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Quote from: voldapet on April 08, 2016, 11:58:50
Thank you for report. We found the issue in address search system. New version of Locus app is needed and new beta is planned on second half of next week. Probably to late for you :/

Yeah, it's only a short visit.
No problem though, I'll manage with online search for now :-)

Glad you found the issue :-)

It works great with Ireland with the new beta. Thanks!
Quote from: voldapet on April 07, 2016, 15:16:20
OK it sometimes happens ..enjoy the testing ;)

Hi voldapet,
I tested Belgium and Czech Republic and both work fine.

Ireland however doesn't seem to work as expected.
Reverse work but regular offline search doesn't return any result.
If I try offline search, select Ireland then Dublin and enter Talbot, I get no results.
If I press the center icon, Locus takes me to the center of Ireland where I can see Talbot Street.
If I long press thus street I get the reverse result (with * in front of it).

It would be great if I can get this working as I will visit Ireland next week :-)

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Quote from: voldapet on April 05, 2016, 19:56:06
@wvb - well interesting :) would you please post screenshot with "Point" pop-up and coordinates. Thanks
BTW: if you check Menu > Settings > Map - control & panels >  Is "Enable Address display" enabled?

Thanks for your reply.
I didn't get the chance to create the screenshot.
It is all working fine now after today's update.
I didn't change anything and with the same action as before I now get the correct street name with a * in front of it to indicate it's from the offline db.
I look forward to using this feature :-)

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Thanks for the update.
I downloaded the new db for Belgium but still have the issue I described above. Long click results in "Point" instead of street name.
I have the latest beta installed.
Any tips?
Thanks in advance.

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I think I am missing something.
Regular offline search works fine but for reverse I just get the word "Point".
Any help is appreciated :-)

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Great! Thanks for the update.
I didn't think of testing De Pinte :-)
This indeed works fine.
I look forward to handling with hyphens.

Anyway, I would also like to add that I have been hoping for offline address such for some time and it is already better than I expected it to be :-)

Great work!

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I am very excited about this new feature!
I tested it yesterday for some addresses in Belgium and Netherlands and it's quite fast.

One remark I have at this point is that it would be handy if we could search for parts of the city.
For example:
now we o my get a match if we start with Thorembais and not when we search for Saint-Trond.

Apart from this it will be great to have this feature in Locus!

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You first need to search for the city.

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Quote from: menion on January 18, 2016, 22:06:43
Thanks for opinion. I'm working on it also because of issues with logging in far east (China, Korea, etc.).

Not sure if groundspeak plan to remove TZ (probably not), but all around TZ is handled only in Locus. Unfortunately all years back I had in locus small issue in compute of times, so most of logs were shifted a few hours. And now, after I made a fix, I noticed that settings for timezones is no more needed. Anyway I rather ask if someone may find useful to log a cache a lot later in different TZ for example? I can't imagine it, anyway I rather ask :).

What I often do is create a Field Note with the number of caches found to store the timestamp in Locus.
Then, mostly after the holiday where I did the caching I enter the full text in the Field Notes and upload them (this might be in a different timezone).
If the timestamp in the Field Note isn't altered when changing the contents before uploading (so it always has the initial value) I'm happy :-)

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Tools / Re: How to download BRouter routing files
November 03, 2014, 06:11:54
Hi jusc,
Thanks a lot for the these files!

Is there some easy info to find out which files are needed?
Like layer over Google Maps or OSM that shows a grid with the tiles info, or a list somewhere?

I would like to understand how you knew which files to select.


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You can move the Vector maps manually to external sd card and then add this path to Locus.

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This is very nice!
I just started with Dashboard a few weeks ago but my graphic imagination is absent :-)
This has good ideas.

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I had a similar issue last week and when I tested the next day it worked fine.
I read there were some issues with the GC server. Perhaps that was the issue?

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The small record button on the left only seems to become visible when right panel is hidden.
With right panel visible the button never shows.

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The issue that I reported on G+ still seems to be present..
I will copy/paste the text here:

I did notice an issue with Field Notes showing the wrong timestamp (today instead of existing).
Steps to reproduce:
- open Geocache with existing Field Note
- click the button on top right
- click Log visit
- click existing Field Note
- click Store offline
then you will notice the TIME field has current date and time and not the one that was originally stored...

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