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Quote from: PawelS on January 09, 2021, 16:12:05
,,the app now fully integrates BRouter based solution"
I can't see an option to calculate alternative routes. I'm not going to use it without it. I don't remember how I've set BRouter in the Locus Pro, so I haven't tried it in the beta.

,,Both services use identical routing profiles, so you should get identical results."
I have 2 local BRouters 1 with map icon and second called inner. Both with different profiles, but without mine.
Inner and online have a different number of profiles
I've got timeout code 10102 when downloading routing segments for BRouter inner.

,,What do we want to do for now?"
Autorenaming profile according to the profile file name.
GUI to import custom profiles.
Too many taps to recalculate a route with a different profile, two confirmations are at least one too many.
In profile pop up a cogwheel next to ,,Settings" isn't obvious they are separated things. Put | at least.
Hi Pawel, thank you for your feedback. First of all we would like to sort the timeout problem. Does it happen always, even when connected to a reasonably fast network?
Troubles & Questions / Re: FIT file with course points
September 25, 2019, 14:47:57
Hallo there,
In the recent version of FitSdk by Garmin(20.76.00), there is support for 27 coursepoints.
I am particularly interested in CoursePoint.SEGMENT_START and CoursePoint.SEGMENT_END.
If I generate myself a .fit file using these types and import it to Locus, I get both coursepoints/waypoints displayed.
Just their representation is very basic. This is fine, no problem. I just want to make sure there is no sophisticated mechanism for Garmin's (and Strava, of course :-)) segments in Locus. Do I need to expect any dedicated waypoints coming from Locus, representing them? If any related information has been made public please redirect me. Thanks, Radim.
Ahh, sorry, will write.
Hallo Locus team,
I am developing two add ons with Locus API. For both of them, I need to represent summits and valleys in the hierarchy of classes around Point. First I need to encode this generic SUMMIT / VALLEY enumeration and return it as a new Waypoint to Locus (using Locus API, not app import). (Many Garmin Edge devices have the ability to tell me "now you are going to be mostly climbing / descending for 5 km / 10 minutes"). I cannot figure out how to properly represent this summit valley classification.
Then I need to decode it from the data containers that Locus uses around Waypoints and map them together with all other enumerations from PointRteAction to a collection of types that Garmin's fitSDK understands. I have been previously working with .tcx files. Locus imports them ok, it assigns nice icons to both summits and valleys and also parses other data from <coursepoint> element like name and description and adds PASS_PLACE PointRteAction. Of course I could encode summits / valleys in the name e.t.c but having those two add ons related in such a tightly coupled way would be very bad. I can provide any details and data needed. Thanks, Radim.
Hallo, I am developing something with Locus API, and in one of my debug dumps I noticed some inconsistency regarding methods  location.hasSpeed(). If you check attached files, namely lines 26, 34, 39 in the .dump file you should see what I mean. GPX file that I imported in locus and consequently got via standard API mechanism (ActionTools.getLocusTrack()) also attached.
Only first "trackpoint" has speed false, all other have speed true, but 0 which is incorrect I think. (location and timestamp are available) 
This is not pressing issue to me as I use location and timestamps to recalculate speed or force constant speed if track is not fully timestamped.
Thanks, Radim
Hello Locus,
Sadly, I don't quite remember if Locus(pro) is in  Slopes or Colored elevation mode here . All should be easily reproducible. I may have some vague idea why this is happening but if you elaborate, that would be greatly appreciated. (.hgt filters and transforms geek here). Thanks
Radim, Praque