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Hatte Probleme mit Eigenen Karten in Locus Free 3.2.0 auf meinem S3mini mit Android 4.1.2 und wollte es deinstallieren.
Es kommt die Fehlermeldung: "Diese App verfügt über Administratorfunktionen, die vorher deaktiviert werden müssen."
Wo kann ich dies tun?
Im neuesten Newsletter von sind Aps für Wanderer beschrieben. Dabei kommt Locus sehr gut weg!
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
August 04, 2014, 12:46:59
 :) Danke für den Tipp!
many thanks ! In which directory of Locus should hgt-files stored? In a own directory M32 (Germany) ?
I am looking for offline heigth data  Germany or Europe.
Where can I find a source for downloading?
Many thanks for clarification! It is good to hear that I did it right!

This dammed Google Android 4.4.2  Kitcat.  The cat should be drowned  >:(  :(
I have this two versions on my 2 smartphones. The good old versions with working Locus on extSdCard  :D.

By stupidity I deleted on my S3mini all data on the extSdcard.
By help of backup I tried to rebuild all data on extSdCard again.
I use TTCommander and MyPhoneExplorer for data managment.
In MyPhoneExplorer I see Locus in extSdcard-directory.
In TTCommander I see Locus twofold in /mnt/extSdcard  and in /storage/extSdcard  ?

So I deleted one of them, but the result was all detleted extSdCard !

What is the right directory structure for Locus in an extSdCard with old 4.1 or 4.2 ?

I learnd, that in 4.4.2  Locus has to be in internal and maps should sit in /mnt/extSdCard ?

what happens, when I load a new or an updated map from Locus Store into my 4.4.2 smartphone?
I think it will go into the internal memory.
Will Locus acces it from this place or must it tranfered to the extenal map-directory by hand and pc and putting sdcard out and in again?
Maybe this could done by a litte extra programm helping to make this transfer?
Installed version 27.6.14 on my Note 10.1 with Android 4.4.2
I had made a map-directory on the extsdcard before.
Installing Locus on mnt/sdcard and adding maps as described in the forum worked.

So I am able to use Locus on my 4.4.2 device. But there is no chance to delete, rename or move any mapfile. Dammed 4.4.2!
But at least I can still work with Locus.

But how to proceed if I want to add a new map or update a map?
Is the only way to remove the sdcard, putting into pc make all the actions and then put it again into Smartphone 4.4.2   :(
Maps / Re: OpenAndroMap bayern,zip problem
June 27, 2014, 14:26:08
with Chrome the same error.
Maps / OpenAndroMap problem
June 27, 2014, 14:13:20

I tried several times to download from andronomaps. But I can not unzip the files, error in packed file.
So I have no andronomaps and can not see the Autobahnnumbers.  :-[
I still cann't see the Autobahnnumbers.
I reinstalled and reloaded all, but still no numbers ?
Attached are my settings.
Any idea what is wrong?

Hi Jusc,
Habe im Folder ..../mapsvector/_themes/V-scale2 mit den Unterverz. Omsc, patterns, symbols und die Datei V-scale2_pure.xml.
Wenn ich eine mapsvectorkarte (zb Grrmsny) aufrufe, kann ich keine Ausfahrtnummern sehen.
Was mache ich falsch?
Bin noch kein Themes Profi.
I can use the maps on external sd card. But  they are read only now. You can not change or delete them. If you make an update, you can not writeover.
The big advantage of complete Locusdirectory on external sd card is gone with this dammed Android 4.4.2 change.

Maybe the mentioned application with its own area on extsdcard could a way out. Even if all data wil be deleted if the application is deinstalled is better than the readonly solution. You could make backups before.
This happens with all Smartphones with or with updated Android 4.4.2 !!
If this big problem, caused by Google Android 4.4.2  I fear Locus and some other great Apps are deeply beaten.