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I had error -24 before with Debian for Android:

There were several others with the same issue.
The dev released another version with a slightly different name.
This allowed me to I install it again.

Perhaps this gives you an idea what the cause might be..

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I posted this on Google+ but since I'm not sure if that was the correct place I'll post it here too

This is the first beta I installed from the 2.20.2.x series.

I really like the new trackrecording screen!
Garmin maps rendering is also clearly improved.

I did notice an issue with Field Notes showing the wrong timestamp (today instead of existing).
Steps to reproduce:
- open Geocache with existing Field Note
- click the button on top right
- click Log visit
- click existing Field Note
- click Store offline
then you will notice the TIME field has current date and time and not the one that was originally stored...

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Hi balloni,
That's a great trick you found there :-)
Thanks for sharing!

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I really like the functionality to add a point during record.
It would indeed be handy if we could add points afterwards in case we missed something.
I'm glad to hear this is somewhere on your list :-)

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I would expect that an export is an exact copy of the original so it should contain all the info.

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Thanks a lot!

This is one release that will make me very happy (with this and the FN & TB fixes) :-)

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Hi menion,

Thanks for looking into it so fast.
some screenshots of what happens when I click "Directions":

This is the TripAdvisor app I use:
Is it possible you have set a default a while ago for these requests?
Perhaps you can clear defaults for Google Maps?

I always get the apps list and I always select "Just Once", never "Always"

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I'm getting this message in Locus when I have opened a spot in TripAdvisor and click on Directions.
It works fine in Maps and CoPilot but not in Sygic and Locus.
Don't know if it's a bug or a feature request.

This would be really handy when looking up places in TripAdvisor and then just create a Point in Locus for this place.

Hi menion,

Thanks for looking into the Field Note issue!
I sadly can't test the beta for now so I'll wait for the new version before uploading my Field Notes.
I also look forward to testing the correct date/time of Travel Bugs.

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Hi menion,

I just downloaded the new version but now I can't seem to edit my existing Field Notes.

Upon logging a cache I use "Store offline".
Then a few days later I take the time to write a correct Field Note with some extra text.

If I try this now I see my existing Field Note, when I click on it I get the choices again where I choose "Store offline" but instead of being able to edit my Field Note, Locus seems to add 1 to my Found counter and start a new Field Note.

If I go back, changes are luckily cancelled.

I think it's a bug as I have been doing it like this for quite some time :-)

Thanks for looking into it!

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Great, thanks a lot for looking at it this fast!

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Hi menion,

Thanks for your fast response!

I indeed use Store Offline (without TB as it is not supported, would be handy though :-)).
Then later I use Log your visit and use Inventory to load TB info.

GC log date is correct and TB log date isn't.

Thanks for checking this.

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I have Locus 2.19.1 installed and noticed my TB's get logged on the day of upload, not on the day of Field Note.

I always log offline and then upload to GC mostly several days later.
The logging keeps the correct date but the TB gets the date of upload, which is incorrect.

Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.

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Maps / Re: [Overlay] Google Weather Icon Overlay
September 19, 2013, 19:38:53
Quote from: john_percy on September 17, 2013, 23:30:32
Edit: Attached is my providers-overlays.xml file.

thanks a lot for this!
Never got around don't to copy pasting it :-)
Now I can finally start discovering the Overlay functionality :-)

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