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Yep the most ideal situation would be if the entire track would be recorded with state of the art equipment.

However in this case a part of the track was not recorded at all and was added manually after the track was completed. I also realize that modifying elevation by hand can be an enormous job, especially if the recording trackpoints is dense. For now I'll go for the option to split the track, correct the part which is not correct (using update elevation) and join the tracks together again after the correction. Hopefully at the joining points the difference between the actually measured heights and the heights from the Locus Height map is acceptable.

Thanks for all your help.
Quote from: Menion on August 25, 2023, 15:10:09"Edit on map" -> "Remove gap".
Thanks, did not know that this was meant to remove such a gap, as the track still appears as a single track. It works perfectly!
Quote from: Graf Geo on August 24, 2023, 13:43:01@ insomniux: You could try to split the original track, so that the section you want to change is a separate short track. Then make the changes for that one and update the elevation information. Then merge the track parts again (in the correct order:-). The unchanged track parts should then keep the GPS elevation info.

That's a good suggestion @Graf Geo, I'll give it a try. I'm however still a bit concerned about the points where the different parts of the track connect after correcting the height data. There may be some jumps which may need manual correction. I've still not figured out how that can be done.
Quote from: freischneider on August 24, 2023, 12:36:33I think you have incorrect offline altitude data.
The best are the lidars from Sony.
The altitude data before 3KM and after 4KM is correct. Between those two points the altitude is calculated by the LocusMap app, as those points are manually added (in the app). So my question does not concern the registration of altitude by any device but if there is a possibility (in the app or on the website) to manually correct the altitude of certain points (in this case the calculated points).
Excuse, the example may not be fully clear but does show the approximation which is applied by the Refresh Elevation tool. Here is another graph where I had to change part of the track. Here is the height information lost after editing. Between 3 and 4km there is a straight line, whereas in reality there should have been a peak up to 560m.

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While manually modifying track points, especially while adding points, the height information of the point seems to be calculated (or ignored). After updating the height information (using the 'Tools/Refresh Elevation'), a good approximation of the elevation is applied to the entire track, but a lot of detail, collected by the GPS, is lost.
Would there be a way to apply the 'Refresh Elevation' tool to just a part of the track, or is there a way to adjust the elevation information of selected point of the track?

Raw data from GPS:
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After applying the Refresh Elevation tool:
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Troubles & Questions / Track shows gaps in line
August 24, 2023, 11:25:02
The trackline which is shown on the map, at certain points, show a gap (interruption of the line). I cannot get rid of this gap by editing (remove the points at the location of the gap). Is there a way to let the lines join?

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