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Back at home, finally...

Bad news, that's true... hmm... :(
@menion: I truely hope that you don't give up the work and learn how to use fusion tables. Please check your PayPal account.  8-)
@vpa: You're talking about a converting wizard from my maps to fusion tables. can you please provide a link, can't find it.

I converted my maps this way:
- Go to My Maps.
- Click on the map you'd like to convert.
- Click on "View in Google Earth".
- Download the *.kml.
- Go to fusion tables.
- Click "New Table".
- Click "Import Table".
- Choose your downloaded *.kml.
- Done.
All the points, polygons and informations are now in fusion table. But I am missing the different colours I set up in My Maps. Perhaps I have to play around and find some options to do this.

Back to Locus.
As I told before, I was in the Alps for some days. Before the trip, I downloaded the OpenPisteMap of the ski resort. So I didn't have to have a mobile internet connection while roaming! Very nice. All of the ski routes were in there. With the bluetooth GPS receiver I didn't even have to let the phone being awake. Locus recorded all my rides down the hills. And I always knew where I was and where I parked my car. Battery life was still great (I lost about 50 % for 6 hours of track recording while outer temperatures were about - 10°C.). So nice work, menion, Thanks again!!!  


In version I found some bugs. Not heavy ones, but still bugs ;)

In the upper left corner is the small symbol of Locus. If you tap on it, it shows you a little menu. If you tap "Co-apps", another menu appears. The menu has 2 entries. I just see the symbols of these apps on black background. I have to scroll a bit, untill I see the text for these Co-apps. The links are working fine. They connect to the market. Great. But as I have already installed them, I don't want to see the market information page. I want to open these Co-apps. Know what I mean?

It's the same menu in the upper left corner. This time choose "Basic info". Scroll down to the point "Warning" in Map handling. I guess you ment to write "onE solution is working..."?

Another spelling mistake is in the menu of "Map manager" -> "Download map". In section "This screen" is missing the final point. Staying at the Map manager / Download map. Tap download this screen. The last point of the "Download map" dialog (Older download mode (TAR)) has also a spelling mistake. Count three words from behind. I think it should be not "it" but "in"?

Small bug in the settings section. Settings -> Global -> Screen -> Light theme (Invert colors [isn't it "coloUrs"] of screens) doesn't work for me, even after restarting the device.

Settings -> Global -> Screen -> Advertisement. Doesn't show advertisements at all...

Settings -> Track -> Default values -> Track color and transparancy: I think this popup menu needs some explanation for people who can't handle with that, like me ;)

That's all with the bugs. As I said, not heavy ones ;)


The GPS options can be kinda confusing for new users. I figuered out how they work and I am now used to them. So I don't need any improvement at this point.
But I tell you anyway...

Tapping on the little satelite in the top panel opens the gps menu. In the lower left corner is the button for gps on and off. I think it would be better, if this options turns on the devices "real" gps receiver, not the approximate wlan or cell phone location. But I am not sure, if you need root access for this? So the real problem with this option is this one:
- First start an app that uses a gps signal like maps or mytracks and wait for the gps fix.
- Let this app activated, start Locus.
- Locus tries to find a new GPS location. Wait for the gps fix.
- Go back to the app you started before (Maps or Mytracks).
- A small information window tells you, that gps is disabled now.
- Maps or Mytracks tries to find a new gps location.
- Go back to Locus.
- Locus tries to find a new gps location.
- and so on...
Know what I mean. Not very user friendly I think? Perhaps it would work better, if Locus let's the devices gps running in the background as long as Locus runs. And even if you close Locus.

Almost the same thing with the bluetooth receiver option. Difficult to describe, let's try...
I connect my gps bluetooth receiver via "Bluetooth GPS" (it's an app) to my device. All works fine with other GPS apps using gps, like Maps and so on. But if I start Locus, it doesn't even connect to the gps receiver. Perhaps because it's already connected and Locus can't find a unused gps receiver. So Locus tries to connect for hours and never finds it. It's the same the other way. First start Locus. Connect to the bluetooth receiver. Works fine. But I'm never getting a gps fix with other apps.
Don't know if this one is called bug, but its surely a kind of dispute to other apps. Can you make Locus use the gps signal like every other app does?


