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Started by druki, February 05, 2013, 23:18:06

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Hello Menion,
I found out that at copying POIs and geocaches the "check duplicates" works fine, but not if I move POIs from one category to an other (then I get duplicates).
Is it possible to have the duplicate check at moving, too?
Greetings, Druki.


hi Druki,
  it's a question ... you may notice that moving of points is really fast compare to copy. I just change ID of category and that's all. Moving together with checking on duplicities will really slow down whole process. So it's question if this worth it and if is really useful to check for duplicities when you just move data ... hmm probably is :)
that above I wrote before an hour. After a while i discovered that moving is even slower than copy :) etc etc bla bla, so you're right and this feature is now added. Just please if you remember later, check this function. I'll do this now too, but just for sure! Thanks
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Works in 2.9.0 and moving performance with 658 POIs (all duplicates) is good. Thank you Menion!