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Started by druki, September 02, 2012, 15:08:15

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Hello all,
first of all I like to say: This topic is about navigation, not about guiding  ;)

If I am in the settings-screen of navigation where I can choose the source, I can see "MapQuest", "CloudeMate" and "Yours".
First two give back results for navigation, the last one do not (it doesn't matter if I choose save the route or not in the navigation dialog).
The display only shows "Bearbeitung läuft" (processing) a very short time and no navigation route is shown or calculated (when saved, there is nothing new at tracks).
Is this some issue with android settings (or with my phone Motorola Defy+)?
How is "Yours" configurable (I'd like to test google navigation or other sources in Locus)?

If I select "CloudMate" or "Yours" as a source, at the navigation dialog then at the bottom there allways is still written "Guidance Courtesy of MapQuest" -> Bug to fix?

I have to ask MapQuest about it, but maybe someone has an idea about it...
If I use the following navigationsettings:
- "MapQuest" as source
- "fast" as type
- from Stuttgart Rohr, i.e. N 48°43.080' E 9°6.378' ( )
- to highway A8 direction west, i.e. N 48°43.867' E 9°3.032' ( )
... then the resulting route wants to lead me to the highway on a forbidden road, which is only emergency entry/exit at N 48°42.682' E 9°6.365'  ( ).
This occurs even if I disable the "unbefestigte Straßen" (dirt road). The road is build regular, but forbidden to use.
Now the strange thing: At the online version of MapQuest ( the result is allways correct (legal route without emergency enrance but with some longer distance) even when I use "Shortest Distance" or "Shortest Time".
I would think that there should be no difference by computing navigation by Locus/Online.



  I'm just leaving for a while, so I'll test it later ...

1. by "Yours" is not meant - your own server, but rather this ;). And this service return only track without routing information so it's useful only for a guiding, not navigation

2. yes, a long known and not yet fixed "issue", thank

3. I'll check it, but it will be on 99% problem on different place then in Locus. Wrong OSM data or wrong algorithm on MapQuest side
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There may be still issues with mapquest and other OSM route services, because of the licensing change of OpenstreetMap.
They  (OpenstreetMap) planned this change years ago and started this summer. Because some mappers of OpenstreetMap didn´t agree with this license change, their data had to be deleted . So, now it can be, that the route services like CloudeMade and Mapquest don´t have the correct information, like a half year ago. The big problem in my eyes is, that the agreeing mappers want to close the issues in the map with painting the lost streets from Microsoft Bing Satellite pictures. The problem is, that a "painting" mapper doesn´t know the correct tags (properties), like "one way" no access, width and etc.  of the street. So it may be that OpenStreetMap mappers, you and me can see the street on the map screen, but nobody thinks about the correct properties until it´s proven by a "real" test.
Because of this situation p. e. Chris (kech61) has rendered his maps with openstreetmap data from January 2012 (before the big deletion of data). But if Mapquest uses the original (current online) data of openstreetmap it seems, that their route service is very buggy.
Regards J.


Thanks for your answers!
I think I have to become more familiar with supporting OSM by uploads via Locus ...

Or maybe Locus could learn to get navigation data from google? I know, getsatisfaction is the right place ;-)


ah got it finally uff ..., section 10.1.1.g .. unfortunately. Anyway I'm already break TOS by StreetView as I read now ... Google Places are explicitely allowed, there is not a problem. hmm
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- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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