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I'm getting this message in Locus when I have opened a spot in TripAdvisor and click on Directions.
It works fine in Maps and CoPilot but not in Sygic and Locus.
Don't know if it's a bug or a feature request.

This would be really handy when looking up places in TripAdvisor and then just create a Point in Locus for this place.


I have Locus 2.19.1 installed and noticed my TB's get logged on the day of upload, not on the day of Field Note.

I always log offline and then upload to GC mostly several days later.
The logging keeps the correct date but the TB gets the date of upload, which is incorrect.

Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.

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Other features / [Q] Guiding, how does it work
June 16, 2012, 21:09:35

I really like the fact that I can record a route and let Locus guide me over it afterwards.
I'm interested in the "Notify when too far away from track" and am curious what it uses as reference.
Does it use the actual points of the gpx or does it look at the line created between the points.

Also, I don't really understand what the use of "Wapoints - Notify on distance" could be.

I checked the docu but it didn't contain a lot of info regarding this.
thanks in advance for any info!


Locust has a reset A-GPS option which I use every now and then.
I would however like to automate it so I was wondering if this could be accomplished with some terminal commands.
If so, I could automate it with Tasker :-)

Any info is welcome,
Thanks in advance!

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I just installed nightly 25 of CM7 for SGSII and Locus can't find my vector maps anymore.
The issue seems to be that by default SGSII mounts external_sd to /external_sd but CyanogenMod mounts it to /mnt/emmc and Locus doesn't seem to look there (which I understand :) )
Do you have any tips for me on how to get it working again?

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Implemented / Geocaching - Field Notes
August 12, 2011, 14:40:24
Hi menion,

I am really enjoying Locus Pro and eventually like to use it as only program for Geocaching but am currently missing some things.

You said in the other topic that you cut off the new lines in the field notes as you like to keep it short.
I on the other hand like to do everything in the app and the upload to This way I also have a "backup" and my whole listing in my pocket for when I have no internet.
The Geocaching app I am currently using allows newlines in the field notes and uploads them to

Some wishes regarding field notes:
- allow full field notes to be written and formatted (newlines) in Locus
- have an option in Geocaching tools menu (or similar) to get a list of all field notes
- clicking on a field note gives the option to go to the cache (waypoints)
- allow upload of field notes to from Locus (through api?)
  don't know if this should be done in Locus or if it's possible through G4L add-on...

Thanks in advance!

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Free chat / Tapatalk
June 30, 2011, 21:26:24

I use Tapatalk to access a lot of forums while on the go, it would be great if you could add support for it!
Their plugin is free to use and support phpBB 3.0.X

thanks in advance for looking at it!

I did some track recordings and added some points during the recording
I experienced 2 "issues"
- the keyboard stick to capitals letter (upper case) and I can't switch it to lower case
- created points can't be renamed

other than that it's a great feature!

Oh, one small thing I do miss coming from My tracks for this is that Locus doesn't seem to show the "Time Moved" in the Information screen of the recorded track..
Hi menion,

I am really enjoying Locus, just bought the Pro after a few days of testing the Free.
I am a heavy Tasker user as it can automate about anything and I currently use it to automatically store my location when I get out of the car and launch Google Maps with that location if I press a button.
It would be great if I could pass that location to Locus's Parking feature and start Locus with compass navigation to that location afterwards.
If you could enable this with Intents I can ask the dev of Tasker to add it in the 3rd Party category.
Intents will also allow other apps to use the feature..

Also I would like to reset gps data every night (download newest gps data) so I'm set to go in the morning, if there could be an intent for this that would be great.

so in short:
- intent to set parking location with location in URI
- intent to start compass navigation to already set parking location
- intent to reset gps data so new data is downloaded

thanks for this great program!