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Quote from: Andrew Heard on May 10, 2022, 01:14:58
Jeff - I tend to agree with you - you have to get used to the terminology (somewhat historical baggage) - in my head "Modify Track" = "Track Editor", and "Route Planner" = "Route Editor"
It's all part of it.....
Getting there now.

I may have found another. Natural=Saddle tag isn't displaying but does on OS maps.
In general are you trying to replicate the look of OS maps but with other things on it, or an accurate facsimile of the dataset of OS maps?

Quote from: Menion on May 09, 2022, 07:45:38

if you already have saved the route, just re-open it in the route planner (button in the bottom track toolbar) and you should get exactly the same situation as when you planned the route before.

So it is then easy to change a single segment. Most easy is to tap on any line you want to change and there is a button "recalculate" at the bottom.

Give it a try, I'm sure you will find it even from my description (without images).

I found my mistake. After highlighting the track I was selecting Modify Track as this was worded to do what I wanted. I should have select Route planner which I never did as to me it meant plan a route, Ie. from scratch, not modify it. For me the wording is the wrong way round but I'm there now.
Quote from: karlchick on May 08, 2022, 19:31:48
Thanks Jeff, you are correct and mineshaft is missing from the theme. I guess you using a lomap map as oam do not currently support mineshaft tags, only adits.

I suspect this is why it is missing, I added adits for oam (v4/v5) maps first and then updated the v3 map theme.

I'll include mineshafts in the next release. I might also request adding mineshaft to OAM maps too, there are over 10,000 tagged worldwide.

I'm still working on the update for v4/v5 map theme and will also roll back the improvements made to the v3 map theme. Once the v4 updated theme is ready/available, you might want to consider switching to using OAM maps as they have a lot more information in them and are getting rendered closer to OS maps now than lomaps... except for mineshafts, of course.

I just be getting better, I actually understood some of that!

Hi, I'm all new to this, and this theme saved me from giving up on Locus.

I may have found an error, may not, no idea really what I'm doing yet.. Using the OSM node in the link as an example, it looks like you display Adits as Mines but not Shafts as mines. The adits around here show, but not the shaft.

When creating a route, I can select straight line for a segment to get to a path, then Hiking Profile to follow a path. If at a later date, I want to change a straight line segment and select a different profile like Hike to follow a path. Can this be done? or do I need to re-draw the complete route again?
As I'm just evaluating this, am I seeing the free version having less route planning options then if I subscribe?

Quote from: lor74cas on May 07, 2022, 15:10:59
Yes, this is a straight line, therefore off the trail, and the altitude is calculated.

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Thanks, that's good enough for me

I guess I'll need a subscription to test properly, but at the moment I'm just evaluating Locus for me needs.
If a small section of a route I plan is off a track or path. Does it somehow get elevation Data for that section? Or how does it handle it.
There's seems to be options in places to update elevation Data for things if I buy this and wondering what it entails or does.
Quote from: john_percy on May 07, 2022, 09:22:35
If you can access the folder with the maps stored in it, rename (eg) england.osm.db to england.osm.dbx or similar.
Be aware that this will affect offline searching for places, and also pop up info on points.
You could rename the .db file associated with your other map as an alternative. Try it and see which suits you best.

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Yeah, that's done it.
so as I see, each map "probably" has a POI db, and if the maps overlap, you get duplicating results.
I guess it could be a bit more intuitive as to how to solve, but I'm there.
Thanks, I assume from having two maps of the same area downloaded, offline maps.
But only one map can be viewed at any time. So the points in the visible map and the second map are displaying when I select viewing from the search.
Can I disable LoPoints in one of the maps? If so, how?
Can someone explain why I'm getting an item, in this instance a toilet, displaying multiple times, sometimes with the same or different graphics.
It feels like I've got 3 maps here, but only 1 displaying?
Can I disable the other 2? How do I understand which is from where?

I had got them working via the App, the problem is they are all but invisible and need to be made visible, or have a tick box or something to "enhance". Initially I didn'r realise I had them working as I couldn't see them!

The web based solution, although nice, is not really a replacement for having a viable solution in the App that works like the Web solution. It's easily possible to get somewhere, find the parking area closed or full, then need to re-do parking and a route "On the Go" when a PC with full size browser and internet access isn't available.

I'm just getting started coming from OsmAnd for various reasons.
First question.
In the attached picture, the centre mountain range is about 15x15km. I've displayed parking POI's which seem equivalent to LoPoints.
Knowning where I want to walk in the area and where parking is, allows me to plan a route and choose a start point from a parking place.
I'm struggling to get the same visibility from Locus maps at a similar zoom. LoPoints seem less visible when displayed overall and only available closer up.
I'm aware of "how to" installing differing maps and themes but can't get close enough.
Any way to replicate this?