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Started by Martin Sloup, May 02, 2011, 15:58:22

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Why should I (as a customer) not ask the service I am paying for to regard my needs? Every businessman learns that any single request of a customer represents 10 customers that don't say a word. So if no one says a word, there is no need to do something.
Just my 2 cent.
Now I am first waiting for a week to give the businessmen time to do their job ;-)

Martin Sloup

Geocachers, we are back!


Version 1.5.1:
• Geocaching4Locus now officially use Geocaching Live API

Version 1.5:
• Added dialog to import Geocache from manual input of Geocache code
• Improved Live Map feature to support up to 250 Geocaches per screen
• Redesigned dialog for searching nearest Geocaches. Added count of Geocaches select box.
• Added support for favorite points (Locus can show it)
• Sign in is now handled by custom dialog instead of external browser (should fix a lot of problems with external browsers)
• A lot of changed code, GUI improvements and used new Locus API.
• Many other bug fixes

Link to test (final) version: ... uction.apk

Updated manual:

I you find a bug, please write here or contact me directly at">
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As i suspect.
Preferible version 1.4.2 because has no limitation to non premium  user... Deals with groundspeak only put limitations to normal use...

Thanks Arcao

Martin Sloup

I didn't want to play game with Groundspeak lawyer(s). This was only way, how to continue.

Anyway, I am expecting a lot of angry guys after this step.
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Hi Arcao,

just downloaded and installed your apk. First look and tests are really positive! THANKS A LOT!  :!:  :!:



Test version 1.5.1 trouble: sign in to API crash gc4locus :(

Martin Sloup

Thank you for your crash report. It's well known bug on HTC phones :(

Could you try this version: ... uction.apk
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Quote from: "Arcao"Thank you for your crash report. It's well known bug on HTC phones :(

Could you try this version: ... uction.apk

Very well, now work perfect, thanks a lot.

Leeds Tyke

Arcao, thanks for all your good work. It's really appreciated! Add on seems to work fine - just need some decent weather so I can go caching again.

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Small problem: in early versions of G4L was solved mystery cache moved to its corrected coords, in 1.5.1 dont.

- when I have in personal note at cache listing this note: Final: N 49 12.345 E 17 12.345, than G4L create Final waypoint, this work correct
- in early versions, after import that caches with creating Final wp, was cache automaticaly moved to its corrected coords and was marked as "solved"
- in version 1.5.1 this dont happen, but if I open Final wp, edit him (no need change, just start edit and save), then cache moved to corrected coords like in previous version automaticaly

I dont know if this is problem of G4L or Locus or only my phone, but it start with new version of G4L.


hey Arcao,

thanks for the update!
it works great!

I'm glad you made the change so G4L is compliant with GC rules, this will ensure it will remain available in the long run.

I have been a Premium member for a few years but at the moment am a Basic member.
3 full caches a day suffice for now so no problem :)
If I need more, I'll go back to Premium.
I understand from GC point of view that server costs have to be paid too.


Sorry, bug: If I have a geocache poi and go over the gears symbol at the bottom on the right side and select update cache (or caches nearby), GC4L crashes (message in the top panel of android).
Catlog sent via PM.

LiveMaps work great!

Martin Sloup

Hello druki,

Which Locus version do you use?
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Hello Arcao,
thanks for your work  :mrgreen:
after using one day GC4L 1.5.1 and Locus 2.10.2 with my SGS2 all work fine  :D

Two smal things from my side:
1. missing german translation
2. perspicuity
Locus Map 4.24.3 Gold AFA

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Quote from: "balloni55"1. missing german translation

Quote from: "Arcao"...I am still finding volunteers who would help me with translations to other languages. If you want participate see project page on //