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Just changed the language from German to English to be on the safe side:
v. 2.5.6
Add new point
Add new point (camera)
quick new point
Quick switch
Screen lock

But no Guide to.
QuoteHmm, I only find NAVIGATE TO.
Same with me  :?
I'm asking for a "Guide to (beeline) button" for a quick navigation without setting a POI at this place before. If this "guide to button" would lead to this picture:

to get a selection of possible target, that would be the best but for my purpose it would be sufficent to have this items out of the entire selection:
projection (°/m) ((in picture number 7)
coordinates (in picture number 6)
GPS (to find the way home later or to mesure a distance by walking from the starting point)(in picture number 1)

Since this already exists in the current "route to menu", I thought the easiest way is to add the beeline button to this menu (routing via beeline[straight line] is still a kind of routing isn't it?). Take for instance the pedestrian symbol in your routing menu. If the database mapquest or whoever is calculating that route is using has not sufficient information about the area, a beeline (straight line) from the actual position to the target could be a better "routing". Since all the routing is done online and I'm using Locus pro only offline I can't test test assumption but I hope You understand my intention.
Especially since this menu which comes it first has all what is needed for a quick selection.
Quote from: "menion"found in list of functions? Fine

Last message was in a hurry to go to holidays (handy typo try it out -> trackback ....) Now I reached our destination and but couldn't find the beeline button.
What I had in mind was something like this, so everything would be in one menu.
thx, looking foreward to try it out.
Just to push it up a little since it seems to be forgotten.
In my opinion it is good, to have all navigate options under one hood (in one menu).
Lets just forget, that it is only coordinates.
This navigate to screen gives a lot of target possibilites, not only coordinates.
Interesting for me as Geocacher are:
coordinates, projection, select from card and even the memory could be interesting.

So we have a lot in on menu that could easily be called.
And in most cases I don't need an extra waypoint at the targetposition but a quick way to beeline navigate to one of the earlier mentioned.
Maps / Re: RMAP
July 13, 2012, 07:33:47
Quote from: "Seppel"I'm having some trouble using RMAPS (created by CompeGPSL or TTQV) with Locus as well.

If I remember right, TTQV created RMAPS are encrpted due to license restrictions. Can you open your TTQV created RMAPS in CompeGPSLand and in Twonav? Locus doesn't support encrypted RMAPS.
Really no other way? That seems quite cumbersome to me.
Menion: Would it be difficult to integrate beeline (guide on) into Navigate menu (perhaps with a little airplane icon)?
QuoteThis looks promising, have you tried Locus on Bluestacks?

Sure run a quick test:
running fine, Onlinemaps are loading, adress search is not working.
I'm using Locus strictly offline.

Yesterday I tried to navigate to some coordinates and was astonished, that this proved to be quite difficult.

First approach:
Via Menü - Navigate
(no beeline option, only usable online)

Second approach
1) create a new waypoint with the coordinates I want to go.
2) Select this waypoint and navigate there with Guide On

Is there a simpler way to just enter the coordinates and have Locus guide me to it via beeline?
Are you aware of
That depends on how do you want to go geocaching.

1) Completely offline and paperless:
I have my GSAK database (140 000 caches) on my smartphone and could even put the spoilerpics onto it to. Only tools for that: Locus (I have the pro version), Locus Gsak Addon, Gsak (your PC Cachedatabase maintenance program).

2) With Online-Flatrate
Just use Locus pro or Locus with Geocaching4Locus Addon

I don't need C-Geo or GDAK (crashes with that big database) or other programs to get access to the Cache database. Other useful Apps for fieldpuzzles etc. are  GCC (GeoCache Calculator), Cipher Crypt, GPS Averaging.
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