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Hi guys,
sorry, my mistake  :-X

Will be fixed in the next version at the start of next week.
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Thanks @tramp, based on this and also the second problem with crash after adding the WMS map, I've today published one more version: 3.48.2. Tested so it should work correctly now.

thanks, the TODO list for geocaching is growing and growing ...  ???

Some problems with backup ... there should be minor update in current version in cases, you get backups more often then planned. Anyway I still did not observe any "unsucessful" message ...
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Feedback is amazing all these years ... and most probably it's the main reason I do this day by day for more than 10 years now :).

The only problem I see > my own on my working speed ... unfortunately, it won't be better :)
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It is a little complicated and not always united (version numbers).

Anyway, I've just today published firstly Locus Map Free Beta on the Google Play and then Locus Map 4 Alpha here on the forum (so it has all fixes/changes of Beta as well).

Both versions have now the same version number, so if you installed LM4 Alpha, Beta should not overwrite it.
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@0709, @freischneider, @SonnyS
It's simple: "if it isn't broke don't fix it" > everything on Android brake from time to time and needs a rewrite. Not just stuff inside, but also UI. It is not visible, but more than 50% of my time is spent on UI updates, because with every new Android, new Android library, something stops to work correctly. If I stop changing stuff, I may also stop improving and updating ... it's not broken, so why update it.

Exactly because of what you wrote, we made a decision about Locus Map future. That's main reason, why I'll be "wasting" time and keeping Locus Classic (current Locus Map Pro) with current (as much as possible) UI, current functionality etc ... to keep users who are happy with current app .. still happy.

And who won't be worry to risk a different version, there will be a new Locus Map. Don't search for some mystery here, progress can't be stopped .. at least not progress in my head :).

Anyway, you may still notice, that even that I try to make UI easier and more logical for new users, there still be a lot of options to customize it ... I have a feeling that even more than before :).
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so second alpha version with various UI/UX improvements that should solve most of the problems we discuss here. The main difference you may notice is hidden top panel & zoom buttons. It may be re-enabled over map-screen content settings.

Please just keep in mind, that what I try to achieve here with your help, is basic universal settings suitable for most of the users. Because you use the app for so long, you have specific needs, that I'm sure we will solve soon or later as well ;).

Known problems to solve (not yet always sure how or "if")

  • Too much icons in bottom panel (functions below centering button)
  • Missing "Scale lock" feature
  • Configurable number of items in main menu
  • Configurable position of zoom buttons

Download here.
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PS, I had to think about why that prototype screenshot was bugging me...  Now I know.

There are things covering up parts of the map.  Four round things.  The map to me is #1, it's the reason for the app.  I have Locus set up to show a clean map rectangle, and all the cruft is outside of it, in panels where it belongs.  (Other than scale and invisible [!] copyright, but close enough.)

Also, I like BIG targets for the + and - buttons.  They're quite big now, but those fat round circles in the prototype look smaller and harder to hit, certainly harder with the left thumb.

My two euro-cents...  :)
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Oki, it's in new 3.42 version in Expert settings. Thanks ;)
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Wenn du einen Track ohne Abbiegehinweise hast. Kannst du ihn im Routenplaner mit BRouter einfach nachplanen. Ich mache das oft. Bei ca 40 km dauert das max. 10 min.
Den Track einblenden und dann in den Routenplaner. Du setzt einen Punkt am Anfang und dann immer wieder auf der Strecke. Wenn er mal anderst plant wie du willst, kannst du mit den roten hilfspunkten einfach an eine andere Stelle ziehen. Es geht natürlich nicht wenn OSM den Abschnitt nicht als Weg hat. Da kannst du das Routingprofil dann kurz auf manuell umschalten und dann wieder auf MTB,Wandern.....
Die ersten paar mal braucht es etwas länger aber dann flutscht es ruck zuck.
Am besten wäre gleich im Routenplaner zu planen.

Das was du da manuell alles machst, könnte Locus auch automatisch machen. Dafür gibt es von mir einen Vorschlag in diesem Thema. Bei Interesse einfach Voten oder was dazu schreiben.
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I was surprised, Locus is able to turn on GPS if it needs it - but not on navigation/guidance? Should be included IMO.
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Updated version 2.1 in the first post, please update. Unpack with overwrite.
Improved: streams, rivers, embankments, railways and more. Added traffic lights.  (84 changes)
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Tiramisù as OpenTopoMap

for the topography, and exploration on the maps

only for V4 maps!

For V3 (lomaps and other)  TOTM 1.9.2 - >

in the future it will be slightly improved:

  • all water except springs (rivers, streams, lakes, canals, etc.)
  • all railway and tram
  • all labels
  • setting priorities
  • streets, driveways and younger roads in the direction of greater elegance (at the moment - too thick)
on my smartphone 282 ppi, 320 dpi

It also works well on Oruxmap, Cruiser, and most likely in other mapsforge-compatible programs
(tested in Oruxmaps 7.4.22, Cruiser 1.7)


Map: ESRI satellite;  Overlay 85%: OAM Ural ML;  Layer "Terrain" in the theme is OFF


Waiting for comments and constructive criticism.
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Dear Viajero,

the display of a cycleway as part of a mixed-use trail (or path) is just an overlay in addition to the trail (path) display itself. To show it more clear I have set the cycleway a bit more transparent and moved it just a tiny bit away from the actual trail (path) display. Maybe this helps. As a cyclist I definitively want to see the cycleway even if it is "misclassified" as "highway=path" + "bicyle=designated".

The change version is on my website (I have double checked).

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Dear all,

I was able to generate a new version of the "outdoor" theme suitable for v4 maps. Please have a look here:

The conversion of the "desert" theme is under way.

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Quote from: tramp20 on May 01, 2019, 07:42:58
Quote from: Magellan on February 14, 2018, 15:29:28
Of course, this theme is only for V3 maps.

Please could you update your theme to V4 maps?
I really love it and used it always with the LoMaps.
The original Tiramisù 3 should work with V4 maps, just put it in a seperate directory in the theme folder. You find it in the link in the first post.
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