
This theme is the same as the built-in osmarender theme, the only thing I changed is the reference to file names as this had to be adapted to Locus.

Take it as a basis for own creations.

Some hints if you want to change the theme:
- User defined renderstyles are only possible with Locus >= 2.2.0 (respectively mapsforge >=0.3.0 and vectormaps for this version)
- Make a copy of the complete original theme (o.k., you don't need to if you don't like backups)
- Rendering rules can be modified in "osmarender orgmapsforge.xml". This file needs to have unix style (only newlines, no combination of carriage return and newline!)
- Patterns and symbols can be added/changed in subfolders ./patterns and ./symbols
- Be careful: if edited on PC and transferred to phone there are circumstances that Locus (like other apps) still sees the previous version of the file. In this case delete the file in the target prior to copy the updated version.

@Menion: Feel free to add this to Locus shop. Additional info for the shop I sent yesterday evening in PM.

@All: Have fun

Hi Menion,
let's directly discuss an example:
Assume a certain map is on the display, e.g. vector map of Bavaria.
Now I use the search function for a location far beyond the current map, e.g. search for a location in Rome, Italy.
Result is map center moves to this new location. In this example the screen becomes empty.
If I go to the card manager, it only suggests the neighbour maps of Italy (I'm aware that this is the intended function).
What is the best way to get the matching maps displayed which in this example is the available vector map for Italy?

Troubles & Questions / Navigation voice interrupts itself and repeats
« on: December 12, 2011, 20:53:56 »
Hi Menion,
I performed several navigation tests with voice output (German).
In general the voice output is quite accurate.
But there is one problem which typically occurs during passing of a roundabout traffic:
One would expect one output of e.g. "Enter the roundabout and take the 1st exit"
but it happens more like this            "Enter the roundabout and Enter the roundabout and take Enter the roundabout and take the 1st exit".

What could be the reason for that?

Troubles & Questions / Navigation usability issue
« on: December 12, 2011, 20:42:55 »
Hi Menion,
the prestored routes helped me a lot when travelling on Madeira (viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1304)!
Especially the automatic change from navigation to guiding on deviation from the original route helps fantastically in a foreign town if you have no internet access for recalculation.
Thanks for that!

During the week I had several chances to test the navigation which in general worked very well, there are only few things regarding usability/convenience which could be improved.
These are the steps to use a prestored navigation (not all activities need to be performed in all situations and in exact the following order):
1) Switch on GPS in Android system
2) Switch on GPS in Locus
3) Deactivate GPS auto-off in Locus
4) Set the tick for the prestored navigation route from list of tracks
5) Tap on the track on any corner in the graph  (not on a straight part of the graph -> no popup, not on one of the red points -> there you can only create a new navigation route)
6) Select navigate in the popup menu.
7) Use navigation
8) Tap on ->->o and select "Switch guide off"
9) Hide route
10) Restore setting from 3)
11) Restore setting from 2)
12) Restore setting from 1)

These are a lot of steps one should keep in mind to use navigation successfully and later on return to original behaviour and settings of Locus.

What do you think of the following proposals:
A) For 4): Provide additional item ""Navigate" in the popup for tap on the prestored navigation route. This would at least make 5) and 6) redundant.
B) Like A) + 1) + 2)  +3)
C) For 8): Offer additional item "End navigation" in the popup for ->->o and perform 9), 10), 11), 12).

If you don't like to change the android system setting 1)+12) this is fine with me. Then it is consistent behaviour with general handling of GPS in Locus.

Declined / Navigation with pre-stored routes
« on: November 13, 2011, 16:03:32 »
Hi Menion,
I'll go abroad on 1st of December for a week. There I'd like to use car navigation.
As I will have no data plan (I guess there is not even GSM reception at all locations) I'd like to calculate and store the planned routes already from at home (and use it with vector map) (examples: Airport-Hotel, Hotel-Location1, Location1-Location2, Location2-Hotel etc.).

I'm not sure if Locus does already support this, maybe I just don't understand how to use it. If I enable the stored track "Navigation" I don't get the fat green line as with instant navigation but only the track display together with points for navigation instructions.
In addition the track "Navigation" gets overwritten everytime I let calculate a new navigation. Is this on purpose?

Could you help me?
I guess such a feature could be helpful for many of us.
(Even more perfect would of course be offline navigation with rout calculation based on stored vector map but I don't know if you have this on your roadmap).

Thank you for your excellent and enduring work on this project,

Troubles & Questions / Display updates during navigation
« on: November 03, 2011, 17:51:06 »
Menion, sorry I have to stress my point from viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1243#p7363 again but I try to be more precise this time.
I use car navigation with vector maps and activated auto-zoom on my SGS I.
All three features are really useful but the combination is almost unusable because of display updates shortly following each other with the effect that most of the time there is no complete map display on the phone's screen but only tiles of it.

I think the reasons for this behaviour are
- bad render performance for vector maps (o.k., I understand that this isn't your business)
- frequent display updates triggered by
   --- auto-zoom (due to detected change of speed) and
   --- movement of car
- restricted processor performance
Please correct me if you think this is wrong.

If you like to read a proposal for a improvement:
I think a preparation of the screen image for the next display update in the background could improve the situation drastically: leave display as is (only move the "car cursor" until calculation of the next display image is complete.
Do you think this is possible?

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