compatible Hardware with Locus

Started by Danjel Rojka, June 01, 2016, 08:20:38

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Danjel Rojka

Following Bluetooth Equipment work with Locus

Mio Link Pulsarmband, Slate, L
Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth-Trittfrequenzmesser) Schwarz

The first step is u must install the original application from mio HR Hardware and initial connect with your Smartphone.
The same is with the Runtastic Hardware. Install the App Runtastic RoadBike and initial connect the Hardware with your Smartphone. Then the Hardware is Usable in Locus.

That was for your Information and you can add the Hardwar who is compatible.

I have following Smartphone and Android Version:

THL 5000
Android 4.4.2