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I was working the whole day to get my tracks back.
I made a full copy of the micro-sd-card to my pc, so I have at least all files backed up.

I think all the tracks are hidden in the file:  /data/database/tracks.db.back  which has 11,3 MB and was created on May 18  16:37. I think this file contains all the missing tracks?
But how can I make a new tracks.db from it?

I copied from my old sd-card the old track.db into the new card. So I have at least my old tracks back, but none of my Portugal tracks.
Any further help is highly welckome.
I am still trying to get back my track-database which disapeared on May 18  after travelling in Portugal. I made by GPS a lot of tracks which are gone south all together with a year of older tracks. See my post in Troubles here.

I am not shure if I just did an update to the newest Locus version 3.17.0 on  17 or 18 of May. Could this the problem generate?
It is an original Samsung 64GB card bougth from Amazon for 35.99€. I hope it is not a fake.
On May 17th someting happended to the card: all pictures made up to May 18th 18h disappeared. All other pictures before and afterwards are ok.

Now I found on the card and copied to my pc
tracks.db back 11,3 MB 18.5.2016
tracks.db  84k  19.5.2016
tracks.db-journal  20,5k  19.5.2016
waypoints.db-journal  120,7k   16.5.2016

If I use the file tracks.db back and open it with Locus I get errormessage, that it is not a valid data format.
Any idea what to do with this file. I hope in has all my tracks stored ?
I am back at home from Portugal and try to recover my tracks. Thanks for your quick help in my SOS situation.
I am using a new 64 GB card which worked fine up to yesterday.
I will make now an backup of all my Locus files.
Is there a good utility for repair the 64 GB card or recovery program?
The backup is 2 weeks old. I will do further repair when I am at home again tomorrow.
Thanks up then
Troubles & Questions / Re: POI search crash
May 19, 2016, 14:26:25
Latest vetsoon
I saved everx travk after ending. BUT Locus doesnt find any of mx hundreds of tracks. I found s 30mb file with a kind
Of .bak enfing, but trying to open it with Locus it says no supported file. I am sitting in a hotel in Portugal and stoll hopo to get my tracks back. In ecport there is no file.
I was travelling in Portugal. Since today all my tracks from all maps are gone. Use a 6GB card on my S4.
Any help possible to get them back?
[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Locus Store
February 23, 2016, 18:06:36
ICh kann nicht das Store aufrufen? Nur bei mir defekt??
Nach Download von
auf mein Note 8 und S4, hat es bei Note 8 funktioniert, bei S4 nicht ??
Habe dann den ganzen Inhalt von DATA/srtm von Note 8 auf S4 kopiert. Seitdem klappt es auch auf dem S4 und ich konnte bestens in Zermatt am Gornergrat und auch sonst mit Locus wandern!
Danke für die Hilfe!
Bei Zermatt ist ein 50x100 km Fenster in dem immer 9999 angezeigt wird. Ausserhalb ok ???
Habe Locus Schweiz vectormap installiert. Im Onlinemodus wird aktuelle Höhe an Markierung angezeigt. Wie kann ich die Höhe offline anzeigen?
Wie kann ich Dem1 Höhen in Locus einbinden?
Offline wird ? oder 9999 angezeigt?..
Many thanks for quick help!
I looked in Locus map download and found only England and no subdirectory.
Now I see Great Britain with subdirectory Scotland.
We want to go to Scotland with Locus. But the vector map of England England ends at the border to Scotland. How to get a vector of region of England ??
In the former free version I could call the poi database from Germany or Turkey and see what postoffice is in the neighborhood.
Now I can not find this feature in 3.3.0. ?