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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 1...
Last post by Menion - Yesterday at 10:06:45
App version regenerated 4.20.0 (code 1117)
Available in the "release" directory.

"App stop" problem, probably got it, thanks!
thanks for the testing and sorry for the complications.
BRouter error > do you use an unsupported combination? We made a bunch of big improvements (due to new system of customization + route warnings) so internal LoRouter profiles are no longer compatible with routing data provided by the BRouter application itself. There is also an opposite "problem". BRouter now introduced a few parameters that are not (yet) compatible with offline LoRouter, so profiles from the original BRouter repo may report an error when used with offline LoRouter.

- use "public brf profiles for BRouter" only with the Google Play BRouter app. Offline LoRouter currently does not support all BRouter features (this will change in the near future), but if you don't see any error, it should work fine.
- use "LoRouter profiles" only with offline LoRouter. They most probably won't work with BRouter app

Thanks for understanding.

Installation of the older version is more complicated because it requires un-install the current version first. Suggest waiting a day (or in the worst case two) till a new update is generated/published.

What settings do you want to modify for BRouter? All are available in the Route planner directly.

Intent problem > this is unfortunate. The plugin uses a hardcoded name of the starting screen, but this has changed in the latest version and this old screen no longer exists.

Problem with recording > problem with the start may be connected to the crash at start. The worst is "action: stop".

@Andrew Heard
Plan visible after closing planner > grrr, so another try, even more aggressive plan removal in the next version.

Aspect colored by slope > I've had this prepared, but wasn't satisfied with the colors ... so later.
QuoteWas ist denn AFA-Version?
AFA bedeutet all file access
menion stellt diese Version für interessierte zur Verfügung,

Vorteil: man kann trotz der Google/Android Restriktionen auf alle Pfade zugreifen

Nachteil:man muß die Autoupdatefunktion im Playstore abstellen und jedes neue Update selbst vornehmen

Die Dateien sind in menions Profi/unten zu finden
Danke, ich warte lieber...

Ich habe von vielen Problemen bei 4.20 gelesen und bin kein Experte wie du...

Danke für die Antwort... ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche...

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 1...
Last post by Locusfox - Yesterday at 09:08:02
Wenn ich das richtig sehe, dann erst mal Finger weg von 4.20....
Das dauert noch etwas. Menion hat es hier geschrieben. Auf G-Drive kann man sie schon installieren.
[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Neue Version 4.20
Last post by Locusfox - Yesterday at 09:02:43
Ich sehe, dass es die 4.20 gibt, aber bei mir wird nicht upgedatet...?

Was kann ich machen?

Aber wie oder wo kann ich "definieren"?

Welche LM-Version hast du? Bei mir ist es die 4.19.0

Auf hell umstellen hat nichts gebracht:You cannot view this attachment.

Was ist denn AFA-Version?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Good that powermeter senso...
Last post by Menion - Yesterday at 08:25:01
Perfect  ;)
Troubles & Questions / Re: GPS altitude readings are ...
Last post by Menion - Yesterday at 08:24:28
Hello Andrew,
I've asked ChatGPT and here is quite nice answer:

QuoteComparing Google Location Services API (part of Google Play Services) with the older method of accessing device location without Google Play Services involves looking at several factors from a user's perspective. Here's an overview:

### Google Location Services API

1. **Improved Accuracy:** Google Location Services combines GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and other sensors to provide more accurate and faster location fixes.
2. **Battery Efficiency:** It's more battery-efficient, especially with features like the Fused Location Provider, which smartly switches between different location methods.
3. **Ease of Use:** Offers a more user-friendly experience with higher-level APIs and better integration with other Google services.
4. **Geofencing and Activity Recognition:** Additional features like geofencing and user activity recognition are useful for advanced location-based services.
5. **Regular Updates:** As part of Google Play Services, it receives regular updates independently of the operating system, ensuring access to the latest features and improvements.

1. **Dependence on Google Play Services:** Not all devices (especially in certain regions like China or on some custom ROMs) have Google Play Services installed.
2. **Privacy Concerns:** Some users might be wary of sharing location data with Google due to privacy concerns.
3. **Potentially Intrusive:** Google Location Services can be seen as more intrusive, as it often provides more detailed location data.

### Older Method (Without Google Play Services)

1. **No Google Play Services Required:** Works on all Android devices regardless of Google Play Services availability.
2. **More Privacy-Controlled:** Users who are concerned about sharing data with Google might prefer this method.
3. **Direct Hardware Access:** Can offer more control over specific hardware components, like GPS.

1. **Less Accurate:** GPS alone without assistance from networks might be less accurate, especially in urban or indoor settings.
2. **Slower to Get First Fix:** It might take longer to get the initial location fix using only GPS.
3. **More Battery Consuming:** Typically consumes more battery as it lacks the optimization present in Google's Fused Location Provider.
4. **Complexity in Development:** Developers need to handle more scenarios manually, like choosing the best location provider, which can lead to more complex code.

In summary, Google Location Services provides a more advanced, accurate, and battery-efficient way of handling location but requires Google Play Services and involves sharing data with Google. The older method offers more privacy and independence from Google Play Services but at the cost of accuracy, battery efficiency, and increased development complexity. The choice between the two methods depends on the specific needs and constraints of the users and the application.

I'm surprised by the "Privacy Concerns: Some users might be wary of sharing location data with Google due to privacy concerns.", because I see no reason, why location data needs to be shared out of the device and I've also never read about it ... interesting.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Question about LoMap updat...
Last post by Menion - Yesterday at 08:14:55
Hi druki,

"update" is visible in case, you have already purchased an older version of the map, than the current newwest.

"download" is visible in case, you do not purchase this map yet or you have already the latest version available for download.