Also I made some brainstorming about the UI... just suggestions... perhaps you like some of them...

A "Quit Locus" in main menu would be nice. Also an option or kinda a warning if you press the back button too often. I hate apps exitting I do this. So include a little popup screen, that asks the user, if he really wants to exit Locus.

The very left button in the lower panel is the ability to keep the current location in the middle of the screen. Nice. But if you have this toggled on, you can move the map with your fingers. Move and zoom and move untill you find the place you have been looking for. And then after about 5 seconds it switches back to your current location. I hate this... GRRR! I suggest two ways to improve.
First: If this option is toggled on, you can't move the map (just zoom).
Second: If you move the map, the option toggles itself automatically off. You then can go back to your current location by tapping on the very left symbol on the lower panel.

About menu and panels and rearranging them:
Locus has a lot of features. I think all of them are great. As I follow the development for months, I know how to handle and work with them. But I don't know if new users recognize the full power of your app as some of the features are hidden too far in menus of menus...

Current features (from upper left to lower right):
Sorry for this long list. It's easier for everybody to read and discuss about...

1.0 Basic application infos
1.1 About application
1.2 Basic info
1.3 Online Manual
1.4 News
1.5 Co-Apps
1.6 Donate

2.0 Locus

3.0 GPS Manager
3.1 GPS on/off
3.2 Compass on/off
3.M Settings // GPS

4.0 Data Manager
4.1 Categories
4.2 Points
4.3 Tracks
4.4 Import Data
4.5 Export Data

5.0 Map Manager
5.1 Online Maps
5.2 User Maps
5.3 Download Map

6.0 Right panel
6.1 Quick Points handling
6.2 My Maps
6.3 Track Recording

7.0 Map "handling"
7.1 Current Location on/off
7.2 Lock layer
7.3 Rotate map by compass
7.4 Zoom in/out

8.0 Hardware menu button
8.1.0 Tools
8.1.1 Move Map
8.1.2 Share (map center)
8.1.3 Add new route
8.2.0 Settings

As I told above this is just my personal opinion. Everybody has to have a very good phantasy to understand as I can't draw pictures...

About point 1: I like it the way it is ;)

Point 2: I think it uses too much space. But I don't have any suggestion what too do with this space...

Point 3: As mentioned above at the GPS buggy thing, I think you don't need to have this button always be there. Wheter you have GPS activated by devices default or not.

Point 4 and 5: Why don't you put these points in the main menu? I don't think that you are changing maps all the time. You work with one map and thats it. It's the same with Data. Wheter you import or export or edit some data, you don't do this all the time.

Point 6: The right panel is kind of quick access for some features. I like it ;) But if there's a user that never uses track recording he sure doesn't want to see it all the time.

Point 7: I like it. Just the way it should be.

Point 8: The main menu. Well, too less points in there. Settings are ok. Tools too. But I think "Move Map" (Point 8.1.1) should be on top of the main menu and it's name should be "search".

Conclusion: Move GPS Menu, Data Manager and Map Manager to the Main Menu and replace them with the entries from the right panel. Throw out the right panel.
So new main menu has three rows:
First row: Search
Second row: GPS Manager, Data Manager, Map Manager
Third row: Tools, Settings, Exit
Forth row: You can think about placing your adds there...

And what about customizing the top panel? Every user could set 3 to 5 shortcuts for quick accessing his favorite tools...


So that's all for now. I hope I don't confuse everbody too much. Just made my thoughts and told them with the goal trying to help to improve. ;)

Bye for now,

P.S. @Menion
Have a look at your PM's at xda-devs!
And are there still no texts to translate into German and French?

I just spend the last few days in Austria. snowboarding, drinking and having fun.

Locus did a pretty good job. but i'll tell you later when i'm back at home.

Thanks a lot for the last update. i'll sure gone test it. ;-)

bye for now. greetz from snowy powdered Austria,

you just released another 2 versions... Please come down to earth. I have to work :P
I understand your worries about the app getting too complex for basic users. That's just one reason, why I don't use Orux.

