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Developers / wpt.setName(String) not working
January 10, 2016, 08:57:18
Hi ;)

Just playing around with the API, I noticed that adding something like
wpt.setName("My POI is now called something else");
to that line doesn't update the name of POIs in Locus DB.
Temporary Points like the random ones that come with the sample do get the update.

In addition updating the description like it is done in the sample seems to only update the description, if there has been a description before. It doesn't create a new one.
Location works nice.

Well, just playing. Nothing serious.
Although I'm curious, if it's an error or misunderstanding on my side.

Cheers  :)
Free chat / Google Earth Pro is available for free
February 01, 2015, 07:21:00
Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that Google Earth Pro is now available for free:

Have a nice day 8)
Hi everybody,

I know that Dropbox is quite popular in the Locus community. It seems that some skilled guys got access to Dropboxes and published the login datas:

So this is just a friendly reminder to change your passwords. ;)
Eventually set up two-step verification:
This is also available for your Google Account:

No need to get paranoid   8)

Have a nice day everybody,
Hi everybody,
Google forces Android developers to publish their physical address, if they provide any paid apps or apps with in-app-purchase. The address will then be shown on any of their apps on Play Store, even if the app is free.

Read more on XDA!

If you want to, you can sign 2 petitions to stop that nonsense! It's free and only takes a minute of your time.
Petition 1
Petition 2

Free chat / IFA 2014
September 07, 2014, 21:02:50
Hi everybody,

I'm on the IFA in Berlin on Monday and Tuesday.
Are there any special wishes or questions you'd like to get answered?

Cheers, berkley
Free chat / [Poll] PC: OS and Browser
May 28, 2014, 21:01:16
I'm interested in which operating systems you have on your PC.
And also about the browsers you have installed.

Please comment, if none of the given options matches your PC setup.
Free chat / Velo Computer
April 10, 2014, 07:19:02
Hi Bikers,

What do you think about that product?

I'm interested, especially for that price, but before supporting them, I'd like to get some opinions.
Also @Menion, will this work with Locus?

Cheers, berkley
Hi everybody,

By accident, I've found that very nice map tool called Unfortunatly only available for Germany. It offers very detailed basic maps including house numbers.
Have a look right here:,5292886.371891,1372930.866317,6007113.628109&background=hintergrundkarte

You can choose from different open source WMS services to add to the map and export it to a kml file.

Have fun with it.  8)

Other features / Warning messeage while driving
March 01, 2014, 16:06:58
Hi everybody,

Locus is a mapping application. A mapping application is most useful when you travel. At least in most European countries, it is not allowed to use your phone while you drive. So the discussion is:

Shouldn't there be a warning to not use Locus when you drive?

Thanks for your opinions!

Tools / MyTourbook & OkMap
January 10, 2014, 07:13:22
Hi everybody,

Just found 2 interesting tools for use on a Windows PC.

Didn't try them yet, but looks promising.

Free chat / Xmas Party
December 06, 2013, 21:57:37
Hi Everybody,

Read this:

Anybody else joining the Xmas Party?
Implemented / turn on display on waypoint
July 06, 2013, 22:34:06
Quote from: "Tusor"A collegue of mine had an Nokia N8 with an outdoor navigation software which turned on the display whenever a new waypoint came near.

Very nice feature!!!

spit topic.
orig thread from
Free chat / Galaxy S4 Active
July 06, 2013, 22:19:06
Anybody going for the S4 Active? ... e-5446.php

Themes - Vector maps / Mappin on OSM - Discussion
December 23, 2012, 21:49:27
This is the thread to discuss about the topic "Mapping on OSM":

Feel free to contribute your experience!!!
Add-ons & Co-apps / Locus Map Tweak
November 11, 2012, 20:20:40
No longer support in Locus Forum

Discussion and Support Google+
App Download via GooglePlay
Download from Github
Wishlist / Closing Wishlist in Forum
May 22, 2012, 16:14:31

have a little wish... Please close wishlist here on forum and redirect to getsatisfaction instead...

Cheers, berkley
Hallo Leute,

ich bräuchte mal ein paar Tips, um "course bearing line" und "heading line" ins deutsche zu übersetzen...

Danke für eure Hilfe!

