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My set of icons to indicate some relevant D/T Data on Mapscreen //

Needs v 2.11.0 or higher.

Credit for the climber-icon goes to the phantastic:
Maps Icons Collection //
Follwing // great new addition I tried to creat my own set of icons.
During this process I stumbled over the following problems.
1) T-Icons are placed on the upper left of the main icon, shouldn't it be right following the D/T schema.
2) Locus seems to have problems with transparency and I don't see the D-Icons, probably because they are too shown on the upper left (see the picture with the climber on it and the D-picture in its background).
I'm using Locus strictly offline.

Yesterday I tried to navigate to some coordinates and was astonished, that this proved to be quite difficult.

First approach:
Via MenĂ¼ - Navigate
(no beeline option, only usable online)

Second approach
1) create a new waypoint with the coordinates I want to go.
2) Select this waypoint and navigate there with Guide On

Is there a simpler way to just enter the coordinates and have Locus guide me to it via beeline?