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Wishlist / Re: Auto track recording
June 24, 2013, 17:43:09
I have the paid version, but can not manage a widget for recording?
Wishlist / Re: Auto track recording
June 24, 2013, 16:56:47
How can I install the Locus track recording widget? Can I find it anywhere?
I just made a clamp for my S3mini in my car, so I am happy, that the display will be on, when connected to external power !
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus and Bluetooth
June 04, 2013, 13:38:24
I just returned from a 14 day travelling through Poland by bus and walking.
I used the Poland vector map in a Samsung S3mini and a Note 10.1 together with an external Qstarz 1000P.
For additional power I had a TeckNet iEP 7000mAh external pack with me.  So I could be online all over the time.
Bluetooth worked flawless with Qstarz 1000P. Thanks for that great Locus software!
If you are walking around with your Smartphone and change some settings by dipping on the display, often it will change the checkbox settings, because the full line is push-sensitive. But you didn't want to change the checkbox, but only scroll through the menue or call the program-feature.

Is there a chance to separate checkbox marking from marking the whole line?
Wishlist / Re: Track speed color
May 13, 2013, 10:24:24
It is quite ok! Many thanks for fullfilling nearly every wish! Locus will get better and better.
I found a solution: From QV6 I can export a map to a CompeRmap-file.
This file can be copied into Locus-map directory and loaded without problem.
Wishlist / Re: Track speed color
May 12, 2013, 15:51:31
The way/speed diagramm is a nice tool in Locus and I know you can combine it with the trackview.
But the coloured track gives a quick transparent view over a greater area.

You need a good lawyer who found, that the boys made two mistakes in measurement. One was, that they couldn't  prove that their equippment was properly calibrated! The other was, that the measured speed was allowed at the certain point.
For that case a Locus way/speed diagramm could have been even better.
Is there any chance to use Pathaway *.prc files  with Locus?

I do a lot of gps work in forest and have a lot of calibrated maps with borders and landmarks.
It would be great, if I could convert this maps into the Locus world.
But I didn't find how to manage it.
Any help appreciated. :D

PS  I just saw, that I can export maps from Quovadis to apemap.
So if I can import apemap into Locus, my problem can be solved ?
Wishlist / Re: Track speed color
May 12, 2013, 10:21:39
for me it is not painting. I use it to monitor my driving with my car. So it is very easy to see, where I have been at a certain time and have been  over the speedlimit and I was radared by police.

Some month ago I could rejecet a protocol, by documenting, that at the measure point I was within the limit and it was not allowed to measered at the documented point outside a village.

I do such monitoring with a datalogger and display it on my Quovadis software.
But becomming a Android Locus fan, I would like to do this job with Locus.
Wishlist / Re: Track speed color
May 11, 2013, 16:46:07
See the attachment in my posting from May 8th.

Here you see, that you can set a speed range 0-110 km/h in the example.
And for this range, you can set a colour plate from deep blue for 0 km/h and purpur for 110 km/h.

Speed and couler range can be set for any wanted range. It is a great tool in QV6.
I think all the necessary fundamentels and tools are already implemented in Locus ?
Maybei only some little steps are to be done, to have the same feature in Locus  ;) .
Wishlist / Re: Track speed color
May 11, 2013, 12:51:16
thanks for this good primer of Locus! It takes time to find all nice features and settings of Locus.
Now I see different colours on my track.

Is there a setting for the speed region: e.i. blue over green to red?

In Qvadis I can align a speed-span from 0 to 100 km/h  over the full colour range?
In my Locus track, I only can see two colors between 0 and 60 km/h.
Wishlist / Track speed color
May 08, 2013, 18:26:11
[attachment=0:246yqhlz]colortrack.jpg[/attachment:246yqhlz]There is also an other idea/wish to tracks:

In Touratech Qvadis 6 you can colour code a track with track speed. I use this when going by car and want to see my different speed on certain places.
Could this also an item in Locus?
I learned to keep off this hack, if you are not an expert. So I havn't.
I see this two  items in the online maps, which can be marked or not.
What can I do with this maps? Are this maps without any contents?