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I see this two  items in the online maps, which can be marked or not.
What can I do with this maps? Are this maps without any contents?
What do you mean with changed ROM?
How can I change it ??
Yesterday I suddenly lost all my Vectormaps and also some other data.
AFter redownloading all vector files, locus was working again.

LOCUS reported a second main directry not on extsd-card?

Today the same behavier.
Restarting sometimes cures the effect.
Reinstalling Locus was ok, but the problem comes back ??
It happens on my Note 10.2 but not with my S3mini
Glad to hear you can fix  it.
During investigation the problem I found some information about "pseudostandorte zulassen", but I found no advantage to use this development tool.

I have an old Holux GPSlim236 gps-mouse. This mouse will by no means comunicate with Locus. It is not important for me, but for your information only. Some other gps programs can connect, especially with "pseudostandorte zulassen" switched on.
Good morning,
many thanks for comming back to my problem quickly.
I am an old (78) pc and gps senior, working for many years  with gps and navigation.
I use all the Touratech-Q-Vadis versions together with Pathaway on pc, handy, pda, notebook and now I switched over to Android.
In the meantime a learned  Android from the scratch on Samsung S3 mini and Note 10.2.

By doing this, I found your great Locus. Also here there was a longer learning curve, but now I can manage it.
Today I want to praise Locus for the best gps-navigation prog I ever used! Clever menues, clever applications and very very userfriendly.
Many thanks!!!!

Now I come back to the forum. Also the forum is great and very helpful and very reponsive. Also here many thanks!

Now the problem:

I connectet Locus with my Qstarz BT-Q1000P.  Switched BT gps on at the right panel. After some seconds it connected and sent the pip.
After a minute I swichted BT gps off at the right side. No signals are sent  :( . Then I left Locus and copied the nema-file, which I attach to this mail.

I hope you can get a hint from it.

Gerhard in Erlangen-Germany.
Troubles & Questions / Re: sunposition
May 03, 2013, 19:10:51
Many thanks for this quick and perfect reply!!
Locus and its forum is great!!
Troubles & Questions / BT GPS receiver used
May 03, 2013, 18:38:33
I use an extern BT mouse which works fine with Locus.
I can set a signal, if a fix is done. It works fine.
I can set a signal if a fix is lost. But no signal is generatet. Neither a tone, nor a vibration.

A bug ?
Troubles & Questions / Re: sunposition
May 03, 2013, 17:39:16
Where can I find the kopass apps you displays?
I had the similar problem. Finally I found a weak battery in my gps mouse, which went down after 15 min.
The next day the same.
New battery cured the effekt!