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Hi !
This post is little bit connected with "Move to SD Card" post, but ...

Idea is to have possibility to select offline directory map in settings.
This will give possibility to create directory on external memory card an to select it.
For me - there are at least 2 reasons for that :

1. With Samsung Galaxy S i9000 from Orange - update to Android 2.2 will come in unknown future. Till that moment I can't move application to memory card and offline map data takes not so small space from limited internal memory.

2. I wish to have application in main memory. In a coressponding map directory there I'll keep small offline card for everyday use. When I have idea to have long hiking or long bike ride, it's good to have possibility to prepare larger map with Mobile Atlas Creator for instance and to put it on a separate SD card. And when start my activity, just to put card in a phone and point offline map directory to there.

For me it's a good idea to have possibility to do that with map cache also, but I think that complications in that case will be bigger.