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Hi menion,

I am really enjoying Locus, just bought the Pro after a few days of testing the Free.
I am a heavy Tasker user as it can automate about anything and I currently use it to automatically store my location when I get out of the car and launch Google Maps with that location if I press a button.
It would be great if I could pass that location to Locus's Parking feature and start Locus with compass navigation to that location afterwards.
If you could enable this with Intents I can ask the dev of Tasker to add it in the 3rd Party category.
Intents will also allow other apps to use the feature..

Also I would like to reset gps data every night (download newest gps data) so I'm set to go in the morning, if there could be an intent for this that would be great.

so in short:
- intent to set parking location with location in URI
- intent to start compass navigation to already set parking location
- intent to reset gps data so new data is downloaded

thanks for this great program!
Other features / Re: vector maps
June 29, 2011, 21:17:01

I just started using Locus a few days ago and converted a vector map from the website for my country (Belgium)
it works really great!
the vector map allows me to have all zoomlevels in one tiny map thus taking away the need to download zoomlevels from OSM

I really look forward to expansion of this feature!
Also you did a very nice job in creating Locus, it's a well layed out application with a lot of options + it's stable!

A few questions about vector maps (it's all new to me)
- do they store streetnames in searchable format and will this allow us to search for a place and navigate to it by compass without internet connection?
- do vector maps allow layout customisation (like OSM, you have Mapnik etc..)

thanks in advance for your time!