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Quick question on this....
I have a Motorola phone and a superb quality 8" tablet.
Is it possible to do a full export/backup (including settings) from my phone and then import it into Locus on the tablet and will it use all the correct settings?  I don't see why not and so may try this as it would be great to have the phone and the tablet mirror the settings and tracks and POIs etc etc?
Hi all,
I hope someone can give me an idea if this is possible as I can't find a way to do it myself.

Had Locus crash on me twice the other day whilst logging a walk although I am sure it was because I opened the browser and something just might have been memory hungry as Locus was fine for todays 5 mile walk.

But, when Locus used to crash it would restart itself immediately - but doesn't seem to do so this time despite me trying the keep Locus running as a service option in the settings.

Ideally what I'd like is an audible notification from Locus every half a mile so that I know its still running and logging as my nightmare is that I do a great walk but Locus crashes and so I dont have a log of it.

Now I've looked in the guiding setting but can't find anything specific and would really like a way for Locus to just give me a beep or reminder every so often so I know its running fine without having to take out my phone and look at it.

The perfect thing would be for Locus to speak the distane and a few other stats via text to voice every so often and I'm a little surprised this option isnt already built in as thats now car driving navigation works (I think lol).

Anyway, I hope I've explained this okay and would appreciate any advice or suggestions from anyone.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks ulmus!
that trick with the POIs worked.
Hope they manage to fix it soon.
Thanks again!
Troubles & Questions / All maps are faded - problem
December 12, 2014, 19:31:20
Hi All.

Have just updated Locus Pro to the brand new version 3.5.0 but have a strange problem.

All maps are faded and faint.

I mean, all online, offline, cached and vector maps seem to have a white haze over them making them all faded and hard to see.

I have no idea why this has happened.

Anyone any ideas about this please?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Menion.
You are right, I havent updated Locus for about 6 months as I was using an HTC Wildfire S that was struggling with memory and so I left everything stable for Locus.  But I have now bought an awesome Moto G 4G and have alot more powerful phone and so am constantly updated Locus to the newest and best version.

Thanks so much for pointing out that I need to press the actually text area and not just the tick box.  I am so very happy the setting are still there although I must say as someone who is savvy and intelligent with menus etc etc, it didnt even dawn on me to press the actual text when there is a tickbox there.  Maybe in brackets something like (press for settings) would have given me a clue.

Cheers Menion... great work!  :-)

Great updates to Locus Pro recently, but I cant find 2 settings that I used to like.

1.There used to be a setting to apply a certain sound to when GPS fix was lost and one to apply when GPS fix was found again.  Now there are just 2 'on off' toggles and no option to set the sound.  How come please?

2.Where has the notify on distance sound option gone as I cant find anything at all like it.  I used to be able to set a custom sound so that when I was 250m away from a geocache that I was being guided to, I could put Locus in my pocket and just wait for the sound to announce I was 250m close... but that whole option seems to have gone now?
This is what I am talking about.... its all gone from the latest version?

Thanks for any advice.
in what way 'broken' gynta?
this seems to be the problem then as that file was made around 5 times and each time it wouldnt work....

...I do wonder if this is the problem as it did happen multiple times but seemed not to happen when I didnt use spaces.  I must re-iterate at this point that I have had problems with Locus Pro previously with the issue of 'spaces' on Gingerbread.

I'll continue to test and see what I can figure out.

Thanks gynta, thanks Menion
Here is the file that won't work.
Hi Menion,
Nice to hear from you.

I have had this problem with Locus on Gingerbread before with something and I am confident its not a problem with Gingerbread - but a file restriction problem with Gingerbread.  Yes, I should have realised about the lack of spaces in a filename as it has happened before.

I have attached the file that works and the one with spaces that doesn't.  But I do think Gingerbread was the best android version (and I own an ICS tablet too) and so maybe this is just a gingerbread restriction and nothing to worry about.   Would be interested to read about your conclusions from the 2 files though.

now here is something very important to keep in mind menion:  If you make a file without spaces in Gingerbread it works.  But if you go back and use the same points and setting to make a file with spaces - it will also work.  I think this is because the system has already generated a working file.  You MUST remove 1 of the points and make a new one then export it with a space in the filename.  To re-iterate... the dont use the exact same points and setting when first exporting a file without spaces and then exporting a file with spaces... change something.


(sorry gynta, I had to add the other file on a new post otherwise it was saying file sizes are too big)
Using Locus Pro 2.20.2 on Android Gingerbread.
Have got a JPEG, imported it into Map Calibrate section and set up 4 points which are all green and all within tolerance.
I have made the calibrated map and it appears in my Data screen under 'Items'.  I select it or import it and nothing happens.  The overlay of my JPEG doesnt appear on my map.
I have carefully followed the instructions on:
but if you look at the very last picture on that webpage... it shows the calibrated map sitting perfectly overlaid ontop of the regular map.... mine just doesnt appear and I've tried this over and over.

I made the calibrated map for a 5th time but this DIDN'T use the3 optimize map which it says in the app is 'highly recommended'.
It seems to have worked this time although the street names on the calibrated JPEG are completely unreadable as it seems to have knocked the image quality really down as the original image is big enough.
I have attached the original image for an opinion on it but as I say - every street name is just mush when used in Locus Pro.
Would be handy to know if the lack of using 'optimize map' is a bug or not?


Okay. I have just managed to figure it out myself and so hope my 3 posts on my thread help someone else.

The key to it is very important.... don't use any spaces when saving the calibrated map file name!

The optimize tickbox works well.  If you leave it ticked you will end up with a calibrated map of the same quality you imported as your JPEG.  But if you untick it, you will end up with a very low quality calibrated map in which certain aspects cannot be read.

So, all in all I've finally figured out this amazing feature.  Keep the optimized box ticked, ensure you have 4 green calibrated points and most of all do not use any spaces when saving your file name,

Hope that helps someone else.  Locus continues to amaze me.
Just an update as promissed.

Tested this out again today and the panels do appear for the designated time everytime the phone unlocks itself for a navigation command.

However, it is not an issue for me anymore as I have a new lockscreen app and Locus cant override it to unlock the screen and so I have disabled the screen on/off settings in Locus.  :(
Thanks menion - that would be great - putting 'feet' in the talking would be superb!   :D
Thanks Tommi.

I checked that file and found 2 references to 'yards' - but nothing for 'feet'.

It is calculating the feet and yards acurately - the problem is that my screen tells me feet and the navigation voice reads out the distance in yards.

Thanks Menion & Peter,

I have looked at the setting and all seems setup okay, I will however test this out again tomorrow and report back as I only had a limited time today and will be going on a much longer drive tomorrow.

I'll post tomorrow :-)

Thanks again for your help.
That happened to me about 2 days ago too and so I switched to Cloudmade.  I have a feeling its happened to me in the past too.