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Hello, I tried again and there is a connection between the clock and the smartphone. I start LocusWear and the setting for heart rate monitoring is activated. I start the track recording on the clock and I don't see a pulse on the individual dashboards on the clock. I can't see anything on the activated dashboard on my mobile phone either. If I take these off I can see that the sensor is active.
After that I started the Polar Trackrecording and after a short moment I get values in the Polar app on the clock. But still no values in LocusWear.

I hope you can find the error. Can I help you figure out the problem?

So HRM is not working? :/ Can you confirm that the service is running on the watch while track recording is active? YES

(Permanent notification should be in your watch notification area saying that the HR is running due to track recording). YES

Do you use latest versions of Locus Map and Wear for Locus Map apps on the phone? Both is the latest Version. Locus Map 3.32.2 and Locus Wear Beta

Could you try running some other heart rate measuring app at the same time to see that the HR is really recorded by the watch? I have started the Polar App on the Watch and the Heart Rate was recorded and visible.

And by the way, what watch are you using? Polar M600 and the newest Wear OS
Hello Guys,

i have install the new app wear for Locus. I activate the HRM to synchronize to Locus Map. I see the Heart Rate Sensor was active but on the Smartwatch the Data was not send and not visible. I have setup the Dashboard on Smartwatch and the Track Recording was without Heart Rate Measurement.

Best Regards
This weekend i have time to test the Dashboard.

Its really good Dashboard as Bikecomputer. All functionallity works fine.

I try to setup the Haertbeat AVG and max Heartbeat in this Dashboard.


I modify my first Post. The Dashboard is for Portrait Mode.

I try to modify the Dashboard compatibility to Landscape Mode

Hast du ein Speed and Cadence Sensor und ein Pulsmesser?

Dann hast du die volle Funktionalität des Dashboards.

Tools / compatible Hardware with Locus
June 01, 2016, 08:20:38
Following Bluetooth Equipment work with Locus

Mio Link Pulsarmband, Slate, L
Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth-Trittfrequenzmesser) Schwarz

The first step is u must install the original application from mio HR Hardware and initial connect with your Smartphone.
The same is with the Runtastic Hardware. Install the App Runtastic RoadBike and initial connect the Hardware with your Smartphone. Then the Hardware is Usable in Locus.

That was for your Information and you can add the Hardwar who is compatible.

I have following Smartphone and Android Version:

THL 5000
Android 4.4.2

What do you mean?

Only use for Portrait Mode!!
Screen Resolution 1080 x 1920

But the changed colour broken the perfect Dashboard..  ;)

I use in this Dashboard Speed Value from GPS and not from the Bluetooth Sensor.
When you use a Cadence and Speed Sensor the you must change the Source Value.

reorganize the existent Dashboards to standardized Look and Feel for various type of Sport.
That would be very nice.

Then everyone can use the predefined Dashboards without any Modification.


The existent Dashboards was a little bit unsorted. Its better than you have a part of nice Dashboards to Use it.

Hallo Leute,

leider konnte ich nirgendwo was finden der mir das ein wenig erklärt. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen diesen zwei Protokollen oder Techniken die in Locus genutzt werden? Weiter würde ich gerne wissen was ich anstellen muss um die Trittfrequenz, Herzfrequenz an Locus anzubinden und mit in die Aufnahme von Tracks zu integrieren und in anderen Anwendungen zu verarbeiten. Ich möchte beim Fahrrad fahren keinen extra Fahrradcomputer haben sondern alles in Locus angezeigt und aufgezeichnet bekommen.

Welche Hardware benötige ich genau um mit Locus das zu realisieren?
Die Infos die ich hier bei Locus gefunden habe sind sehr dürftig und nicht sehr hilfreich.

Vielleicht könnt ihr mir da auf die Sprünge helfen.

Lieber Gruß