Grüßle, berkley
Hi everybody,

I found a very nice way, to manage the informations you need on some POIs and tracks. Especially for informations, that change very often.
So I'll write this little turorial to get started.

What we'll gonna do:
    Creating this kml File: ... LTQ1R1J0UQ[/list]
    Enter data in a Google Doc: ... FlYUlhDd2c[/list]
    Edit your data and see changes in Locus

What you need on your phone:
    Locus :mrgreen: ...[/list]
    Google Docs ...[/list]
What you need on your Desktop PC:
    a text editor, i prefer Notepad++, but i works with others too
    Google Earth

(1) Create your kml file with Google Earth
Create a new folder in Google Earth and give it a name. Create 3 new points. Doesn't matter where these points are. Give them names. In this example, I chose "POI 1", "POI 2" and "POI 3". Right-click on the folder name and click "save location...". Save as kml file.
I created a sample file, you can download here: ... Z0tNek1UQQ

(2) Create the Spreadsheet on Google Docs
Log in to Google Docs: and create a new spreadsheet with 3 sheets called "POI 1", "POI 2" and "POI 3".
Enter your information for every POI you created in step (1). You can use all features that comes with Google Docs. In general, you can do this with every kind of Google Docs (Document, Presentation, Table,...), but for this example, I'll stay with a spreadsheet.
Same as in step (1), i created a sample spreadsheet, that you can use with the kml file, that gets linked later on: ... FlYUlhDd2c

(3) Get the URL for every sheet
On the menu bar in Google Docs click on "File -> Publish to the Web". (Btw, no need for sharing options!)
On the dialog under "Sheets to publish" choose "POI 1"and click "Start publishing".
Under "Get link to the published data, choose "WebPage" and "POI 1")
For our example, we'll get this link:[b]gid=0[/b]&output=htmlThe interesting part about this link is almost at the end: "gid=0". The sheets are counted from 0. So sheet 1 or "POI 1" is gid=0. POI 2 is gid=1.

(4) Adding description to the kml from step (2)
It's getting a bit tricky now, i hope you understand this part :D
Now you open your kml in your favorite text editor. You should see something like this for every point:
<name>POI 1</name>

What we now do is adding the description to this POI. between the tags <name> and <Point>, we'll add the description tag: "<description></description>". In addition with iframe, we'll get our Google Spreadsheet working. Your code should now look like this now:
<name>POI 1</name>
<iframe src=""
scrolling="yes" width="500" height="600" frameborder="0"> </iframe>
where the additional tags mean:
scrolling="yes": options yes or no. En- or disable scrolling
width="500" height="600": the width and the height for the iframe
frameborder="0": options 0 and 1. display a boarder around the iframe
Do this procedure for every POI in the description.
You should get this file: ... LTQ1R1J0UQ

(5) Open this kml in Locus
Now open this file in Locus and see how it works.  :mrgreen:
As this is a kml file, you can import it or use it in MapsItemsManager.
Click on a POI and see the description. Make changes on the Google Document, wait 5 minutes for the next auto-refresh and your changes are there!

This is just a tutorial to get started. There are plenty of possibilities for iframes used in a kml file in combination with Google Docs. Imagine the possibilities!!!  :mrgreen:
As I heard, there is a planned feature for CSV Import. The export of the Spreadsheet can be changed from "output=html" to "output=csv" and you'll get an updated and always synced CSV file for import to Locus... :ugeek:

Cheers, berkley
Other features / Help me getting a new GPS receiver
February 08, 2012, 10:37:25
Hello everybody,

unfortunatly my bluetooth gps receiver isn't working anymore. So i thought, I start some topic to ask you guys, which receivers you use and why? Maybe you can give me some hints to get a new one?

As far as I can see, the most differences between the gps receivers are the chips they use. There is
    u-blox Antaris
    Sirf III

Which is best? :D

Cheers, berkley
Free chat / [READ] Android Market Giveaway [READ]
December 06, 2011, 21:52:20
Guys, I know, this is totally off-topic... but I must share this...

No one knows why, but Google put 10 paid apps on the market for 10 cents each... ... DYwNTMyIl0.


Sorry, Menion... I am on Edomondo Sports Tracker now  :roll: