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ich eröffne mal den fröhlichen Reigen der Übersetzung und werf mal so in die Runde, wie ihr "Guiding" übersetzen würdet?

Bin mal gespannt...
... just kidding  :oops:

I don't know what i should do with more than 2GB free space. If i need more, I'm getting a second acount with another 2GB. This is way easier than begging for some ridiculous 250MB...  :mrgreen:
:!:  Ouuh damn, this was my idea...  :evil:  now stupid menion gets all the 250MB bonus space on dropbox   :roll:
Hi Jürgen,

I'm having still sometimes problems with my bluetooth gps device. But I only have problems if I forget something to do. When I do all the points mentioned followed, everything works fine.

- Have your device rooted (don't know if this is necessary, but a rooted phone has more features anyway)
- go to your devices setting -> apps -> development -> enable "mock provider"

Then go through this very easy list:
(1) reboot your device
(2) toggle the devices GPS on
(3) open Locus, Google Maps, etc and wait till you have a real GPS fix
(4) close the app opened in (3)
(5) toggle the devices GPS off
(6) start your desired bluetooth gps app. (i'm coming back to this later)
(7) everything works fine ;)

If you are succesful, it doesn't matter, which bluetooth gps app you use. All work more or less the same way. I guess to preserve battery (don't have too much apps running at the same time), it's easiest to do this right from Locus.
But if you want to use more apps at the same time, you'll get some problems with Locus. Because if you leave it just to open the calculator, the device connection to your bluetooth receiver gets lost. This is the reason, why you could use another app to connect your bluetooth gps receiver to your device. It will definatly use more battery, but it is kinda safer. Other apps  deliver the GPS position all the time. If you minimize Locus, there is still a valid GPS signal. Locus jsut tells you "Gps disabled" and when you're coming back it says "Gps enabled". There is one exception for this. If you do track recording in Locus and minimize Locus, the connection to the GPS receiver doesn't get lost, as the track recording runs somehow in the background.
Which external app you use to connect your receiver to your device is just a matter of choice. There are three ones you can try. Namely: "BlueGPS", "Bluetooth GPS" and "Bluetooth GPS Provider". All of them do the same, are free and there is no difference in accurancy and battery use. I prefer the "Bluetooth GPS Provider" because it comes with a nice widget which even turns bluetooth on if it is disabled.

I hope I could help so far...
Under review / Re: Live Weather Radar
March 08, 2011, 10:52:21
I know, it can't be done by now, but i found a worldwide weather page with plenty of informations.

See this post as "field note".
Little bit off topic... email client?
Quote from: "menion"As you wrote, I have to pres GPS On/Off/On again to connect to module (have to look at this problem).

You don't have to, it's bug in Android... at least for Samsung devices  :lol:
Good news this evening... working!  :mrgreen:

Today i flashed a new ROM, installed locus again et voilà :)
Sorry Menion, bad news this morning... AR not working...  :shock:
Hi Jürgen,

I did have problems with bluetooth gps. But they weren't about connecting the device. I did too much at once. Today I tried to provide the gps signal with the free app Bluetooth GPS: ... roid.btgps and it worked quite well.

Have a look at this app. Be sure to
- have a rooted phone
- enable "mock provider"
- don't have gps on your device toggeled on
- don't have bluetooth gps activated in locus
- just enable gps within locus

Have a try, berkley

I've got a Galaxy S too and everything works the way it should work. Four questions:
- Which ROM are you running?
- Did you do the magnetic field calibration?
- Are you sure, there is no magnetic influence?
- Do you look on your phone while driving? :P

Greetz, berkley
AR is fucking crazy!!!  :mrgreen:

And a lot of new improvements come to my mind...  :lol:
@ superscout
Get the app "market enabler" and fake your favorite provider ... ;)
Implemented / Re: Upload Tracks to Sharing Site
February 27, 2011, 11:17:56
I won't use this feature, but have a look at one of these services: and
Under review / Live Weather Radar
February 26, 2011, 09:41:33

Another "killer" feature for everybodys use: The Weather!
And pretty challenging for the dev ;)

Have a look at this app:
It's german only, so I uploaded it to my dropbox.
A little description how you find the feature I'd like to see in Locus:
- open the app
- hit the menu button
- hit the lower left entry "Niederschlag"
- now you see the past 2 hours of rainfall over germany
- hit the screen somewhere and hit the button "Prognose" on the top
- now you see the prediction of clouds and rainfall for the next 12 hours over germany

I know, it's only for Germany, but if the Germans got this to work, I'm pretty sure there are also services for other countries too :P

This would be a really great extension and perhaps it could be one of the features you could make a widget?

Greetz, berkley