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Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus draining my battery
November 04, 2012, 20:58:00
Hi menion,
Thanks of the reply - I appreciate it.

I have just pm'd you the preferences file.

The features I was running are as follows: Map rotation, vector map, GPS on, track record, 1 POI showing on map, compass screen to guide to the POI.

I was walking and geocaching at the same time.  For the majority of the time the phone screen was off but Locus was logging my route.  Every so often I would take the phone out and check the compass screen for the distance to the geocache.  Thats about it really.

Just to let you know how bad the draining affected me... I have an Android Wildfire S but use an extended 2200mah battery.  Previously - I have been able to log with Locus for about 5 hours and doing the exact same as I did that day.  After a full day of regular use and those 5 hours of Locus use the evening the battery would be at around 20% left.  On this particular day I posted about though, the battery was down by about 20% just from the few hours of running Locus.  That is when I decided to check how much power Locus had actually used as per the screenshots above.

Anyway, I will send the file over now and look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks once again for the message :-)

*PROBLEM:- tried to pm you the file but no matter what extension I use... .pref .jpg .txt .gpx .zip it wont let me attach the file to a private message to you. :-(
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus draining my battery
November 04, 2012, 20:25:01
Hi jusc, thanks for the reoky,
I actually did reinstall Locus this morning and went out logging for another few hours but the same thing happened - my battery was just depleting before my eyes.
I've used Locus enough to know that its never affected the battery like this before.

I dont know how or why I am seeing this big difference in battery use by Locus :-(

Is anyone else mentioning this menion?

Thanks again jusc :-)
Troubles & Questions / Locus draining my battery
November 04, 2012, 10:34:48
Hi all.

Long time Locus Pro user and upgraded to 2.7.2 as 2.6.x seemed to be causing Locus crashes.

Anyway, used Locus to log for about 3 hours yesterday and it crashed again.

The main problem I had though was Locus seemed to completely drain my battery.  This is strange because no other versions of Locus have ever given me battery troubles before but for some reason, yesterday it really did run down my battery quite severely.

I'll put a few photos on here to show the battery use as I'm sure something isnt right with that amount of power drain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Many thanks Thomas, I appreciate your reply. :-)
Still testing and not have catlog on my phone again but am reluctant to use Locus to do anything else apart from tracking a route at the moment as thats when it seems to crash.  (eg) Using the compass to navigate to a Geocache POI seemed to cause it to crash so now I track my route with Locus and use a completely seperate app at the same time to navigate to my geocaches although I dont like doing that as Locus Pro is so AMAZING and I want it for all my GPS work.
Thanks again Tommi62

Uninstalled the geocaching for Locus 3rdparty app just in case that was causing a problem.  Rebooted phone.  Everything fine.  Started locus to import some POIs and it crashed.  Wasnt even doing anything :-(
catlog saved.  Help me obi wan menion, your my only hope   :lol:
Running the latest verison 2.6.3.
Whilst I think it is the best version so far, it has crashed twice on me now as I have been logging my walk.  This is obviously the most frustrating thing on the world.
I would like to go back to version 2.6.0 as I think that one caused me no crashes or problems.
How do I get back my Locus Pro 2.6.0 please as only the current version is available in the play store.
Thanks so much in advance.

(just thinking)
Should I run catlog instead Menion  to find out what is going wrong.
This happened before with a version about 12 months ago and you managed to fix it.
Not sure whether to just go back to the latest stable version but dont know how to find it.
Thank you
1. I know you can change the colour of a navigation route to whatever colour you like... but is it possible the change the colour of the tiny arrows within that navigation route too please?  If a route is set to purple or another dark colour etc etc it is very difficult indeed to see which way the tiny arrows are pointing as they are always black.  If on the purple coloured route they could be changed to white for example then it would be alot easier to see the arrows and it would also make the route differentiate from standard road colours too.

2.Allow dimmed highlights seems to dim the screen after a period of time, but it would be great if the screen lit up again each time a guided waypoint or navigation instruction was read out.

Hope these 2 are possible.
Thanks in advance.
I think Gynta has suggested it will be quicker as the app will not have to piece together .ogg files and instead will simply get the TTS engine to speak the instruction.  
Thinking about it that way - it should be quicker.
I will test that today.
Will do and will report back.  Thanks again for your help/
Thank you Gynta.
Are you saying that if I set Locus to read the directions using the Text To Speech voice is may work quicker and faster?
Thank you.
Thanks for the link Gynta, it is appreciated... but the voice I use is formatted correctly and works perfectly when the app is on the phone and not the SD card.
I do not wish to import any new voices.
Thanks gynta,
It can be as long as 1 minute delay with the voices.
I am using a voice that was downloaded as, not one that comes as standard with Locus.  However, I figured there would be no difference in using the ones that come with Locus as they are all in the same format and at the same place on the memory card although I admit I have not tried the default Locus ones.

Just checked the folders and the voice I am using is all present and correct in the nav audio folder and is even all ok in the cached version.
Long time Locus fan here.  Bought Pro version around July 2011.

Running low on phone space now so have moved Locus Pro to the SD card (16gb Speed 4)

Everything works fine except the voices whenn navigating somewhere occur a lot later than they should.

For example... driving at a steady 30mph I will make a left turn but only get the audible voice announcement to make that turn about 30 seconds after I've actually turned.

I understand everything is running from the memory card so will be slower but nothing else seems to suffer this lag... only the spoken voices.

Does menion or anybody else have any advice about this or is it simply a case of me moving the app back to the phone so it runs smoother?

Thanks in advance.