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I have Locus Maps 4 Gold. Whenever I try to use LoRouter to navigate it fails miserably to give me a realistic estimate of time of arrival. As far as I can see its almost always double the time. There is specifically two long distance drives I do 4-8 times a month and I know the routes by heart. I still use navigation for the time estimates so I can give realistic information on time of arrival to workmates and friend. This problem forces me to use other GPS software and I would like to avoid that.
The shorter route is, according to LoRouter 669 km and its estimated time of travel is 12:28 (normally takes just over 6 hour). The longer route is, again according to LoRouter 1210 km and the estimated time to arrival is 22:35 (takes 11 to 13 hours depending on food stops).

Anything I'm doing wrong with settings or something that is easy to fix?
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« Last post by Menion on Today at 10:38:06 »
Hmm long title is not usual so I do not want to complicate it here. I've improved the track (and also point) metadata edit screen. So now, the long title will be clearly visible there. There you may also copy&paste it.

"Platinum Eternal Edition"?  :) .. you may just publish of Locus Map 4 version? Is there any serious problem in current public version?

hey, ID works, perfect!! And issue fixed. So it will need another version ... thanks.

description: change is a side-effect of the change I made. In case, description will be longer than on 5 lines, it will be cut just to these five lines and the button "more" appears. It has also the big benefit that description in the main view is a simple text field. But with the "more" button, a big internal web browser opens! So in case, you for example copy&paste some description on the web, it will be perfectly working here together with styling, images etc. Same for points now!

And the copy of the description: thanks, fixed for points & tracks.


Problems in the second post. Very nice description, thank you very much!
Interesting is that exactly the same steps are done on my device display always on A device "push: 1, pushDelete: 1", which is expected for now. On the second device then "pull: 1, pullDelete: 1". Interesting.
I'll try to fix this now and making edits in the Route planner really as "update" of existing and not delete old and creating new. We will see if it helps.

The crash that appears after edit in the editor is the same as the crash that @luce reported. It Will be fixed, thanks.

@Andrew Heard
crash info is stored in the app and send when app starts next time.

Swiping point/track panel > you mean on the tablets where is attached to the right side right? I know I know ... tablets are still not well supported ...
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« Last post by luce on Today at 10:24:34 »
+1, especially for No 4
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« Last post by tapio on Today at 09:00:42 »
Some thoughts on trackpoint/track view.

1. Stay in view... When I am in new trackpoint screen and tap the track at some position, I wish it would stay in trackpoint screen and display the selected point.
2. Intuitive toggle button needed, toggle between track screen/trackpoint screen.
3. In trackpoint screen I think there's a lot wasted space. The from start/to end information is important, but not initially visible. I hope for some user config/reorder possibility.
If we can intuitively toggle, there may be no need for the track/folder info in the trackpoint screen.
4.In Trackpoint screen, the statistics section with "To start/to end". If navigating a route, there would be the right place to display track distance and todo elev, relative from current position.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« Last post by Andrew Heard on Today at 01:09:50 »
New Beta version just uploaded to Google Drive.
I test automatic reports of crashes to "bugsnag" service
@Menion - nice system - does Locus device need to have Wifi or mobile data enabled at the precise time of any crash or the crash data cached then possible to upload later when comms are available?

"update layout of the points screen" - would be nice if panel (and track detail) can be swiped right to hide, consistent with other new panels eg Map-screen content, when a tablet is used in landscape mode
Troubles & Questions / Wanderreitkarte trouble
« Last post by MissSofie on Yesterday at 22:27:46 »
Dear team,
thanks for the new version!

I use Locus 4 Gold.
Yesterday, it was possible to enter my Abo-data for Wanderreitkarte, no problem there. All my map data was visible.
Yesterday I downloaded some tiles, with the setting: overwrite tiles older than 0 days, and this morning with the setting "...older than 5 days." However, nothing of my old data was left around the area that I downloaded. The file is much smaller than previously. Several attempts more had the same result: download went on, counted the tiles through the zoomlevels 1 to 15, then ended with a blank window. Over the day, Wanderreitkarte online turned invisible, too, so no further attempts were possible. Shortly "loading" appears, then just a blank background.

I have rebooted the phone twice, cleared the cache, but no change.

In Locus Map pro, the online map shows on the first try, but when I download an area, parts of the screen stay blank. When I switch to the online map again after that, it doesn´t appear anymore.

What can be causing this? From the news on Nop´s page it doesn´t seem to be a recent change there.

All my other maps work beautifully, by the way.

Edit: where do I change the "device" in my profile? It is Samsung A51 now
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« Last post by slarti76 on Yesterday at 20:43:40 »
Ok, more tests with new beta.
Good news first: Turning on auto-sync now leads to initial sync. Thx

But my big sync problem and the crash-when-clicking-on-track isn't resolved. In fact, I can reproduce the sync problem now:
Turn on auto-sync, take a track (created with the route planner), sync it, now edit the track (on A) with the route planner, save (overwrite), wait. After auto-sync is through on both devices, the track will be gone on B. Reproducible. On A, the "Last Update" shows "pushDelete: 1", no "push".

Now the funny thing: this time, further manual syncs on both devices didn't lead to the track being deleted on A, instead at some point the track actually appeared on B! Still, not trustworthy.
Also, I could now click on the track on both devices without crash.

But... Now I wanted to try it with Track Editor instead of Route Planner. Again, edited on A, clicked the track - crash. Synced to B, clicked the track on B - crash. So after editing with Track Editor, sync seems to work, but track detail popup crashes Locus again.

Hope explanation is detailed enough.

Oh, and for the crashes: My User ID is 6880a91b7.
Es läuft - lag am Account  ;D
Bei mir sind es pro Karte 2 Dateien. Bei einer steht hinten immer noch journal dabei. Ich denke mal umbenennen darf man die auch nicht.
Tools / Re: A 4x4 profile for LoRouter / BRouter
« Last post by Viajero Perdido on Yesterday at 18:00:39 »
To clarify, in my part of Canada, the majority of roads in farmland (example) or forest (example) are unpaved, but usually gravel and often in good condition supporting speeds of anywhere from 30 to 80km/h. We generally take the shortest path.

Also, our roads are almost always on public land and legally accessible to the public.  (If not, well, we try to tag it as such.)

Sounds somewhat different than Europe.  :)

PS, without my tweaks, above, "Avoid unpaved" had no noticeable effect.  It would always "avoid unpaved" regardless.  (In English, "avoid" is not absolute, it suggests "avoid if practical".)
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