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I have map source which gives .jpg instead .png tiles.
Could I add it, or it is not possible ?
Hi !

I want to discuss Geocachng features.

I was very happy when I accidently discover geocaching function.
Usually I use other application for that which connects to Locus and set the point of the cache on the map. It works well but needs a number of operations. Last time I was "hunting" on bike for a long multycache and it's makes me nervous to stop to check did pass near by another one.

Few days later, I update my Locus, but in the notes I didn't see something mention about Geocaching. On a next day I decide to load my pocket query in Locus like points. I was deeply and very nicely surprised from the results. Import was fast. I mark them all – 980 caches and all cache icons suddenly appear on a map like charm. Icons are very well done. Next discover is that I can "click" on icon and it open menu with actions for cache. Very nice !

First impressions :

Advantages :

1.   Cache menu is well done and convenient.
2.   Page with cache information is also convenient and well organized.
3.   There is possibility to sort caches on distance from current position.
4.   Good integration with map part.

Problems and missing features  (most important for me first) :

1.   Can't log caches to file with my field notes. It's important, because when you are going on a longer hunts, you can't remember all details. In this case you have to write in a notebook. If there is a feature like this, I can't find it. I try seriously. You may see in all other geocaching applications what I'm talking about.

2.   It's very difficult to "click" on cache icon. Sometime it opens cache dialog on my first try, sometime I "click" 20 times with a finger on a same way – no response. I think that there are some problems with this – check it.

3.   (not so important feature) It will be good if you may search caches either by GC code or by part of the name. Reasons – sometime you're going for exact cache, and all around are bonus, but it's the main target. Then it's good to have possibility to search for it in a list.

4.   (not so important feature) It'll be convenient if on a map screen when you tap the cache icon and open menu to see at the bottom distance of the cache from current position. This gives you possibility to decide on a way do you have time to go and for nearby cache or it's too far from the main direction. It's especially helpful if you are on bike – now you have to stop to switch 2 screens to take this decision. But without it – also will be great.

5.   (very unimportant) It will be good to see distance from the cache not only when they are sorted on distance from current position.

As conclusion I can say that if points 1 and 2 from the last list where fixed, it could be one of the most complex Geocaching applications on Android platform. I like it very much and would like to use it when these 2 problems are cleared.
I'm using already prepared with Mobile Atlas Creator maps and can't write something about problems with map creation.
For me, one of the reasons that you have no many comments about Geocaching features is that Geocaching community still didn't know about it. I discover it accidently.

You made a great job there and you're one step to finish it. Next time when I'm out, I'll try to use only Locus. But I have to find my old forgotten geocaching notepad to make my field notes.

If you have any question about Geocaching part, I'll be glad to help.

News & Hints / Re: Common problems
January 03, 2011, 10:49:39
I want just to confirm from the field that you can download cartrige with Opera Mobile directly from your mobile phone and it will work like charm.
News & Hints / Re: Common problems
December 17, 2010, 15:34:49
Just want to update :

1. - downloading cartridges

I try Opera Mobile and it seems to work. I download cartridge from whereigo and open it with WhereYouGo program. I just open first 2 scereens, because this cartridge is for place 100km away - I close it. It's good idea someone to test it on a field.
Hope this is helpfull.
Hi !
10X for the fast answer !
The problem with time is well known to me. Understand you well !
Hope you'll find some, without your wife/girlfriend kicks you out.
Wish you a nice holidays and big nice gift for Christmas.
Cheers !
Hi !
This post is little bit connected with "Move to SD Card" post, but ...

Idea is to have possibility to select offline directory map in settings.
This will give possibility to create directory on external memory card an to select it.
For me - there are at least 2 reasons for that :

1. With Samsung Galaxy S i9000 from Orange - update to Android 2.2 will come in unknown future. Till that moment I can't move application to memory card and offline map data takes not so small space from limited internal memory.

2. I wish to have application in main memory. In a coressponding map directory there I'll keep small offline card for everyday use. When I have idea to have long hiking or long bike ride, it's good to have possibility to prepare larger map with Mobile Atlas Creator for instance and to put it on a separate SD card. And when start my activity, just to put card in a phone and point offline map directory to there.

For me it's a good idea to have possibility to do that with map cache also, but I think that complications in that case will be bigger.