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I have 35 LoMaps for Offline use (Version 4.19, Gold Abo). From time to time there are updates for the maps. At some maps, the button is labeled "update", at other maps, the button is labeled "download". What is the difference?
I assume, both buttons will cause the map manager to download the newest map from the Locus server and install it locally to replace the older existing map. But I would like to know why the labeling is different. Has it something to do woth also inclided OffliePOI or navigation data or something else?
Declined / Default sorting of POIs.
July 24, 2013, 00:59:44
I have tried to find a setting for it in the new POI handling and in the manual, but didn't find something about it:
Everytime I create a category the default sorting for it is alphabetical. I create temporary categories for geocaching if I'm visiting a certain area and it is a bit anoying to always remember to change to sorting by distance.
Could there be a config to set the default sorting of POIs?
Free chat / Hardware: Outdoor Tablet
June 10, 2013, 00:02:39
I just discovered:
I don't know if it will be a good choice, but the price of 249 US$ (about 203 EUR incl. shiping to Europe) as a supporter is ok and I ordered one for testing - at least it will be a great outdoor ebook reader ;)
And maybe it's possible to run Locus on it...
If you think about ordering, be fast: 9 hours to go until end of crowdfunding campaign (30% off).
Troubles & Questions / POI duplicate check
February 05, 2013, 23:18:06
Hello Menion,
I found out that at copying POIs and geocaches the "check duplicates" works fine, but not if I move POIs from one category to an other (then I get duplicates).
Is it possible to have the duplicate check at moving, too?
Greetings, Druki.
recently I imported some geocaches in a wrong category (my founds, quite a lot of them). Afterwards I wanted to correct this by moving them in the correct category and overwriting some existing ones (also quite a lot).
Unfortunately I had to answer the question a hundred times about ignore/overwrite/skip.
Could there be a checkbox like at import function which says "do it for all waypoints"?
Hello all,
first of all I like to say: This topic is about navigation, not about guiding  ;)

If I am in the settings-screen of navigation where I can choose the source, I can see "MapQuest", "CloudeMate" and "Yours".
First two give back results for navigation, the last one do not (it doesn't matter if I choose save the route or not in the navigation dialog).
The display only shows "Bearbeitung läuft" (processing) a very short time and no navigation route is shown or calculated (when saved, there is nothing new at tracks).
Is this some issue with android settings (or with my phone Motorola Defy+)?
How is "Yours" configurable (I'd like to test google navigation or other sources in Locus)?

If I select "CloudMate" or "Yours" as a source, at the navigation dialog then at the bottom there allways is still written "Guidance Courtesy of MapQuest" -> Bug to fix?

I have to ask MapQuest about it, but maybe someone has an idea about it...
If I use the following navigationsettings:
- "MapQuest" as source
- "fast" as type
- from Stuttgart Rohr, i.e. N 48°43.080' E 9°6.378' ( )
- to highway A8 direction west, i.e. N 48°43.867' E 9°3.032' ( )
... then the resulting route wants to lead me to the highway on a forbidden road, which is only emergency entry/exit at N 48°42.682' E 9°6.365'  ( ).
This occurs even if I disable the "unbefestigte Straßen" (dirt road). The road is build regular, but forbidden to use.
Now the strange thing: At the online version of MapQuest ( the result is allways correct (legal route without emergency enrance but with some longer distance) even when I use "Shortest Distance" or "Shortest Time".
I would think that there should be no difference by computing navigation by Locus/Online.

Hello, while playing arround with Locus, I found some issues that seem to be some kind of strange to me:

I record a track and during record I set Trackpoints. After saving and viewing this track as a chart, in the bottom axis the information for time and trackpointname overlap. Is it possible to separate these information?

a) If i manually create a route by setting routingpoints on the map, the routes sumary time is negative. b) If saved as GPX, the order of the routingpoints in the file seems to be the coordinates. I would expect that the time is the order.

The feature of the external app for averaging waypoints is not accessible from Locus any more (it worked some time ago in an older release). If started external, the avaraging app works and can give the coordinates to Locus successfully.
Hello menion and all the other supporters here,,
thank you for the excellent App and the firstclass support in this forum!

I have some geocaching related issues. I searched the forum but did not find answers to the following points:

1. GC code in aditional waypoints:
I can not see the GC-Code of aditional waypoints in the overview of waypounts of a geocache.
Is it possible to displsy GC-Code in the aditional waypoint overwiew?
Background: Its hard to assign calculated coordinates/information to a waypoint if I don't know which is the next waypoint in the list (I prefer sorting by distance, but this can't be done if the waypoints still have no coordinates. And distance is not allways correct for the assigning to the next waypoint).

2. GC Addon integration:
If I click on a geocache in locus map, I get the details of the waypoint. At the menu of the lower most right butto (two wheels), I can see two entries of the Geocaching-Addon. They are now both named "Geocaching4Locus". I remember them named correctly by their function: "Update Cache" and "nearby geocaches" (or some similar naming). Is this an issue with Locus or the Addon?

3. handling types of waypoints:
I understand that Locus maybe is primary not designed for geocaching. So we have two views of information about a waypoint and geocache-details. I have some trouble with
- the handling of updating geocache-details within the details-view (I have to go to the main waypoint view to select the update for the cache via GC addon). Is it possible to update within the geocache-details?
- getting directly to the waypointview from within the geocache-detail view (actually I go back to the map to search and click the waypoint again). Is or could be there a shortcut (it's not very important if the update in geocache-details works)?
- changing an aditional waypoint of a geocache into a normal waypoint (or the other way). Is this possible?
Background: Sometimes I make waypoints and later find out that it would be useful to have it as the other type. I used this function in GeOrg a lot.

4. Bug in Listing view?
In geocache-details at "Listing" if I switch between portrait and landscape, the content is not displayed any more. Closing and calling the geocache-details in the desired view (portrait/landscape) shows the Listing correctly.

If you have a solution, a hint or a workarround, I would apreciate it.
Druki with Motorola Defy+