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Started by Jethro10, July 18, 2022, 14:35:09

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Should I be able to search for this name "Shaftoe Crags" because I'm failing.
I'm failing a bit on searches so this is an example only. Usually after mountains, crags, outdoor area names for walking and camping.


Andrew Heard

Quote from: Jethro10 on July 18, 2022, 14:35:09
@Jethro10 I have no answer sorry, only a question for @menion regards your URL query string parameters ?loc and :Capheaton. I've not seen those before. ?loc appears redundant. appears to display an identical map, so am just curious.
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Hello guys,

I've tried to search for "Shaftoe Crags" with an online search within the Android app and both Google provider and GraphHopper provider return a valid existing result. Do you receive the empty result in both cases?

And your question Andrew: it is on @janaton, responsible for the web planner tool.
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