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Quote from: "menion"you're welcome. Only what's weird for me is that 10%. If you disable GPS and not using any active processes (live tracking, parking ...), there should be really 0% usage because I'm trying to sleep everything when there is no activity

Don't worry, that seems to be my error. I tested it with Locus searching for satellites. With Satfix and indoor it shows different values:
CPU between 3% and 100%, depending whether the map has to move or not (big RMAP [1,3GB]).
With GPS off and Mapscreen it goes down to 3% or 4% almost the same as without Locus started. That could be the CPUload of CoolTool and Tasker or the SE BackgroundLightManagement, which are running background. I use CoolTool which measures the whole systemload but does not differentiate between the processes.
New version has solved my problems.
RMAPS are working, CPU usage is down to 10% if only map is shown and not moved.
Was für Offline Karten? Locus erlaubt das Anzeigen diverser Offline Formate. Schau mal in der Hilfe ( nach.
Du musst natürlich auch in den Einstellungen von Locus den Pfad setzen.
Yes the maps are working in LocusPro, but I couldn't get the version you provided here to read them. Will wait for the next official update.

Offtopic: Locus pro is installed on SD. Lets see if moving  it to my very limited internal memory will get that track-feature started.
A short report for this version:

Installed it:
CPULoad normal, frequency goes down like expected (tried with offline vector maps).
But I couldn't open my RMAPS, which are in a custom directory (Storage CardTwoNavDAtaMaps). Tried to add this folder via Setting - Misc - Folder with Maps ... but either Locus doesn't recognize the Maps or crashes trying to recognize them.
In my actual LocusPro-Version this problem doesn't exist.

Offtopic: How do I use this Track-Widget which is in the Pro version, couldn't find it for my homescreen.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus sucks battery
July 01, 2012, 19:35:15
Quote from: "tramp20"So I can go sleeping now :-)

Allready tried that approach, didn't really help...
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus sucks battery
July 01, 2012, 17:49:03
Seems that this problem only persists on the Mapscreen (even if no map is selected).

My testings (measured with Cool Tool):
One Compegps-RMAP open:
CPU50% and 1024MHZ (highest value), the frequency doesn't go down.
Back in the setting window:
CPU 10%, frequency 245 MHZ
Opening an OSM Vector Map (offline):
CPU 75%, frequency 1024 MHZ
Opening Outdoor Active Map (Online)
CPU: 65%, Frequ. 1024MHZ
Opening OSM Map (Online without internet connection)
CPU: 69%, Frequ. 1024MHZ

Device SE ST15i, Android 2.3.4
Quote from: "SeaFargo"Hello Menion.

2. The zooming feature that now supports automatic-lock zoom and go over and below 100% (so 50% and 200-800%) should really be excludable (seems there's no way now). It was very comfortable, before, to can safety zoom just and only inside the REAL resolution of the map, reaching in a fast way the maximum and the minimum real resolution avoiding to go over.. Now I always go under and over the real resolution.

I wholeheartely disagree:
I need this new (improved) zooming feature. The way before it was annoying to allways have to do this extra click. I'm glad that this is not necessary anymore. But with an option somewhere to put it on or off You would most certainly make (almost) everybody happy.

Since I'm geocaching too I  was on the verge of asking the same question as GAS. But luckily I found that thread before. All questions are solved now. :lol:
Greeings, nIgel
Mein Votum:

Ich kenne keinen, der "Feldnotizen" verwendet.
Maps / Re: RMAP
April 29, 2012, 08:38:43
If you are speaking about locked maps in compegps RMAP format:
Forget it!
Those are encrypted and the key depends on your device ID and is in the mkey file. You need a compegps product to view that maps.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon GSAK database
February 24, 2012, 13:54:23
Same with me, even changing the max number from zero to 1000 in the addon didn't help.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon GSAK database
February 09, 2012, 11:16:38
Are You still improving this addon?
I have a question regarding corrected coordinates in GSAK. Could You mark them with a special icon, so that solved mysteries f.i. are recognizable.
I saw that there is something like this in:
But I couldn't find that screen.
Thanks a lot, hope to try it out soon! Version is not published till now? My HDD crashed yesterday. Still busy with recovery if it is possible.
Troubles & Questions / Re: New ADD GSAK DATA
January 23, 2012, 08:53:35
Its in the data folder, depending on your configuration in GSAK you have different folder (one for each database). The filename is: sqlite.db3
But this didn't belong into the whereyougo topic since it is an addon to Locus.