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Thanks stebu,
I'd sorta thought that could be the only solution.
And the answer to that is... nope, I ain't re-subscribed yet.
Think its time for mr plastic card to make an appearance.  lol

Thanks ALL for your help.
Thanks alot again balloni55,

Well, I can honestly say I've tried a few test notes of my own and they do not appear on and don't appear where you pointed out.

I have no idea why they don't appear but I am sure that function is not working for me.

Very very confusing indeed but thank you for taking the time to make the screenshot.
Hey the trekbuddies.
I will be posting something on this forum in the next few days about advice for stopping Locus from crashing.  Maybe its worth you having a look at my post as it may help you as the worst thing is going to great effort to do a walk/hike/run/bike only to find that you've lost your gps route of it.
Thanks KaHeMu,
I am logged into the website but cant see a section for notes anywhere.
Do you have a link please?
Thank you again.
Hi balloni55.

I can now do fieldnotes properly and thanks to you they upload to the geocaching website.

But if you look at a geocaching in Locus then do the following: the main menu button in top right as you are looking at the geocache details.
2.the 4th option down is notes. can then write a note and choose to cancel, upload or save.
4.when it is uploaded, it says the upload was successful, but where does it go and what is it as it seems completely different to fieldnotes.

Thanks alot.
Hi Menion,
Thanks for the post.
Geocaching4Locus requested my geocaching details and worked fine, but uploading of notes and logs didnt work because GeocachingLive didnt request anything.
Ok, I've incorrectly made notes in Locus when Geocaching instead of making field notes.

The notes I have made for each cache are problematic as they are not able to be copied but I can press the 'upload' button.

With the great help of balloni55 in another thread I can now upload all okay, but when I upload a note it says the process was successful.... but where does it go? I can't find the note on the Geocaching website and have no idea where it was uploaded to?

Am I being foolish?
If you know why the note (not field note) has an upload option and where it goes I'd be grateful to know as I've looked at the manual and it states:
To write down your own note to geocache:

get to geocaching screen by tapping any cache on the map.
tap the button named Notes
You can use this feature for paperless geocaching.

What to make a note about?

For example:

the answer to a question of a stage
calculation formula
hints to remember
the shopping list for things you need on your next geocaching trip

But it doesnt actually tell you where it uploads to and how it can be accessed on the Geocaching website.

Thanks in advance.  :)
well well well balloni55
I've never had the pleasure of hearing from you on this forum - but I am SO glad you helped out just now as that has fixed it.
I'd have never have thought of doing that.
You are a great and clever person and I'm really happy that you've managed that for me.
I dont use the Geocaching tools and only use the Geocaching4Locus and Fieldnotes for my Geocaching so I'd never have figured out that I actually need to access a tool I won't use in order to fix this.
Hey all,
Just a little warning here that applies to all GPS navigation as I experienced something today within this awesome Locus Pro app that left me a little more attentive than normal.

Long story short, was navigating in Locus whilst driving (MapQuest setting) and suddenly realised that the next turning instruction was wrong.  In fact.... it was very wrong as it was trying to take me into the exit/off ramp of a UK motorway.  Now with traffic leaving the motorway at 70mph coming heading first at me in 2 lanes it would have been an extremely dangerous thing for me to have followed the navigation completely.  I knew the roads and knew straight away it was wrong, but just like most people who use sat nav, there have been many times I have not known the area and relied on the sat nav to some degree.  If this had happened on this occasion and despite there being 'no entry' signs on that turning, it could have gone quite wrong.

Now this is not a problem in Locus, but is a failing in the calculation of the route although I am a little surprised such a major error took place as I've never experienced anything in Sat Nav as bad as this throughout my whole time using various Sat Nav.

Yes, I once used TomTom and whilst on a straight motorway at 70mph it told me to turn left.  Completely silly.  Yes, I once , was directed down a road that was a cemetary and had no paths or roads wide enough for any 4 wheeled vehicle.... but this error in Sat Nav today made me want to just give a shout out to everyone as a reminder that although SatNav is amazing - keep your senses alive and use your eyes and ears for the road!


I'm getting the code 2: message not authorized error when I try to upload fieldnotes using the feildnotes addon.
There is nothing in the fieldnotes addon to put Geocaching username or password into and so I am presuming it used the Geocaching4Locus to send the info to the Groundspeak Geocaching website?

Well I'm logged in fine through Geocaching4Locus but just cant upload field notes as this error happens every time.  I've even updated to the brand new version of Locus and it still doesnt work.  Even uploading logs doesn't work despite having offline unticked in settings.

Have read:
but when I go into my device settings, apps, Locus - there is no data to clear.

Have now got the exporting of fieldnotes working so I can manually import into the Geocaching website, but the upload facility makes things waaaaay easier and so I'm really disappointed its not working.

Frustrated by this as this all used to work perfectly and I haven't a clue whats going wrong.

Would really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.
Well jusc,
I have to say, I am amazed with that all my messing I missed this simply combination that has of course worked and so I thank you very much.
But hey, just because it was simple and I was being a little dim in not figuring it out takes nothing away from your great help which is much appreciated.
Troubles & Questions / Landscape mode not changing?
January 12, 2015, 14:50:44
Running Locus Pro 3.5.3 on my Tablet and Moto G phone, it doesn't change into Landscape mode when the device is turned.
My devices are both set to auto and other apps do change from portrait to landscape, and I've checked the locus Display settings to ensure I have 'all screens' checked and have also picked 'landscape mode' - but nothing happens.

Isn't there an auto somewhere which senses which orientation the device is being held at as I'm sure it used to just change if I held the device sideways.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I've just realised that if you change the display setting to Landscape - it does actually change it when Locus is restarted.
Is there no auto feature please?
Thank you.
Thanks Menion,
I've checked out those links you kindly gave.
An interval beep for Locus would be superb to have as it does worry me a little that Locus is not auto-restarting after a crash (which happened twice in 1 day).
What used to happen was the app would crash then restart itself and because I have a sound file linked to it finding a satelllite, it would then set off the sound file upon restarting.  At that moment I would then hear it, take out my phone and see the track recording was paused and that linked with the sound playing made me realise Locus had restarted and so I simply unpause the track and the route is continued without missing out any of the distance.
However, it now just seems to crash and stay crashed and I'm a little worried about that.
Thanks for all your great work Menion!
Thanks Menion,
I used the backup manager and it all worked perfectly to put all my settings and routes from my phone onto my tablet.
Genius you are!
Works fine for me with the latest version 3.5.3