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Maps Data API is working again! Very nice from Google...  :ugeek:

I understand the consequences for rating behavior of users, which are just waiting to piss some devs on the legs. Not very smart as they don't understand that more permissions means more features.

What about you provide 2 versions of Locus? One with minimum permissions and one with all permissions making Locus perfect?
I really don't care that you now have the number of my girlfriend...  :lol:

Anyway, I am very happy to read that you spend some time in getting Fusion Tables to work!
Nice update ... but where is the addon for my maps :P

- get the update of the app "MyTracks" from the market.
- you have to wait, untill menion releases a new test candidate
- wtf: it means... aehm, how can i explain... it's an abreviation... for like What The Hell (F***) ...  :mrgreen:

Greetz, berkley
Same here...

It isn't a white screen. Trying to create a new category deletes all categories. There's nothing to display, so it looks white.
If you restart  the app, they are back and you can do the same thing again.

I've got a little suggestion for the user interface. It affects the "tools".

It would look and behave better, if all entries work the same. For example, open the tools, click "search in POI", click the little cross in upper right corner and you are back at "tools". Now click "parking", click the little cross in upper right corner and you are back on... the map. Know what I mean?

Greetz, berkley
Implemented / polygons in points
February 17, 2011, 08:47:46

What about importing polygons to points via a kml? This feature would be very useful for me.

Thanks in regard,

I'm at work. No time for long texts. But i had a look at the RC and so far everything works fine.

But in general you have to have a look at file size.

Greetz, berkley
Hi Menion.

No bugs so far. Nice work!

About your questions:
(1) New Icons are great ;)
(2) Paused track recording works, but it automatically saves the first part of the track and makes it unvisible. You have to go to tracks screen and activate it. It's just like recording 2 different tracks. I think it would be better, if you make one track out of it. But it's a matter of taste.
(3.1) Computing track path is also nice. Although I guess I'll never use it, I had a look at it. It may be too complicated for new users. I guess you have to make a small menu for tools. Just ask for Starting and Arrival (by click on map) and add the car-foot-cycle-thing. Know what I mean?
(3.2) OSM has the problem, that it isn't up to date. Just for example the place where I live (a small village) has about 25 roads in reality. It seems that nobody found it important enough to map my village in OSM ;) So there are just 3 roads for my village in OSM... The problem is, that your "navigation engine" can only handle roads that are available in OSM. Again: Know what I mean?
(3.3) It's a good start for navigation. Keep on the work! And so far it works surprisingly great and fast!!!

So, as I mentioned in some other threads I still have problems with the behavior of the very left button in lower panel. Can you please consider to change its function a bit? Like that way: If it's deactivated, all stays the same. If it's activated and you move the map with your fingers, make it deactivate itself.
It's a real pain in the ass if you have it activated and scroll through the maps, zooming in, zooming out, scroll again, finding the place (or the map view) you were looking for, just to see that you've forgotten to deactivate it and find your actual position on the map ;)
I also could live with an option in settings page...

So far, Greetz from sunny Bavaria, can't wait to test Locus in real field conditions!  :mrgreen:

Hi bbairagee,

this has nothing to do with Locus, at least I guess. ;)
Try to download Teamviewer: // (just to test if other downloads work or not)
If this doesn't work too, look on the market for a file manager called "Astro". In settings you will find a point "Activate Browser Downloads". Check it. Now, all your downloads will work.
But once again. This has nothing to do with Locus. And this is not a bug in android. It is a kind of self protection for not getting stuff you don't want to have on your phone. You always have to be aware, what you are doing!

Have fun!
Greetz, berkley

bug still exists on my phone in settings page. The black/white flickering on scrolling is gone. So looks like you changed something.
Now I've got a white background and the titles (global, map, locations) are visible in black, the subtitles are not visible. If I scroll, all stays the same. If I tap and hold an entry, the subtitles of yet that entry appears. It's the same within the submenus.
If you want to, i'll make a short movie.

Nice to see, that you do your homework on xda ;)

Greetz, berkley
Oohh Menion...

updated to 0.9.9... settings page, especially sub menus are very buggy...
back colour changes on scrolling from black to white. while back colour is black, it shows the description of each option. if back colour is white, it shows the title of the description...

looks like you're addicted to murphy's law... :(
Hmm not very nice, espacially cause MyMaps still works in Googles own apps!!!
This kind of marketing and controlling was one reason why I got an android and not an iphone... :(

Well, better put a new update on market, disabling all connections to MyMaps. Just to prevent that you don't get some 1-star-ratings saying that your app is buggy...

Sorry for that!!!
Hey, MyMaps still works here too. I hate it. Spend the whole last sunday in trying to learn how to use fusion tables. Google shoud better call it CONfusion tables ;)
Thanks Ronin for the hint.

But the problem remains in quick access of points in right panel.

And 2 features from other apps I could imagine they'd work for Locus too:
- long clicking the hardware menu button opens a function, for example "move map".
- function "click add once to hide it". it guarantees you more income from adds and users only see adds just as long as they don't hit the add.

We keep on testing, supporting and feedbacking as long as you develop, so no problem :P

Absolute track width value is working great. I would have mentioned it, if not.
Well I thougt about some improvements helping to make my work with Locus more easily. But I was not brave enough to give you more homework for a very small fraction of users.

Send more updates, almost no bug. I found one existing in two places, but maybe it's just me. I described it already...
QuoteIn the upper left corner is the small symbol of Locus. If you tap on it, it shows you a little menu. If you tap "Co-apps", another menu appears. The menu has 2 entries. I just see the symbols of these apps on black background. I have to scroll a bit, untill I see the text for these Co-apps.
Now the same thing happens in quick access to points on the right panel.

Greetz from Bavaria,