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I'm on 4.17.2 and a gold subscriber.

I can confirm that when i toggle in the side bar, offline poi. With an offline map (your lomap as and example) the points appear and disappear as expected.
When I use an online map again your own supplied map as an example, toggling offline poi doesn't allow them to appear.

An example area with many historic mine adits and shafts.
N 54° 41.980', W 003° 04.946'

As a subscriber I was getting Offline POI's displaying only sometimes but I have found the connection for the problem.
They only display with Offline maps.
I get online maps that can cache and so be offline while out in the wilderness but the offline POI's will not display.
As a purchaser, why can't we have offline POI's displaying when we choose? not when the "Map" decides.
There is a wealth of information I miss when out walking because of this.
Quote from: karlchick on December 14, 2022, 17:02:32I could release just the v4/v5 map theme if people want something for Andromaps now....

Will that would obviously help me!
But I realise there's a lot you do, so no panic

I think there's a problem with Openandromaps and your theme.
The author this month seems to have dropped cliffs from OSM And picked them up from some Ordanance Survey free data. I'm guessing tags are different as cliffs have gone from the map.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
September 14, 2022, 10:36:23
Quote from: Menion on September 12, 2022, 15:18:54Hi guys

@joeloc & @Jethro10
Adding point problem: this happens directly on the main screen by simple long-click > + button?

Yeah, that process. Generally works ok for the first few or several points then, seemingly at a random time for no obvious reason when a point is added, the last one is always deleted. Force stop the application makes it work ok until the next time.
My phone has gone through the Android 11 to 12 update and same issue.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
September 11, 2022, 20:16:58
Quote from: joeloc on September 09, 2022, 08:12:59Since a few versions, Locus has this hickup where it overwrites the last point when I add another one.

Right now for example, while I am planning a new trip, I scroll around the map and add new waypoints whenever something looks interesting to me. Every new point silently overwrites and deletes the last one I added. This drives me absolutely crazy.

It doesn't happen all the time,  but when it happens, it keeps happening. Restarting Locus or using another folder for points might fix it for a while, but the problem will come back.

Maybe re-check your SQL commands? It sounds like something super silly really... like that bug when deleting points in the editor took minutes instead of milliseconds.

edit: also, sometimes I add a new point and its state is set to invisible right away.

Yeah, I get that.
Had it for a few months. Can't see a pattern unfortunately.
Should I be able to search for this name "Shaftoe Crags" because I'm failing.
I'm failing a bit on searches so this is an example only. Usually after mountains, crags, outdoor area names for walking and camping.

This is a better workflow then I currently use.

I found this post on the previous version
Disappearing points: this sounds like a serious issue. There were no changes in the database system for a very long time. Hmm, sorry, no idea.

I also have this, often. I tend to add POI's to a folder called mapping as I walk about to later as to Open Street Map and I'm loosing a lot. Two possible clues.
First it I use the same name I get a message to "ignore and add anyway, etc. Etc." I am using the same name. Eg "Gate Here". A third one of the same name often doesn't ask to ignore and just deleted or overridden one of the previous ones. This certainly happens.
This "may" be if they are very close to each other, it seems to happen more often if they are close, maybe a few metres rather than 100's metres (does the system think it's the same one?)
After the above triggers the fault it seems to just be random and many don't add or may get deleted.
I get home to map what I thought were 20 POIs and I have maybe 7.
At first, being a new user I though it was used error so I may have more info as I use it more now I have some clues.

Basically solved it, allowing visual choosing of point then adding with least amount of effort.
Place cursor on track where I require a POI. Touch cursor, which really touched and highlights the track which makes the bottom part of the screen pop up as the picture. Slide it higher, select Waypoints and add your data without the need to later select location as it's already chosen.
Much easier.
Last idea.
Go the normal route to add a point and tag the track internally as "most recent". Then you can add subsequent ones to "last used track" visually.
Ok. Mind, Osmand also allowed many tracks open at once.
All I can think of then is a time/date field in the SQL database for time opened and when you press and hold the screen, as well as creating a POI option there's an add to last track as waypoint option. I'm sure most people work on the most recent track?
It's a shame it's so convoluted I just don't use it and hope I just remember what I'm trying to do when out.

What's the quickest way to add  visual Waypoints to routes?
I'm finding it very tedious.
Click the bottom burger menu
Click Tracks and routes manager
click the track.
From this summary screen, it's the only place I can see "Waypoints - nothing here yet"
Click the right arrow
Click the +
Click "add new"
Click the location icon
Click "select on map"
Where I can finally position the cursor and then
Click the tick icon.

It's one of the few major failings coming from OsmAnd where you can have a route open. Click the map, choose add to a current open route and I'm basically done.

I've come across another if you think it's ok, that generally gives me landmarks for walking that exists in the XML file

amenity=hunting_stand which to us in the uk is almost exclusively a Grouse Butt.

Thanks Jeff

Ok, thanks.
Following that fairly well.
A few questions so I can do more myself without bothering you as much.
How do you handle a point with multiple values that may conflict your graphical representation.
This example may not be relevant but a mountain peak is Natural=Peak, but a lot of peaks, if they have the OS survey trig columns have a second tag Man_made = survey_point. I disagree a point can be both natural and man made at the same time but if you happened to see both, what happens?

Is this the tag cross reference file I need to look at to see if an item exists? if not you can't display it? Stops me bothering you as much....

Is it reasonable for me to request items to be added to Open Andromaps? if so, do you know where I'd ask?

Finally, if I unzip your theme, eg. an svg called weir.svg matches the xml tag waterway=weir and the zoom level it appears at. Patterns for Areas rather than points.
Is that basically how it works?

I'm very much a rural user in the mountains and fells so don't look at towns or roads a lot, and there's only a few things I miss that generally offer good landmarks for navigation

Thanks Jeff