I think that you are on a point of developping where you don't know which way to develop. It's your app and it's great. I never had problems with it using the Galaxy S and I already posted in the market some days ago. Just did an update with the devices name.
To come back to the app and your development. Everybody uses apps for different kind of use. For example my to do list is a shopping list app. Locus has the potential to serve people for different kind of convenience. Your just a few steps away from road navigation. Your just a few steps away from a route tracker/server for sparetime activities. And so on. That's what I meant with "Monster".  

As being a farmer I'm gonna use Locus as a kind of guidance system. Have a look here, just to have a clue what I mean: //
There's just a few things missing (exept the guidance).
- display the recorded track width in meters, according to the machine I work with.
- display the track, that you already have recorded in the same session, in another colour. Like don't work at the same place twice.
- having a kind of online database (google docs?) to organize what work you are currently are doing and what you still have to.
- loading "MyMaps" from Google server and being able to edit the informations in there with just clicking on the fields as I don't have tracks in MyMaps, just Polygons.

But as I already said. It's your app. And only you decide in which way you develop it. ;)
At the moment I'm very happy with the development, so I'm gladly testing your beta versions and giving you feedback.

Just a word about accuracy. As you read above I have to have a very good accuracy. The accuracy shown in Locus is 1 meter. Other apps are showing 2,2 meters (same conditions). So... I think it's still not too bad.

If you want me to translate some text into German, I'm gonna to this. I also have basic knowledge of French. So I'll try this too. Just give me the english textfiles, I can't handle Czech!!!

Bye for now, I'm having a look at  :mrgreen:


Edit again, bad short time memory :P
I think you better choose another app name. At least for Germany. Because the word "Locus" describes the place where you are doing your big business. So probably you just get some 1 star ratings in the market because someone is just looking for an app showing public toilets! ;)

just playing around with version and had some suggestions. So I came here to post them. Then I saw that you already included them in version ... lol
Looks like you're developping way too fast. There's no time for testing!!!  :mrgreen:

Just a few questions for the tracks menu in settings:
(1) "Interval (meters)" means that (if for example is set to "1 meter") the app only writes points if you move more than 1 meter?
(2) "Interval (seconds)" means taht (if for example is set to "1 second") the app only writes points every 1 second?
(3) How can I set these values to lower than 1? Like 0,2 meter and 0,05 seconds?
(4) Is the value in "Track width" in pixels or meter?

I am using a 10hz bluetooth gps receiver. It works awesome!!! The app draws very exact tracks. Even if the phone is in standby! There's just a small problem. The accuracy shown in the gps menu isn't exact enough. I guess that the accuracy is about 0,3 meters. But the info shows just 1 meter. Can you include an exacter accurancy? Like 0,3 meters?

What about a kind of digital zoom? The closest zoom to ground shows about 200 meters in the screen. It would be great if you could just zoom in digitally. Know what I mean? Edit: Forget about that. Just figured it out... ;)

And if you are thinking about a paid version you should include some options for multilanguage...

Greetz from sunny Bavaria,

P.S. Do you know that you are creating a MONSTER???  8-)

Edit: I forgot to write something about the file systems...
I guess it would be usefull if every user can choose the destination the tracks are stored. Just my opinion. If you don't want the users to choose, I'd suggest the external sd as standard storage.
As file formats I suggest gpx and kml. Everybody can handle them.
Information / Re: [POLL] - what to do in 2011!
January 09, 2011, 01:21:38
well, count me in for the paid version :P
Information / Re: [POLL] - what to do in 2011!
January 08, 2011, 15:36:40

Nice work!!!

What about an implementation of some google services all working together:
- Fusion Tables //
- Docs //

This would be a great extension. Usefull for for any business in the field!

Keep on the good work.

Greetz from sunny Bavaria,

P.S. I don't care if you use your own tracking service or integrate My Tracks ;)
If you look for Alpha- and Beta-Testers, just send me a mail!

route tracking in combination with downloading and editing my maps from google would make me pay for this app... ;)

But keep on the good work!

Greetz from sunny Bavaria,