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As a subscriber I was getting Offline POI's displaying only sometimes but I have found the connection for the problem.
They only display with Offline maps.
I get online maps that can cache and so be offline while out in the wilderness but the offline POI's will not display.
As a purchaser, why can't we have offline POI's displaying when we choose? not when the "Map" decides.
There is a wealth of information I miss when out walking because of this.
Should I be able to search for this name "Shaftoe Crags" because I'm failing.
I'm failing a bit on searches so this is an example only. Usually after mountains, crags, outdoor area names for walking and camping.

What's the quickest way to add  visual Waypoints to routes?
I'm finding it very tedious.
Click the bottom burger menu
Click Tracks and routes manager
click the track.
From this summary screen, it's the only place I can see "Waypoints - nothing here yet"
Click the right arrow
Click the +
Click "add new"
Click the location icon
Click "select on map"
Where I can finally position the cursor and then
Click the tick icon.

It's one of the few major failings coming from OsmAnd where you can have a route open. Click the map, choose add to a current open route and I'm basically done.

When creating a route, I can select straight line for a segment to get to a path, then Hiking Profile to follow a path. If at a later date, I want to change a straight line segment and select a different profile like Hike to follow a path. Can this be done? or do I need to re-draw the complete route again?
As I'm just evaluating this, am I seeing the free version having less route planning options then if I subscribe?

I guess I'll need a subscription to test properly, but at the moment I'm just evaluating Locus for me needs.
If a small section of a route I plan is off a track or path. Does it somehow get elevation Data for that section? Or how does it handle it.
There's seems to be options in places to update elevation Data for things if I buy this and wondering what it entails or does.
Can someone explain why I'm getting an item, in this instance a toilet, displaying multiple times, sometimes with the same or different graphics.
It feels like I've got 3 maps here, but only 1 displaying?
Can I disable the other 2? How do I understand which is from where?

I'm just getting started coming from OsmAnd for various reasons.
First question.
In the attached picture, the centre mountain range is about 15x15km. I've displayed parking POI's which seem equivalent to LoPoints.
Knowning where I want to walk in the area and where parking is, allows me to plan a route and choose a start point from a parking place.
I'm struggling to get the same visibility from Locus maps at a similar zoom. LoPoints seem less visible when displayed overall and only available closer up.
I'm aware of "how to" installing differing maps and themes but can't get close enough.
Any way to replicate this?