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Started by jusc, April 28, 2012, 21:51:08

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Sorry for the offtopic question and thanks for the answer ;-)

Building a route and then routing doesn't work for me too, i can always only guide...

Will upload later the gpx, perhaps it's a matter of the map, don't know, using these maps here


it seems, that you created your route with helps the function "Add new route". If so, please, try to create a new route by this function, but with an option "Compute route" you find this option on the bottom panel (button with navigate symbol) of the screen "Add new route".


Quote from: "Jurlui"Will upload later the gpx, perhaps it's a matter of the map
No, it has nothing to do with the map as the map is only the "background" on which the route/track is displayed.
With which routing service and settings did you create the route?

Finally I think it is the same problem as for me that (under until now unclear conditions) Locus doesn't write informations with routing instructions to the track.

@Menion: The problem is back; not for me but for Jurlui...


I don't think so. It's as Hanka wrote. Jurlui created route only with as points connected by line, not as routable track by any of routing services in Locus. There are no "red" points on Jurlui track and also only straight lines between corner points
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Yes, I just set a lot of points and then saved the track with the option to connect the points with a line.
I tried now to edit the existing route, just set the first point and then the last as the destination, can't test it now, but it looks now like this here