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Different track, same issue. I have the problem with every track I have. It hasn't always been like this but I can't point to a specific point when it started.

I could only try if I even have it when the track is very very short.

I disabled auto loading of vector maps and it doesn't change anything.
Hello Menion,

thank you for your response. I've attached the track to this post. But as I say, it has nothing to do with this specific track.
it may be more complicated then it looks. App tries to find best map that covers area of your track and what you see, may be result of incorrect detection of map coverage. In case of other than LoMaps, it is a little more complicates, because other maps do not have been correctly defined.

May you share with me some track that has this problem for first quick check? Thanks.

You may also check if "Vector maps auto-loading" settings have any effect here.
Free chat / Re: *off topic* waterproofing
« Last post by menion on May 22, 2020, 12:38:35 »
It was a little "spam" message and this topic is interesting but quite old. Nevermind :).

I remember that a long time ago, just because of problems with water on the display, the "screen lock" function was created, to prevent some accidental taps by water drops. Anyway not to turn the screen on, is the best solution :)
Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« Last post by menion on May 22, 2020, 12:35:22 »
crashes ... found just one when rotate a screen when point bottom popup is visible, fixed.

On your screen are missing buttons at the bottom of the popup. They are not visible right when this screen displays?

there is always a fresh new LM4 version ;).
Hallo HeideMoritz,

kann es sein, dass Du die verschiedenen  Navigationscursors einzelnen Profilen "Auto", "Fahrrad", usw. zugeordnet hast?
Wäre es dann denkbar, dass Du eine Fahrradroute aus Versehen mit dem Auto-Profil startest?

Ich weiß aber nicht, ob man die Navigationscursors "profilspezifisch" abspeichern / hinterlegen kann. Dazu habe ich mich zu wenig mit dem Thema beschäftigt.

Du siehst: Ein reiner Schuß ins Blaue.....


PS: Mit "Profile" meine Ich die Voreinstellungen.
Hallo Heike
den Navigationscursor kannst du unter
Einstellungen/Navigation/Erweiterte Einstellunge/Navigationscursor
Gruß Wolfgang
Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« Last post by tapio on May 22, 2020, 08:38:31 »
Menion, I have v4 themes in my presets and I use OAM maps. Cannot test again because currently rc beta is installed.
[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Re: Erklärung der Zeichen/Symbole
« Last post by c.s.g. on May 22, 2020, 08:32:26 »
Hallo Walter,

da Du nicht schreibst, um welche Karten es sich konkret handelt, kann ich nur raten:
(1.) Die Legende für die LoMaps findes Du hier.
(2.) Die Legende für die OAM-Karten findest Du hier.

Andere Karten habe ich nicht im Einsatz.

Free chat / Re: *off topic* waterproofing
« Last post by Henk van der Spek on May 22, 2020, 08:20:05 »
For that reason I have a IP68 schockproof phone with a big battery.
Operating when wet is hit and miss. Have to wipe it dry. But that is during our favorite activity, hiking, no problem because we use guiding in a track by voice commands.

I also use it bare-bones on my motorccycle and atb with a self made holder/support.
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