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Maps / Greenland map broken
July 06, 2023, 13:37:20
Greenland LoMap (2023.01.05, there is no newer one from May) is broken (has only < 100 MB)
Other features / Re: Online search
July 06, 2023, 11:32:11
@Radim don't you think below deserves an answer?
Not sure how Locus manages the license check. If that is done once and the result is stored in a highly "private" location, a copying under root could replicate really 1:1 and so Locus would not "ask" again.
Menion could tell if above is feasible.
Hatte nicht auf die Sprache geachtet.

Sonst keine mir bekannten Nebeneffekte der "Service"-Einstellung. Aber wer weiß schon, was in den Untiefen von Android so passiert bei "Service". Aber "Service" macht eine App eben robuster gegenüber (Nicht-Service) Konkurrenz im System, also auf jeden Fall positiv für eine App wie Locus. Deswegen mein Hinweis dies standardmäßig zu setzen.

Es gibt Hersteller, die brutal Memory und Batterie sparen wollen (Samsung ist da nicht extrem); bei denen ist "Service" auf jeden Fall wichtig.
Besides update to the latest:
- make Locus exempt from any battery optimization - that part is in Android settings
- in Locus settings, make Locus run as a service (there is search feature in settings)
Both should be part of base setup.
Auch Europa hat Christian bis auf wenige Staaten schon neu gerendert.
Zur allseitigen Beruhigung: Christians Testkarten (s. OAM Forum) sehen gut aus. Er hat die Informationsvererbung "nach oben" (icn) erfolgreich programmiert.

Danke für die Links in die OSM-Diskussion. Immer wieder spannend im crowd space ;-)
@voldapet: while downloading the list in the update message shrunk over time as expected. However, the number (in my case 34) stayed the same all the time. That should be corrected.
Sorry for that - I looked at the file time stamp in the folder, not the creation date in Locus map details.
Can you pls. explain what the difference is in this list of 34 between the download icon and the circle with the arrow?
Of the 34 LoMaps, about half of them had a renew icon, the others only a download icon.
The issue is, that ALL of them were from May 2023 already on my device, but none of the downloads (I did about 10) had any newer map.
Looks valid.

Locus offers themes based on the type of map you have selected as active map.
These new themes like Tapio's all work with MapsForge 4+

If you should still have old LoMaps or VERY old OAM, then this new theme is not offered.

Besides above I currently have no other idea re. root cause.
Hi Mips,
ich kann nicht für Christian sprechen, aber ich kann berichten, dass Christian aus dem Urlaub zurück ist und an einem Preprocessing arbeitet, das die Verwüstungen (*) in Nordics kompensieren soll. Erste Erfolge hat er bereits.
Haben wir also noch ein wenig Geduld.

(*) die sind akademisch nicht einmal falsch, aber für die Nutzung der OSM-Daten ein Problem.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Tapiola
June 27, 2023, 22:36:38
- where does the download go to?
- when you click, you can chose Locus, but Locus does nothing?
- where does your Locus mapsVector folder (setting) reside?
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Tapiola
June 27, 2023, 14:39:07
Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on June 27, 2023, 11:39:08Hi Tapio. Would it be possible to create a Quick install like Andrew at Voluntary? When I give the to the Android/Media folder ... Mapsvector/_Themes, my locus doesn't see him.

Tapio's zip alone works like a charm.
Download, click (in a file manager), select Locus as handler, wait some seconds until Locus has created its internal extract, enjoy!