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I'll upload one (800MB[in this case medium size for me]) to Mediafire and PM you the links. It will take some time and the file will be splitted. BTW small was 1MB in this case.
Did you read the second question?
Some more tests show:
If the created RMAP is small no problem with the projection (at last I was able to create one but this shows no error). If they are bigger they have this tendency to be either some hundred meters to far off north or south, depending on the position.
Did  another try with the same projection. (UTM)
But this is shown correctly.
Strange. My original map has a size of 800MB and I have problems to export parts of the maps. Compegps is just refusing to do it. :roll:
Don't know what to do with that.

Another problem:
Don't know why but my installation of Locus just decided to switch into the free version again. Thats a little disapointing since I paid for it only hours ago. It could be related that I have only an androidpit account and no google-one, since google refused to let me register (I tried for hours). Internet is not permanently on since I don't own a flatrate. Ups, after connecting to the WLAN it is back to pro again but keeps nagging sometimes that it needs access to internet after an update to check registration.
Tried to export a small part but Locus refuses to open it. Compegps is opening it though.

Upps it has a different projection. I'll keep trying to export a small part from the original map.
It is better now but my RMAPS are still a view hundred meters off North and slightly east. RMAP projection is Transversal Mercator and date is WGS 84.
I'm using the newest Locus Pro version, just bought it on Androidpit. My offline vector maps are shown correct.